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How to find out the debt by TIN

How to find out the debt by TIN
How to find out the debt by TIN

Modern and very convenient service allows you to find out the debt by TIN without a personal trip to the tax office. It provides an opportunity to obtain all the necessary information on existing debts to individuals and legal entities. The Internet service gives access to data on tax debts in all spheres of human life. Debts to transport, land, property funds and all other organizations are taken into account.

find out the debt by TIN

You can quickly find out the tax debt by TIN using the following scheme. First you need to go to the state site, which is called nalog.ru. On the main page of this resource, you need to go to the section that has the uncomplicated name "Find out your debt." The nuance of this operation will be the need to agree that the visitor will have to provide their personal data. Among the information indicated will be the full name, region of residence and TIN. The program itselfwill process the data and issue complete and up-to-date information.

Also, knowing the TIN of an individual, you can find out the debt for various fines and pen alties from the "Taxpayer's Personal Account". This service is available only to registered users who have a special access password. This method of obtaining information is considered more secure in terms of protecting personal data. However, there are no negative user reviews about the operation of this service yet. The personal account gives access to information about all vehicles of the payer who wants to find out the TIN debt, about his real estate and all tax amounts. You can see not only current debts, but also paid amounts, accrued fines and the presence of overpayments on such payments.

find out tax debt by TIN

If an individual registers on the site, he will need a registration card. To obtain this document, it is enough to personally contact the nearest inspection of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. You will need to take the original or a clear copy of the TIN certificate with you, as well as any proof of identity, such as a passport or pension certificate.

If we are talking about tax debts of various individual entrepreneurs or LLCs, then when registering on the site, you must specify "Individual entrepreneur". From the personal account, it will be possible to freely control all current settlements with the state budget, carry out reconciliation acts, and the last payment terms will be known exactly. You can also find out the TIN debt at a regular officetax office, however, it will take patience to stand in line and documents to confirm the identity of the payer.

TIN of an individual to find out the debt

Only interested in traffic fines?

To get acquainted with the current amount of car tax, you can also use the official state website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation or visit the government portal "Gosuslugi". Finding out the TIN debt is a great idea, since currently every vehicle owner has to pay a tax, which is calculated depending on the maximum engine power of the car. It is better to take care of paying all fines and pen alties in advance, as any delay is paid separately and at a higher rate.

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