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"Royal Water": customer and employee reviews, addresses, order conditions, delivery and water quality

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"Royal Water": customer and employee reviews, addresses, order conditions, delivery and water quality
"Royal Water": customer and employee reviews, addresses, order conditions, delivery and water quality

There are many manufacturers and brands of water on the market. Many people believe that all bottled water is the same, so they prefer to buy the cheapest one. Others prefer the most expensive, because they believe that the manufacturer monitors its quality. Recently, melted, mineral, mountain water, which is supposedly he althier and more natural than usual, has been especially popular.

royal water

General information

Royal Water is one of the largest companies in the bottled water market. The company was founded in 1994. An extensive dealer network and a large number of branches determined the presence of the organization in many regions of the country. I must say that "Royal Water" is positioned today as an elite product and is in the upper price group of similar products. A few years ago, the company began to sell PET bottles in retail stores with a volume of 1, 5, 0, 5 and 0.33 liters.


Despite the fact that the products of this organization occupy a large market share, many buyers were dissatisfied with the quality of the water of this manufacturer. In this article, we will talk about the features of the brand "Royal Water", we will study the reviews of real buyers and draw a conclusion about the possibility of its use.

The core of the problem

Everyone knows that tap water contains many impurities and heavy metals. The scale that forms in the kettle is direct evidence that boiling does not eliminate harmful substances. In addition, the boiling procedure destroys the H2O structure. As a result, water becomes useless. That is why many people prefer bottled water. However, you need to take your choice of provider seriously because your own he alth is at stake.

Company Features

According to the organization itself, “Royal Water” meets international quality standards. The company was one of the first to obtain the right to use the NSF mark. Free shipping is carried out the next day after the call of the buyer. The service department includes a staff of dispatchers, operators and managers who draw up documents and take orders. "Royal Water" offers a wide range of services, including preventive maintenance of equipment with a visit to the buyer.

Sale of water

Specialists carry out sanitization and repairs at a convenient time for the client. The transport department has its own fleet of cars, which are decorated with symbolscompanies. Delivery of "Royal Water" is carried out by forwarders and drivers around the clock. Transport logistics specialists carefully develop routes, which allows timely delivery of goods.

Production specifics

The factory "Royal Water" was opened back in 1994 in a remote area from industrial enterprises, in the village of Spoons. There are laboratories, warehouses, workshops and a car park on the territory. According to the manufacturer, the production is equipped with modern equipment that meets the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards.

Pure water

The manufacturer reports that the main advantage of the well is the exploitation of the Kasimov aquifer, which has a high degree of protection. Thus, the possibility of water pollution is completely eliminated. According to the company, the uniqueness of Royal Water lies in its natural origin and optimal purification system.

Production technology

The company uses a unique production technology in which water is enriched with the necessary components and trace elements. Thus, there is saturation with natural compounds that are well absorbed by the body. At the final stage, the water is treated with ozone. This element is a powerful antiseptic and does not form harmful side compounds. Only after that the water is poured into containers and delivered to customers.

Negative reviews

To form an objective opinion about this organization and water qualityreal customer reviews help. Many note the low level of service and careless attitude towards customers. Delivery is carried out with long delays, since the logistics in this organization are not well developed. Some buyers talk about the unprofessionalism of drivers who do not navigate the city and do not deliver on time.

Reviews of the "Royal Water" note a dismissive attitude towards customers. After cooperation with this organization, many buyers have become more careful and careful in choosing a supplier. Negative reviews are full of information that there are foreign elements in the water that resemble white flakes. Regular use of this water can lead to excess s alt content in the body, which is confirmed by reviews of the "Royal Water". Buyers do not advise taking this liquid to young children, as it does not suit them in terms of its chemical composition. Negative reviews about "Royal Water" claim that it can cause big he alth problems. Many clients developed gastrointestinal disorders and vomiting reactions.

Other customers report no feedback because the office cannot be reached by phone. The company does not warn about delays, and the call center managers do not provide correct information about the delivery. Feedback from employees about Royal Water indicates that the organization has a large flow of incoming customers. However, specialists strive to process each incoming order with high quality. Somecustomers were satisfied with the cooperation with this organization. Buyers appreciated the taste, quality and lack of third-party odors.

After a preliminary call, orders are carried out on time, as reported by reviews of the "Royal Water". Negative comments are full of information that the liquid has a sharp taste and smell. Despite the examinations of water and the availability of quality certificates, buyers lose confidence in the Royal Water company. Reviews of water quality are full of reports that it contains additional impurities. Careless attitude towards customers is expressed in the delivery of dirty bottles. Many buyers repeatedly reported claims to managers, but such actions turned out to be useless.

royal water reviews

Positive feedback

Laudatory reviews contain information that "Royal Water" is pleasant to drink, because it is not only clean, but also very tasty. Others claim that it has a mild taste and optimal composition. Customers report that the company's products are safe because the water has all the necessary quality certificates and is produced according to international standards.

Some customers liked the convenient container with a capacity of 10 liters and a convenient faucet that allows you to get the required amount of water. Positive reviews indicate the loy alty of the company to new customers. As an advantage, consumers highlight the ability to take any product in advance. In other words, the overpaid moneytaken into account on the next order. The assortment includes the most necessary goods: coolers, pumps, napkins, tea, coffee and cups. Many buyers note that the company can order small volumes of water. "Royal Water" provides good discounts for large orders to wholesale buyers. Many note that only this company has an international quality certificate. The speed of delivery largely depends on the shift and the competence of the personal manager, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. Other comments point out that the water is really pleasant to drink and has no off flavors.

Reviews about the service

Comments from users claim that the company is constantly getting confused with water orders. "Royal Water" offers its customers free delivery, including outside the Moscow Ring Road. Reviews note that the organization regularly holds promotions that allow you to profitably purchase several bottles.

Water delivery

Regular customers report late delivery and irresponsible attitude of the company towards consumers. Consumers warn that you should not expect high service from this organization. Managers do not respond to complaints and claims, so many buyers have refused the services of this organization.

Expert Opinion

According to experts of the Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene. A. N. Sysina, this water is not inferior in quality to well-known imported waters. The manufacturer claims that it passes the industrialcleaning on innovative American equipment Universal Aqua Technologies. The product of this company has successfully passed radiological, physico-chemical, organoleptic studies.

Quality check

Recently, the consumer protection society "Roskontrol" made an examination of the "Royal Water". As a result, the manufacturer was blacklisted for exceeding the microbial limit. In addition, the mineral composition of water is physiologically inferior. It turned out to be unfit for consumption.

Convenient container

Water should not contain preservatives and harmful impurities. Despite the fact that Royal Water (Moscow) is produced under strict control, it has a specific flavor.


Bottled water has long gained popularity abroad, and in our country is just beginning to gain momentum. There are clear benefits to ordering, as it is easier to order multiple 10 liter bottles than to buy smaller containers from the store. However, many potential customers are confused by the negative reviews about the drinking "Royal Water" and the low level of service. The stated slogan of the company "Drink water and feel like a king" does not meet the expectations of consumers. It is important to remember that drinking clean liquids is one of the main ways to protect your he alth from trouble. After studying the information in this article, everyone can draw a conclusion for themselves whether it is worth buying the company's products."Royal Water" or choose another supplier.

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