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IKEA: country of origin, range overview

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IKEA: country of origin, range overview
IKEA: country of origin, range overview

The comfort of home today depends on many factors. The interior plays one of the most important roles in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. At the same time, it doesn’t matter which stop: work or, conversely, home, or maybe official business. When choosing furniture, you can be guided by any motives. However, there is only one goal. And it lies in the environment of pleasant-looking and easy-to-use items.

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In the age of high technology, progress in the development of various furniture does not stand still. However, in ordinary life, it is not always possible to find such interior items in stores so that you can combine beauty, ease of use, and a fairly low cost.

One of the largest manufacturers of interior items in the world is IKEA. IKEA furniture is in great demand. The country of origin of this product is Sweden.

History of origin of the namebrand

The history of the IKEA brand begins back in 1943, when the future founder of the company, a seventeen-year-old boy, traded everything he could: matches, tights, fish, stationery, watches, jewelry. He delivered goods on a bicycle around the village of Elmtaryd, and his office was in a barn (on his parents' farm called Agunnaryd). The young businessman's name was Ingvar Kamprad. Due to the skillful combination of the first letters of his name and the name of his native places, a company called IKEA was created.

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Gradually, the demand for various products increased. Ingvar began mailing goods, delivering them in a milkman's van directly to the railway station. At the age of 21, the young man was already selling furniture and other necessities in his store, which was located in southern Sweden. Since the 1950s, furniture has become its main product. At the same time, Ingvar began not only to sell. He first became a designer and then a manufacturer of interior items.

It was Ingvar who first guessed to sell unassembled furniture in convenient boxes. One day, an employee of his store, in order to deliver the goods, unscrewed the legs of the table. From that moment on, the brilliant businessman began to supply interior items only in this way. He introduced a new supply chain. Nowadays, almost every company makes delivery in this form. The IKEA brand as it is known today was born.

Nowadays, everyone knows whose brand is IKEA.The country of origin, Sweden, is known all over the world. IKEA furniture was originally very expensive. However, now the cost of goods is not so high. This is due to the development of a whole network of stores that are in great demand among buyers of all ages and nationalities. Here everyone will find the product that will appeal to him. For this, the unique IKEA brand is appreciated all over the world.

Assortment overview

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The variety of goods and services strikes the imagination of IKEA customers. The country of origin guarantees excellent quality. In stores, as well as in online catalogs, you can find products for every taste and color.

Home Furniture

Living room furniture includes a variety of sofas, bookcases, TV cabinets, wall shelves, cabinets and sideboards, coffee and side tables, shelving units, pouffes and footstools.

IKEA company (manufacturing country - Sweden) is trying to provide for all the nuances. It offers living room essentials such as ceiling and wall lighting, lampshades, throws, rugs and more.

Bedroom furniture is not limited to beds. There you can find wardrobes, including wardrobes, wardrobe systems, open storage systems, chests of drawers, bedside tables, dressing tables, bunk beds and loft beds.

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A real "furniture country" opens up before buyers. The manufacturer IKEA thinks through everything to the smallest detail:hangers, hooks, hangers, box springs, soffits, floor hangers, curtain rods and rails, curtains and blinds, slatted bottom, blankets, table lamps, pillows.

Children's furniture pleases little customers. Here you can find products for children of different ages: children's tables and chairs, storage systems, baby changing tables and accessories. Prudently sold safe parts for children, dishes, toys, mattresses for cribs.

Kitchen and office furniture

Office furniture includes desks, computer desks, filing cabinets, cabinets with drawers, sideboards and console tables, containers and bags, LED lights, additional accessories.

Kitchens include not only tables and cabinets, but also microwave ovens, ladder stools and stepladders, wall-mounted storage units, ovens, hobs, stoves, interiors and accessories.

Additional products and services of the company

In addition to ready-made furniture, IKEA, whose country of origin cares about its customers, offers to restore existing items, repair them, and also provides assembly assistance.

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Decorating your home has never been easier. Referring to the catalog of the company, you can meet such items that will fit into the interior of your premises.

Lost your charger or broken lamp? There is everything in the company's stores. The range of goods and services is so diverse that the buyer, having visitedthe store may not even suspect what amazing discoveries await it.

Studying IKEA stores, buyers will be pleasantly surprised. After much time spent researching products, customers can relax in signature restaurants. Here you can have a good time on working and weekdays or have a quick bite to eat, tired in the store. Often people come here accompanied by relatives and relatives for a pleasant pastime. IKEA (manufacturing country - Sweden) will take care of your leisure time!

IKEA has signed an agreement with UNICEF. In addition, she supports environmental programs to help wildlife.

Interesting facts

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A curious fact is that IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad does not currently own the company. In the 80s, he ceded his offspring to the Dutch company INGKA Holding B.V. It is assumed that the reasons for this act lie in the excessive frugality of the businessman. Taxes in Sweden are very high, and Ingvar is considered a terrible miser. It would seem that a person who created a unique system of goods and services. He grew up in poverty, but eventually earned billions, easily said goodbye to the company he created.

Now the structure of IKEA chain companies is insanely complex. There is an opinion that this is a special way to minimize taxes. However, numerous IKEA stores remained. Country of origin Sweden is now known in every home!


Probably everyone wants to create their ownunique style at home and at work, think through all the little things, functionally use every square meter of the room. Which manufacturer can solve these and many other problems? IKEA, land of opportunity Sweden!

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