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There is a question: why do people die with their eyes open? Let's break it all down

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There is a question: why do people die with their eyes open? Let's break it all down
There is a question: why do people die with their eyes open? Let's break it all down

Death is, of course, a terrible phenomenon that probably every inhabitant of the planet is afraid of. In addition to the instincts of self-preservation, which are constantly working, a person, as a highly developed being, is able to experience not only for his own life, but also for the life of his loved ones. The loss of a loved one is always a tragedy and a heavy burden on the heart. However, one important question remains: "Why do people die with their eyes open?" Of course, this is not always the case, but often death overtakes a person in this position. Let's figure it out in this article!

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Why do people die with their eyes open?

If we consider this issue from a purely scientific point of view, ignoring various signs and superstitions, then the answer is much simpler than it seems at first glance. As a rule, if death overtook a person with raised eyelids, then this only means that his brain turned off, and in this case died when he had openeyes. However, there is another version of why people die with their eyes open. Scientists and doctors have hypothesized that the eyelids can rise even after death. It sounds, of course, quite creepy and frightening, but biology is to blame. The reasons why people die with their eyes open are the natural processes of the body. In this case, we are talking about muscle spasms that cause the eyelids to rise.

An anti-scientific opinion on this issue

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Many centuries ago, a huge number of superstitions and prejudices were associated with death, as well as signs. Nobody knew why people die with their eyes open, so they believed in some kind of mysticism and the influence of dark forces on the corpse of the deceased. Despite the fact that medicine is well developed in the 21st century and scientists have answered this question, myths and superstitions about this phenomenon have survived to this day. Until now, some people blame the raised eyelids on evil spirits and spirits.

Should I lower my eyelids from a practical point of view?

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It is customary to close the eyes of the deceased if they were open at the time of death. On the one hand, it also has practical value. So the deceased looks more aesthetically pleasing in the coffin, as it seems that the deceased is just sleeping. In addition, due to the processes of decay of the body at the time of the funeral, the eyes could become cloudy and look quite frightening. Remember the rules on how to choose the right fresh fish in the market. Of course, no one tries to compare a fish with a person, but naturalprocesses after death are the same for everyone. If the fish has cloudy pupils, then it is obvious that it is stale. The blurred eyes of a dead person can frighten others, so it is customary to close them.


penny coins

In ancient times, there was such a sign that if you do not close the eyes of the deceased, he will take someone else from his relatives and relatives with him to the afterlife. Another tradition associated with this phenomenon was the habit of placing coins on closed eyelids. From an anti-scientific point of view, this meant a kind of payment for the services of Charon. He, if you don’t remember or don’t know, transported dead souls along the river to another world, according to ancient beliefs. If this insignificant ritual is not performed, then the soul of the deceased will wander along the banks of the river for many years and will never find its desired peace. If the soul does not fall into the Kingdom of the Dead, then the deceased will be able to pursue living people, reminding of himself. Giving an answer to the question of why people die with their eyes open, the photo will not be superfluous to imagine what it really looked like. From a practical point of view, this ritual was carried out so that the eyes would not open in the future due to the weight of the coins.

Other signs associated with death

Having de alt with why people die with their eyes open, let's talk about other superstitions on the same topic.

  1. It was believed that if the eyes of the deceased were slightly open, then the next to die would be the one on whom the gaze fell.
  2. Close and relatives never carry the coffin with the dead themselves. People believed that in this case theywill go after him, as the deceased will think that they are happy about his death.
  3. After the death of a person, it was customary to hang mirrors in a room with a thick cloth for 40 days. This is due to the fact that people believe that mirrors are able to accumulate negative energy and are the door to the afterlife. Thus, the soul of the deceased can settle in it and haunt all residents.

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