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Tomato "Altai pink": photo and description, yield, reviews

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Tomato "Altai pink": photo and description, yield, reviews
Tomato "Altai pink": photo and description, yield, reviews

Tomato "Altai" is suitable for those gardeners who want to add variety. It was bred in 2007 by a Russian breeder. The variety has a high resistance to cold, which allows it to be grown throughout the country. There are three varieties of tomato "Altai": pink, yellow and red. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Tomato Altai pink

Description of pink tomato

Tomato variety "Altai pink" refers to late-ripening hybrids with a large amount of sugars and solids. Fruits are saturated with amino acids, lycopene, beta-carotene. Tomatoes help to strengthen he alth, increase immunity. They are used for diet food.

Tomato bushes "Altai pink" are indeterminate, reach two meters in height. The plant is characterized by a small number of leaves, but they are large, dark green in color. The variety is productive, from one square meter you can collect an average of 10 kilograms of delicious fruits. Variety brushes contain 4-6 tomatoesweighing 300-500 g. With proper agricultural technology, the crop is harvested from mid-summer until frost.

The fruits of the variety have a flattened shape with ribbing at the base. When unripe, the fruit has a dark green spot at the stalk. The skin of the variety is dense.

Plant suitable for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Altai pink tomato reviews

Pros and cons

There are few negative qualities in the "Altai pink" tomato. The main negative quality is dependence on the type of soil, tying up and the need for pinching. Having decided to plant a variety on your site, you should know that it is not suitable for canning.

Despite all the shortcomings, the tomato has many advantages:

  • highly disease resistant;
  • tolerates drought and cold climates well;
  • gives a stable harvest;
  • excellent fruit transportability;
  • excellent taste;
  • long fruiting.

Amateurs and professionals give positive feedback about the Altai pink tomato. With good agricultural technology, the fruits are large. Growing tomatoes begins with sowing seeds for seedlings. Also, in advance, from autumn, they are preparing a place for planting.

Description of tomato Altai pink

Soil preparation

Soil for tomato should be prepared in the fall, adding compost, ash. Tomatoes feel good on lands with a high content of organic matter, potassium, nitrogen. These plants perform best in slightly alkaline soil.In order for the earth to acquire the desired pH level, ash is added to it. It is alkaline and contains up to 5% potassium.

Tomato seedlings grow faster if the bed is preheated. In open ground, this is achieved by covering the beds with a film or other covering material.

When planting seedlings, do not be afraid to deepen it to the first leaves. This will help build a powerful root system.

Shaping a bush

As stated in the description, the Altai pink tomato is a tall variety. Such plants need tying and shaping. It is best to keep the plant in 1-2 stems. In addition to pinching, it is necessary to remove all lower leaves before each ovary. As a result of proper formation, there will be 3-4 leaves on the bush, which will be quite enough for it to carry out photosynthesis and for nutrition. This formation provides better access of air and light to the plant, and also helps to reduce the risk of fungal diseases. Formation helps to get an early abundant harvest, since the removal of leaves allows the resources to be used specifically for the formation of fruits.

In hot regions, it is not recommended to remove the leaves strongly, as they protect the fruit from sunburn, overheating. It is recommended to remove leaves as you harvest from the bush.

Tomato Altai pink reviews photo yield

Diseases and pests

Big problem when growing tomatoes are diseases regardless of the region in which they are grown. The most dangerous diseases of tomatoes are late blight,brown spot, blossom end rot, tobacco mosaic. They usually arise due to rain, lack of heat. The combination of rain and cold can be very detrimental to tomatoes.

To exclude diseases, it is recommended to follow certain prevention rules:

  1. Recommended to plant released varieties.
  2. For growing plants, it is recommended to use hybrids and varieties from reliable manufacturers.
  3. It is best to grow tomatoes in protected conditions: greenhouses, greenhouses.
  4. Observe crop rotation. If it is impossible to change the upper part of the soil.
  5. At the slightest damage to plants, immediately remove diseased bushes.
  6. Remove weeds.
  7. Stepchildren, remove leaves only in dry weather.

Water the plants

To get the "Altai pink" tomato as in the photo, you must follow the rules of watering. These plants need infrequent but plentiful watering. This contributes to the formation of a deep branched root system.

With excessive watering, the fruits become sour in taste, may crack, and the plants are affected by fungal diseases. Lack of moisture leads to blossom end rot.

When watering, it is important to avoid getting water on the bush, leaves, fruits, as this leads to the development of a fungal infection.

The drip system is considered the ideal means of irrigation. It helps to maintain the optimal level of moisture necessary for the normal growth and development of plants.

Altai pink tomato


According to reviews, the "Altai pink" tomato, the photo of which is presented in the article, needs good feeding. From the period of picking seedlings to the beginning of flowering, it is necessary to carry out one complex feeding of plants. To do this, you can use mineral fertilizers or apply mullein.

After the first fruits are formed, fertilizer containing potassium is applied. For convenience, it is recommended to use mineral fertilizer granules, which are mixed with the soil. The granules, being in the soil, dissolve for a long time, supplying the plant with the right amount of nutrients.

Humidity, temperature, light

For the successful development of tomatoes, the ideal is the average daily temperature of 18-25 degrees. At lower temperatures, growth slows down, and at higher temperatures, plants begin to burn.

Direct sun is necessary for plants only at the initial stages of flower formation, and during the flowering period and during the formation and ripening of fruits, tomatoes need heat.

Free movement of dry heat around developing tomatoes is the main condition for disease prevention. To ensure the movement of air in the greenhouse, it is necessary to ventilate it on hot days.


Tomato Altai pink photo reviews

According to reviews, the yield of the "Altai pink" tomato, the photo of which shows large, fleshy fruits, can be increased if the flowers are pollinated manually. In general, these plants are self-pollinated crops. However, to ensure that the plant will form a large numbertomatoes, during flowering, it is recommended to shake each plant once every two days, holding it by the stem.

Growing tomatoes outdoors can attract pollinating insects. For this, bright annual flowers are planted in the aisle. The best are marigolds, Monarda. They attract butterflies and bees. According to many gardeners, growing vegetables and flowers together improves the taste of tomatoes.

Harvest should be when it is fully ripe. It is possible to collect tomatoes at the stage of browning, but in this case they should be allowed to ripen by placing them in boxes along with apples or bananas, ripe tomatoes.

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