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LCD "Flotilla": reviews of residents, location, layout of apartments
LCD "Flotilla": reviews of residents, location, layout of apartments

There are a lot of people living in big cities. Many of them still prefer to move to a permanent place of residence from more remote areas with harsh climatic conditions. Everyone needs somewhere to live. Only a small part of the population acquires or builds housing outside the city. Yet most people prefer not to change conditions and live in the city. For such buyers, new buildings are suitable. In many cities of Russia, residential complexes with the same name are being built. So, for example, in Moscow, Krasnodar and Novosibirsk, the Flotilla residential complex was built, reviews of which largely depend on the developer in a particular region.

The same in different cities

All of the above cities are the largest in terms of population in the country. Developers do not get tired of building more and more projects of residential buildings in them. If land plots are allocated within the city, then, as a rule, comfort-class or business-class residential buildings are built. The available reviews about the Flotilla Residential Complex in megacities indicate that thesebuildings do not belong to ordinary metropolitan buildings.

Complex in Moscow

At a distance of about 10 minutes walk from the metro station "Rechnoy Vokzal" (in the Khovrino area, on Flotskaya Street, 7), the first of the described complexes is located in the capital. These are four towers with a facade in the form of a sail, which seems to take you on a journey through the waves. Designed in maritime style and color, the quarter brings a new breath to the architecture of the capital. The purchase of an apartment in this residential complex "Flotilla" according to reviews allows you to realize all expectations. The park spread across the street gives you the opportunity to breathe fresh air, walk and relax in your free time. The infrastructure of the complex, a closed guarded area, its own sports and fitness area allow apartment owners to enjoy the benefits of this particular residential complex.

Image"Flotilla" in Moscow

Flotilla in Krasnodar

The authorities of Krasnodar provided the developer, the construction company SpetsStroyKuban, with one of the most promising land plots. Its location within the city - at a distance of 3.5 kilometers from the center - guarantees the success of the development project. Justifying the name of the residential complex, the company is building five 19-storey buildings, choosing the image of an ocean liner for the architectural solution. During construction, monolithic-brick technology is used, which makes buildings more stable and durable. Residents of the complex will experience almost no inconvenience. There are many public transport routes in the area.transport, well-developed infrastructure, within walking distance there is a city park and a boulevard.

View of the complex

Complex in Novosibirsk

And in Novosibirsk, reviews of the residential complex "Flotilla" - after the completion of construction and settlement - will be mostly positive. This complex, represented by three 25-storey buildings, is being built almost in the center of a city with a million inhabitants. Its original architectural solution with a hint of the image of a ship, modern technologies and building materials used, proper names of residential buildings, landscaped yard area - all this makes housing in the complex the most comfortable and distinguishes it from the typical buildings of the city.

Beautiful Novosibirsk

Apartment layouts

Apartments in all three described complexes are designed by developers to meet any requirements of buyers. You can buy both small - by modern standards - one-room apartments, as well as spacious three- and four-room apartments. Due to the peculiarities of the architectural style in the form of a ship, the layout of the apartments is in some cases original. In the Moscow version, in the corner apartments there are beveled corners of the outer rooms and balconies that are sharp in shape. In Novosibirsk, on the contrary, they are rounded, since the residential building itself has an oval shape. The Krasnodar developer also offers semicircular and sloping options for premises. All of them are spacious enough to implement the most daring ideas of buyers for design and renovation.


Reviews about the complex in Moscow

The reviews of those who received the keys to the Flotilla residential complex in the capital are already available on the Internet, since all the houses were built and put into operation in mid-2017. The owners of apartments in this complex are pleased with many circumstances. It is also important to provide a free parking space. People like the originality of the facades, the panoramic view from the windows, the transport accessibility of the complex. The developer did not overestimate the cost of housing, although it positioned it as business-class housing.

Many, judging by the reviews of the Flotilla residential complex in Moscow, are satisfied with the location of the complex. From where you can quickly get to work, as there is a metro station nearby and there are many ground transport routes. But there is also a dissatisfied minority - they do not like the quality of the interior decoration or some shortcomings in the service of the management company.

Complex in Moscow

Reviews about the complex in Krasnodar

Currently, the Flotilla residential complex in Krasnodar is already collecting reviews, as the houses are put into operation and slowly settled by residents. As in the case of the Moscow developer, the SpetsStroyKuban company, having chosen a good place for the construction of the complex, ensured its prospects and attractiveness. Being in a busy area of ​​the city next to the highway, the boulevard and the city park was not slow to affect the start of apartment sales. Customers like stained glass windows and unusual design of facades. This complex differs significantly from typical residential buildings, which addspluses in the treasury of reviews.

Complex in Novosibirsk through the eyes of residents

In Novosibirsk, reviews about the Flotilla residential complex can also be found on the forums. The houses are put into operation, the arrangement of the courtyard territory is being completed. Many have already purchased a home here. Thus, a general picture of opinions is emerging at a moderate pace. Unusual eye-catching facade design, panoramic glazing, partially equipped courtyard area with fountains, playgrounds, security system - for the sake of such benefits, many have changed their place of residence to a more comfortable one or decided to start their history of owning real estate from this residential complex.

Image"Flotilla" Novosibirsk

Disadvantages, which received negative reviews, are largely due to the still not well-established work of management companies, minor flaws that arise during settlement, and arrangement in a new place.

Summarizing information about customer reviews in the residential complex "Flotilla" of apartments, it is worth noting that in rare cases, developers design and implement such original architectural solutions, giving preference to more familiar standard buildings. But it is the courage of construction companies that makes it possible to diversify the dullness of cities.

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