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LC "Andersen": reviews of residents, layout of apartments, infrastructure, photos

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LC "Andersen": reviews of residents, layout of apartments, infrastructure, photos
LC "Andersen": reviews of residents, layout of apartments, infrastructure, photos

Moscow is a multi-million metropolis, a capital that attracts people from the provinces. A high standard of living, the possibility of self-realization and professional growth are the reasons why many people leave their small homeland. A decent standard of living could not but affect the capital's real estate market: earning an apartment here, to put it mildly, is not easy, but for some it is completely impossible.

New buildings located outside the Moscow Ring Road have become an excellent and more budgetary alternative to Moscow square meters. Currently, several promising directions for the development of the metropolis have been identified. For example, Kaluga highway. By purchasing an apartment here, you get a Moscow residence permit and all the privileges of a metropolitan resident. The only question that concerns potential buyers is how comfortable it is to live outside the city? Residential complex "Andersen", reviews of which we will consider as part of this material, is an excellent option for active modern people who value convenience and comfort.

About the project

Rhythmthe life of a modern person, especially living in a metropolis, is exhausting. Work, meetings, negotiations, household chores - all this contributes to the accumulation of fatigue and negativity. That is why at home each of us wants to feel as calm as possible, to be protected. Many people are attracted not by huge residential areas and skyscraper complexes, but by low-rise buildings that have become a modern and more budgetary alternative to private houses. The minimum number of neighbors, silence, space, comfort - those advantages that are obvious.

lcd andersen customer reviews

LC "Andersen" - a project of low-rise residential facilities, occupying 19.6 hectares. The developer tried to combine the comfort of the capital and the delights of country life in one area through its development and improvement. Small areas, thoughtful layouts, modern technologies and high quality of materials used are the main principles of the company that led the project.


In many ways, the quality of construction and its reliability depends on the prestige and experience of the company that led the project. The developer of the residential complex "Andersen" is "Desna-Land". This is a young, but very promising company, which has several successfully implemented projects. Attention to detail, cooperation with the largest suppliers of building materials and the involvement of first-class specialists in the work are the principles that the developer adheres to.


Experts in the field of real estate recommend in the process of choosing an apartment to start fromlocation of the object. After all, you will be living in this area for a long time, so you should feel as comfortable as possible.

What can LCD "Andersen" offer? In customer reviews, special attention is paid to the location of the object. Indeed, for the implementation of the project, a promising direction of New Moscow - Kaluga Highway was chosen. Only 11 km along the wide reconstructed road – and you are in the capital.

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The buildings are located almost on the banks of the Desna River, just 50 meters from it, in an ecologically clean place. You can have picnics, swim in the river and enjoy all the benefits of country life. Moreover, right on the territory of the complex there is a vast green area, which occupies 4.5 hectares. It will surely become a favorite place for walking and outdoor recreation with family and friends.

Transport accessibility

This question is relevant for those who buy an apartment outside the Moscow Ring Road. The future residents of the residential complex "Andersen" were no exception. The reviews confirm that there are no problems with public transport. A sufficient number of routes are directed to the complex, and you can get to the nearest metro station in just 35 minutes.

If your family has a private car, you will reach the Moscow Ring Road in just 20 minutes. along the new extended Kaluga highway. Traffic jams for this direction are rare, so the residents of the complex will not feel remote from the capital. Moreover, they will be able to reach their destinationfaster than those who live within the Moscow Ring Road. The Kaluga direction is promising: in the near future a metro station will appear here, which will only add advantages to the complex.


According to the master plan, the entire microdistrict will be divided into quarters, each of which has its own architecture. Low-rise buildings are represented not only by residential buildings of three floors, but also by luxury townhouses. The facades are decorated in the best traditions of the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by conciseness and restraint. Panoramic windows that fill the interior with light and lightness give the buildings a modern look.

Many people compare the project with the residential complex "Andersen" of the same name in Krasnodar precisely because of its conciseness and external style. But upon closer examination, it is difficult to find similar characteristics. Perhaps only the restraint of architecture and the high level of comfort provided.

lcd andersen reviews of residents


Potential buyers can choose from apartments of improved layout from 25 to 89 square meters, depending on how many rooms there are - one, two or three. Each can be redecorated. For example, to combine the kitchen with the living room, which is so popular these days. But this is not all that Andersen residential complex can offer. Residents' reviews also mention rather high ceilings (three meters), which makes it possible to turn even the most daring and extraordinary design ideas into reality.

Each apartment has a spacious entrance hall,a dressing room for storing clothes and other household trifles, as well as a real winter garden. The project does not provide for a fine finish, but if desired, each buyer will be able to order a project from qualified specialists of the company with its subsequent implementation. Those who responded to this proposal emphasize how quickly and efficiently the work was done.

Each apartment has a gas boiler. You will be able to independently regulate the temperature in the apartment to create an optimal microclimate.

Panoramic windows - are they advantages or disadvantages? In the reviews of buyers of the residential complex "Andersen" there is a unanimous opinion on this matter. They write that the apartments are filled with light, while the German double-glazed windows themselves have excellent heat-retaining and sound-proofing qualities.

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Due to the low-rise buildings, elevators are not provided. But each entrance group has a pram room and a concierge room.


This is perhaps the main difference between our project and the residential complex "Andersen" of the same name in Krasnodar. The reviews of Muscovites regarding townhouses are mostly enthusiastic. Each of them has two exits: one leads to the courtyard, the other to the terrace, which can be equipped as a barbecue and recreation area. All those who purchase a townhouse additionally receive their own parking space next to the house.


At the moment, the area in which the buildings are being built is not developed. That is why the issue of comfortworries potential buyers is not in vain. Agree, to overcome several kilometers to the nearest store is the height of recklessness. So, in addition to residential buildings, the project provides for the construction of a kindergarten for 250 children, a supermarket, as well as a shopping and entertainment center and an office building.

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The territory of the residential complex "Andersen" is fenced and is under round-the-clock surveillance. A checkpoint will be installed at the entrance, which will exclude the presence of unauthorized persons at the facility. Residents of the commissioned buildings have a positive attitude towards such a high level of security, because now you don’t have to worry about children playing on the playground: they are always under supervision. In addition, it is possible to isolate the territory of the complex from suspicious individuals who violate the quiet and peaceful life.


The developer included in the project the construction of sports and playgrounds designed not only for children, but also for adults. Thus, it will be possible to provide leisure for all family members right on the territory of the Andersen residential complex. Reviews tell about the gazebos that have already appeared, walking areas that all residents have managed to fall in love with - you no longer need to go out into nature, because everything that is required for recreation (including forest, river and fresh air) is near the house.

lcd andersen reviews of residents

In the future - the construction of a bridge across the Desna, as well as the improvement of its own embankment. A boat station will also appear here, where all residentsand their guests will be able to rent a water facility for a walk. The developer also took care of pets, equipping a zone for their walking and training.

For car owners, zoned and adjacent parking lots are provided, which should fully satisfy the existing need and solve such a significant problem for all Muscovites.

Construction progress

How is the construction of the residential complex "Andersen" in Moscow? Shareholders' feedback confirms that the deadlines are met, everyone can interactively observe all the stages, and if they wish, they can personally visit the object.

The project provides for six stages. Three of them have already been commissioned, that is, half of the apartments are occupied. If you did not have time to purchase the cherished square meters, pay attention to the secondary residential complex "Andersen". Indeed, many invested in the project at the stage of its approval, and now they want to sell the finished apartment, making good money on the difference.

Apartments in the residential complex "Andersen" (secondary) are sold both unfinished and completely ready for living, even with furniture.

Terms of Purchase

Currently, an apartment in the residential complex "Andersen" can be purchased from 3.3 million rubles. This is an acceptable price considering the set of advantages. After all, it's no secret to anyone that an apartment in low-rise buildings is much more expensive than those in high-rise buildings. The developer offers many real estate acquisition programs, including installment plans. And cooperation with the largest banks allows you to get a mortgage on the most favorable terms.

Opinion of tenants

Since three stages have already been put into operation, we can draw the first conclusions about the project. Are the expectations of equity holders justified or not?

The main advantage of the project is its location. Clean fresh air, proximity to the river, the opportunity to spend the weekend in the fresh air right on the territory of the complex - those advantages, the value of which simply cannot be underestimated. But the location in this case has also become a disadvantage: at the moment, the complex is separated from the busy Kaluga highway by a clear field, the path through which becomes a real test, especially after rain. The road is washed out so that it is very problematic to pass and drive. As a result, the 35 minutes promised by the developer to the metro station are delayed by an hour and a half, or even more.

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From the stores, only a grocery tent that works outside the schedule. It is extremely inconvenient to drag bags from the nearest store in Vatutinki. There is no kindergarten and school, and it is not known whether they will be at all. Accordingly, you will have to carry children every day, which is simply unrealistic without a personal car.

At the same time, the apartments turned out to be excellent: spacious, bright, the layouts are thought out to the smallest detail, which allows using every square meter. I was pleased with the presence of a wardrobe where all things are placed. There is enough parking space for all residents, at least for now.

In general, the project is worthy of attention and detailed acquaintance, as it has a lot of advantages. Another thing is that without a personal car you will not get comfort, because the dataAt the moment, the area is not adapted for a full life. In any case, visit the complex at least to form your own opinion.

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