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Cucumber "heroic strength": photo with description, yield

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Cucumber "heroic strength": photo with description, yield
Cucumber "heroic strength": photo with description, yield

Cucumber "Bogatyrskaya Sila" is a self-pollinating early-ripening variety developed by domestic breeders of RGAU-MSHA. The variety is produced under the sign of the company "Manul" and is one of the most popular among summer residents. If you believe the reviews, with proper care and good agricultural practices, you can collect over 20 kilograms of crispy, delicious greens from one bush.

Growing cucumbers

Description of the hybrid

Cucumber "heroic strength" appeared on the market for so long, but in a short period of its existence managed to become popular among summer residents. The variety has a beam type of fruiting. The plant is characterized by abundant bundle ovaries, each of which has six to ten fruits. The vegetation period lasts until the onset of cold weather, and in regions where the climate is already cool, fruiting ends at the end of August. In the southern regions, the variety bears fruit until September.

The unique ability of the plant to produce the beam method allows you to increaseproductivity and makes the “heroic force” cucumber very popular not only among gardeners, but also among farmers.

Cucumber Heroic strength


The variety is suitable for growing in open ground, greenhouses, tunnels. As follows from the description, "heroic strength" cucumbers can be grown in any region. The variety is productive. The length of each cucumber is 12 cm, diameter is 3-3.5 cm. The bushes are able to self-regulate growth, give a good increase in lateral shoots. Thick lashes wrap around the main stem.

The leaves of the plant are dark green, the root system is powerful, the trunk is strong. Because of these characteristics, the variety got its name - “heroic strength”. Cucumber has a unique resistance to various diseases. It is not susceptible to powdery mildew, downy mildew, mosaic virus, olive blotch. But pests attack it quite often. The main pests of plants are mites, aphids. To prevent their appearance, plants are treated with chemicals, such as Inta-Vir, Metaldehyde and others. You can use ashes and slaked lime, as well as other methods of pest control.


According to reviews, cucumbers "heroic strength" have a regular, even shape. They have limited growth. All greens stop growing by about 15 cm. As a result of this self-regulation, the harvested crop looks beautiful, since all cucumbers are even in length and thickness.

Judging by the description of the variety, cucumbers "heroic strength" are juicy, dense, with a pronounced cucumber taste and aroma.The skin is dark green, dense. This allows you to preserve the taste of the fruit during canning.

cucumber seeds

Features of cultivation

To grow cucumbers "heroic force" (see photo in the article) beautiful and tasty, it is necessary to plant plants correctly and provide them with proper care. Not only the amount of the crop depends on this, but also the duration of the growing season.

The peculiarity of bunch cucumbers is that they need regular feeding. This is due to the fact that the bunch type of fruiting requires the plant to use a large amount of nutrients. They need to be replenished regularly.

Growing plants

Cucumbers can be grown in seedlings, or you can sow directly into the ground.

For growing seedlings, it is necessary to determine the timing of planting plants in permanent places. Cucumber seedlings are planted at the age of 23-25 ​​days. To this period add 5 days for germination. Having decided on the timing, you can start sowing.

To grow seedlings, containers with a size of at least 8 x 8 cm are required. They are filled with soil for growing vegetable seedlings. A hole is made in the center with a depth of 1.5-2 cm. A seed is laid out on its bottom. Crops are watered and placed in a warm, bright place. After about 5-7 days, sprouts will appear.

As soon as the seedlings are two weeks old, they must be hardened off. To do this, during the week it is taken out to the greenhouse, leaving it there first for 30 minutes, and then the residence time is increased. By the time of planting, the plants should behardened.

You can grow cucumbers by direct sowing in the ground. To do this, the seeds are sown in pre-prepared and heated beds. To increase germination, it is recommended to cover the top of the ridge with a film.

Cucumbers Heroic strength reviews

Planting seedlings

When growing seedlings, plants are planted in beds, maintaining a distance between bushes of at least 30 cm. In a greenhouse, cucumbers are grown in one row. In open ground, you can grow two or more side by side. In this case, a distance of at least 40 cm is maintained between the rows. When planting seedlings, it is recommended to tie them up immediately, which will simplify further care of the bushes.

Seedlings of cucumbers are planted in pre-prepared beds. They must be well dug up. Be sure to add humus.

For each plant, a hole is made, at the bottom of which it is recommended to lay drainage and add several granules of mineral fertilizers. After planting, the seedlings are watered and immediately tied up.

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse

Increasing yields

As follows from the description of the variety, cucumbers "heroic strength" (photos are presented in the article) are not quite ordinary. This is a culture with a bundle type of ovary.

Cucumbers are moisture-loving vegetables that do not tolerate drying out of the soil. Because of this feature, the soil is kept moist.

Based on the characteristics of the crop, vegetable growers have long learned to increase yields. To do this, they practice pinching lashes, provide special care. Sometimes stopping watering helpsstimulate the plant to increase productivity. At such moments, the plant begins to "think" that it can die. In this situation, it begins to actively bear fruit in order to keep offspring after itself.

There are other methods to increase yields. These include mixed plantings of different varieties and hybrids. Typically, this method is used when growing crops in open ground. Gardeners alternate hybrid bushes with bee-pollinated ones.

Good results are shown by the timely application of fertilizers. Cucumbers are voracious plants. They need feeding, which is carried out once every two weeks. This method allows the bush to strengthen the root system, gain strength, and begin to actively form greens.

Cultivation of cucumbers Heroic power

When growing the "heroic strength" variety, attention should be paid to the support. In general, these cucumbers are climbing and grow best with a vertical growing method. Because of this feature, the whips are given the opportunity to weave along a trellis, net or other support. This method of cultivation helps not only to increase productivity, but also save space on the site and simplify harvesting and caring for the bushes. To prevent the development of diseases, it is recommended to remove yellowed leaves from plants at each harvest, inspect he althy parts of the bush for pests. If necessary, carry out the processing of plants.

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