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How to delete a message on WhatsApp from an interlocutor, and what is needed for this

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How to delete a message on WhatsApp from an interlocutor, and what is needed for this
How to delete a message on WhatsApp from an interlocutor, and what is needed for this

Surely every messenger user faced a problem when he sent messages to the wrong users or there were cases when a lot of mistakes and typos were made in the message. In such situations, the question arises: how to delete a message from an interlocutor in WhatsApp? After all, few people want him to see all these typos or read a message intended for another addressee. And, of course, I want to remove the SMS from the chat even before the recipient reads it.

Whatsapp is it possible to delete a message from the interlocutor

Deleted or not

First of all, it is worth answering the question, is it possible to delete a message from the interlocutor in WhatsApp? The developers of WhatsApp provide this feature. In this application, users can delete messages not only from themselves, but also frominterlocutor. Moreover, it does not matter from which device the message was sent: "iPhone", "Android", tablet. However, sometimes there are unpleasant situations when the interlocutor may have a message left.

Deletion process

How to delete a message in "Vatsap" from the interlocutor until he read it? To remove SMS from the chat, if you do not want it to be read, you must do the following:

  1. Open the desired chat in the messenger with a specific interlocutor.
  2. You need to select the message you want to delete.
  3. Then click on it and hold until the SMS is highlighted.
  4. A message control panel will appear at the top of the messenger. On it you need to select the trash icon and click on it. A panel will appear on the screen with a list of possible actions with the selected message: "Delete from me", "Cancel", "Delete from everyone".
  5. To delete the message for both you and the other party, you must select the "Delete for everyone" option. Click on it and the SMS will disappear. Instead, it will say: "This message has been deleted." The same inscription will be displayed on the interlocutor.

However, it is not enough to know how to delete a message on WhatsApp from the interlocutor, it should also be borne in mind that you can delete it only if you follow a number of rules.

How to delete a sent message in WhatsApp from an interlocutor


The application has not done without nuances and limitations. To delete a message not only from the interlocutor, but also from the recipient, it is necessary thatfollowing conditions:

  1. To delete SMS from yourself and the recipient, both subscribers must use the latest version of WhatsApp. It is in it that this function is implemented. If at least one user has an old version of the program installed, the message will not be deleted.
  2. The message must have been sent recently, or rather, no more than seven minutes ago. This time is allotted to remove the erroneously sent SMS from the interlocutor. If more time has passed, then you can not even try to remove it. After the specified period, the "Delete from all" function disappears. There are only two possible options left: "Delete from me" and "Cancel".

You can delete a message regardless of whether the interlocutor has read it or not. However, it is not a fact that the unmarked SMS has not already been viewed, because there are many ways to read the message without opening the messenger.

How to delete a message in Vvatsap from an interlocutor

Delete and revoke SMS

And how to delete a message in "Vatsap" from the interlocutor's photo or video, audio? Deleting any messages, including media files, is the same.

The new version of WhatsApp+ has the ability to recall sent SMS. And how to delete a sent message in WhatsApp from the interlocutor so that there is no trace of him? First you need to have the most advanced version of the messenger. If you have one, then you need to highlight the unwanted message in the chat and hold your finger on it until it is highlighted. Above, in the appearedmenu, you must select the "Revoke" function, hidden behind the three vertical dots of the menu. It remains only to confirm the command and that's it, the message will be deleted from the interlocutor without a trace. There are no other ways to delete SMS from chats yet.

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