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LCD "Lobachevsky": reviews of residents, location, layout of apartments

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LCD "Lobachevsky": reviews of residents, location, layout of apartments
LCD "Lobachevsky": reviews of residents, location, layout of apartments

Reviews about the residential complex "Lobachevsky" are of interest to everyone who is thinking about moving to this residential complex. These are business-class apartments located on the territory of the Western Administrative District of Moscow. The quarter consists of three multi-section buildings, as well as a two-level underground parking and a kindergarten. Houses are built using monolithic technology using ventilated facades and high-quality finishes. At least that's what the builder says. We will find out how things really are, based on real feedback from residents, equity holders and potential buyers who have already managed to see with their own eyes what the developer offers them.

About the complex

Residential complex "Lobachevsky"

Reviews about the residential complex "Lobachevsky" are very different, in order to understand the pros and cons, we will consider these new buildings from allsides.

Currently, the developer offers more than a thousand apartments, ranging from 45 to 122 square meters. These are options in which from one to four rooms. In all rooms without exception, high quality plastic windows are installed, in some cases they are panoramic, as well as metal entrance doors. Finishing not included.

In each of the buildings there are three silent elevators, which can not only go up to any floor, but also go down to the underground parking. The apartments have all the necessary communications, including internet, telephone and satellite TV.

An uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed on the territory of the residential complex, as it has its own autonomous substation.


Residential complex "Lobachevsky" is located in Ramenki. It is believed that this is one of the prestigious districts of the Russian capital.

In walking distance there is a large variety of well-known higher education institutions. For example, Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the Academy of Social Relations and Labor, as well as the National Economy, working under the federal government.

Transport accessibility of the complex

New buildings in the residential complex "Lobachevsky

Potential residents are attracted by the good transport accessibility of this neighborhood, both by private and public transport.

For example, you can drive your car fromnew buildings "Lobachevsky" to Vernadsky and Michurinsky avenues, from where to go in any further direction. For example, if you drive five kilometers along Michurinsky Prospekt, you can go to the Moscow Ring Road.

In ten minutes by bus or fixed-route taxi you can get to the metro station "Universitet". For longer distances, it is preferable to travel by train. Buses run regularly to the nearest train station "Matveevskaya". Travel time will be about a quarter of an hour, excluding possible traffic jams.


Infrastructure in residential complex "Lobachevsky"

In the immediate vicinity of the residential complex there are a large number of convenience stores, construction supermarkets. Along the way, you will meet many auto parts stores and car services.

However, the really big supermarkets, where Muscovites are used to shopping, are still quite far from the residential area. To "Pyaterochka", "Crossroads" and Fix Price more than one and a half kilometers. Relatively close are three kindergartens and a secondary school. To get to educational institutions, it will take about a quarter of an hour to walk.

It is worth noting that the residential complex is located quite far from large shops and shopping and entertainment centers, in addition, there is an acute shortage of kindergartens and secondary schools in the district. So new settlers should be prepared for the fact that they will face certain problems if they do.choice in favor of this residential complex.

Yard space

Reviews about Residential Complex "Lobachevsky"

The houses in the residential complex are arranged in such a way as to form an enclosed courtyard. On its territory, the developer has done everything to make it comfortable and interesting for both adults and children. In particular, as part of the improvement, sports and children's playgrounds, recreation areas appeared.

Large-scale landscaping has been carried out. The territory of the residential complex itself is as safe as possible, round-the-clock video surveillance cameras are installed around the entire perimeter of the territory. In addition, the territory of the residential complex is under protection.

Social institutions

It is noteworthy that in addition to residential buildings, the developer provides infrastructure facilities. For example, the second building includes a two-story kindergarten, which is organically attached to the main building. It has a capacity of 125 seats.

In all houses, the first floors are reserved for commercial real estate. Grocery stores, hairdressers, fitness centers are opening here.

For car parking there is a huge two-level parking lot for almost two thousand places. It is roofed. Guests of the complex can leave their cars in the ground parking, which provides space for 27 cars.


Customer reviews of Lobachevsky Residential Complex

The obvious advantages of this residential complex include the fact that its construction is being carried out in one of the most prestigious areas of the Russian capital. So buy herereal estate in any case will be a profitable and promising investment.

In customer reviews of the Lobachevsky residential complex, they especially note that they like the spacious parking lot, the ability to go down to it by elevator.

It looks attractive that most of the apartments are equipped with panoramic windows. On the territory of the complex there is security around the clock, the LCD itself is under video surveillance. The Michurinsky Prospekt metro station is also within walking distance, and the Aminyevskoye Highway station should be put into operation in 2019. After that, the transport accessibility of this microdistrict will only improve, there will be even more positive reviews about the Lobachevsky residential complex.


Location of residential complex "Lobachevsky"

At the same time, it must be admitted that this residential complex has enough shortcomings. For example, they are associated with a not very good location, since the residential complex is located in close proximity to the railway, which passes literally under the windows of new buildings. About a kilometer - to the local thermal power plant, the proximity of which significantly worsens the ecological situation in the entire microdistrict.

As a result, such a neighborhood not only spoils the air. It turns out to be so close that from the windows of the upper floors you can see the industrial zone with harmful enterprises, and the thermal power plant, and the highway. Admittedly, a little inspiring sight.

In addition, very close to the residential complex is also a landfill. It is located in the area of ​​Ochakovsky highway. This fact can oftenfound in negative reviews of the residential complex "Lobachevsky", for many it simply discourages the desire to buy real estate here, invest their money, even though the microdistrict itself is considered very prestigious.

The disadvantages include the fact that apartments are rented without finishing. Kindergarten and school are far enough away. In addition, there is a shortage of free places. Limited access to the territory of the residential complex, organized only on Aminevsky highway and Lobachevsky street, leads to regular traffic jams in the morning and evening.

In addition, newcomers should be prepared for expensive maintenance. The management company will have to pay 60 rubles per square meter.


measurement of the apartment residential complex "Lobachevsky"

The "Bestcon" company is engaged in the construction of this residential complex. Residential complex "Lobachevsky" is her next project. She has been operating on the domestic real estate market for more than ten years.

This construction and investment company in 2003 began to actively invest in housing construction. Today it has become one of the largest developers in the country. Successful work allows the implementation of a full cycle of development of commercial and residential real estate, from the design of the object, ending with its construction, the fulfillment of the duties of the customer and the re altor.

The company is distinguished by the fact that it never builds individual houses, thinking more globally. It builds exclusively entire neighborhoods. The principles of work that allowed her to take a leading position in the country aredynamics, reliability and confident safety.

Over the years of work in the field of real estate, the company has gained invaluable experience, constantly improving the level of customer service. One of the main priorities for her is the high level of trust of partners and customers. The company carefully monitors that each employee regularly improves the quality of his work, takes special training courses, and improves his own skills.

It is noteworthy that the company builds houses in a variety of price and status segments. The developer of the residential complex "Lobachevsky" is constantly striving to increase the number of offers on the market that they are ready to make to their customers. They already have apartments in economy-class new buildings, housing with the highest level of finishing for apartments located in the historical center of Moscow, townhouses in club complexes in the capital and Moscow region.


At the moment, one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments can be purchased directly from the developer. The cost of one square meter ranges from 183 to 210 thousand rubles.

Measurement of an apartment in the residential complex "Lobachevsky" will help to establish that the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe "odnushka" is approximately 45 square meters.

In this case, the buyer gets a kitchen with an area of ​​almost 11 and a half "squares", a room of 17 and a half squares, a separate bathroom. The cost of such housing is about eight and a half million rubles.

The most spacious option left is a four-room apartment of 68 square meters for 24million rubles. In such a living space, the size of the kitchen will be 15 and a half "squares", three rooms of about 16 and one almost 19 square meters.

Customer Experiences

You can find a lot of positive feedback from residents about the residential complex "Lobachevsky". Immediately after the move, the houses are warm, the heating is connected without delay. This is very important, especially in winter, as it immediately allows you to check the quality of windows, walls, measure the average temperature that can be achieved in apartments.

In reviews of the Lobachevsky 120 residential complex, equity holders who have already purchased apartments in this building admit that the monolithic building, coupled with ventilated facades, really looks attractive and original, especially compared to most other new buildings.

By the time the houses are put into operation, the developer manages to complete the main landscaping work. Landscaping has been carried out, children's and sports grounds have been installed, which cannot but rejoice.

Most tend to believe that the company really knows a lot about construction, all work is done efficiently and on time. Even when imperfections and shortcomings appear, they are quickly eliminated. These are the reviews about the residential complex "Lobachevsky, 120", which is now actively populated.

Negative reviews

Among the negative points, they mainly note poor transport accessibility. It has to be emphasized in the reviews of mystery shoppers in the Lobachevsky residential complex. No matter what the developer says, you constantly have to stand in traffic jams. So inthose who have personal vehicles are the first to suffer.

Besides, the incessant noise from the thermal power plant frankly interferes with life, which does not subside even at night. Steam and smoke from the station literally goes into the windows, especially if they face the wrong side. This is especially frustrating for those tenants who paid a lot of money for real estate, and now they have to suffer from these problems. The ecological situation in the microdistrict is really extremely unpleasant and tense.

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