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Tomato "giant": photo with description, characteristics of the variety

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Tomato "giant": photo with description, characteristics of the variety
Tomato "giant": photo with description, characteristics of the variety

"Giant" - a tomato, characterized by a truly huge size and excellent taste. The variety proves that the large size of the fruit and the sweet taste are compatible. Tomatoes "giant" - one of the best achievements of breeders. Culture has many advantages and almost no disadvantages. The giant series is represented by several varieties of tomatoes.

Crimson Giant

Tomato "giant raspberry" is a determinant early ripe variety obtained by domestic breeders and entered into the State Register in 2007.

The variety is ideal for growing in any regions of the Russian Federation in greenhouses, tunnels, under temporary shelters. In the southern regions, the "giant raspberry" tomato is grown in open ground.

This type of large tomato has the following characteristics:

  • fruit ripening occurs 100 days after germination;
  • from a square meter it is possible to collect an average of 10 kilograms of fruit;
  • susceptibility to disease is medium.

Flawvarieties - low keeping quality and poor transportability.

Shrubs varieties in different growing conditions manifest themselves differently. In the open field, plants reach 70 cm, and in greenhouses they grow up to 1.5 m. The leaves of the tomato are large, dark green, with a slight wrinkle.

Inflorescences of an intermediate type, laid every two leaves, the first - above the 6th leaf. On each brush 4 fruits are formed. One of them is very large. Tomatoes hold firmly on the stalk and do not fall off.

Tomato "giant raspberry" has an irregular flat-round shape with a diameter of 10 cm. Weight can reach a kilogram.

crimson giant

Giant Red

According to the description, the giant red tomato, bred by domestic amateur breeders, is used for growing under shelters, in greenhouses and in open ground. Mid-early variety, indeterminate, standard type.

The variety has the following characteristics:

  • yield - up to 12 kilograms per sq. m;
  • ripening - 110 days;
  • resistance to common nightshade diseases.

According to reviews, the "giant red" tomato is picky about the composition of the soil. Gardeners distinguish poor keeping quality, the need for pinching and forming a bush. The plant is tall, reaches 180 cm, which is why it must be tied up. Supports are installed under the fruit brushes.

The variety lays fruit clusters every three leaves, and the first - above the tenth leaf. Each brush contains 5-6 fruits. The variety gives even tomatoes by weight450-900 grams. The pulp is juicy, with excellent taste. "Giant Red" is ideal for making juices, sauces, ketchups, as well as for fresh consumption.

giant red

Giant Novikov

As can be seen from the photo and reviews, the Novikov giant tomato belongs to indeterminate standard-type plants with a medium early ripening period. It is characterized by high yields - up to 20 kilograms per square meter.

Like other varieties of the series, Novikov's tomatoes have an average keeping quality and are picky about the composition of the soil.

To get large fruits, plants form into one stem. The author of the variety collects 30 kilograms of fruit from each bush.

Tomato "Novikov's giant" has a flat-round shape with pronounced ribbing. The weight of one fruit is from 500 grams, and subject to the rules of agricultural technology, this figure increases to a kilogram.

The flesh of the variety is juicy, ideal for making juices, sauces, and also for fresh consumption.

Giant Novikov

Giant of Leningradsky

According to the characteristics, the giant Leningradsky tomato is an early ripe variety intended for growing in film greenhouses. The plant is determinate, with large leaves. The bush is low - 80 cm.

This variety is characterized by:

  • yield up to 12 kg per square meter;
  • medium disease resistance;
  • thermal love.

The first inflorescence is laid after the seventh leaf, the next - every1-2 sheets. The fruits are flat-round, the ribbing is weak. Pink fruits.

The pulp of the tomato is juicy, rich in taste. The variety is recommended for fresh consumption and for processing.

Giant Leningrad

Giant Yellow

Photos of the "giant yellow" tomato show what huge yellow fruits can be grown. This variety, bred by domestic breeders, is indeterminate, capable of growing both in open ground and in greenhouses.

"Giant yellow" ripens for 120 days. With good agricultural technology, up to 15 kg of tomatoes can be obtained from one square meter. After harvesting, it must be immediately used for food or processed, as the fruits do not lie well.

The weight of tomatoes is 400 grams, but when kept in one stem they can reach 800 grams.

The pulp of the tomato is juicy, sweetish in taste, with a high content of niacin. This species is useful for people suffering from liver pathologies.

giant yellow

Giant Ural variety

The variety is represented by four varieties with different fruit colors. Tomato "giant Ural" is characterized by excellent adaptation to any growing conditions. It can be grown in any climatic zones of the country - from south to north. This distribution is related to the characteristics of the variety:

  • plant perfectly adapts to any weather conditions;
  • yield - over 15 kilograms per square meter;
  • early ripening.

The bushes are tall, reaching 1.8 meters. They needtie up, form, stepson.

The fruits are rounded with slight ribbing. The weight of tomatoes reaches 800 grams, individual specimens can weigh up to 1.5 kg. The pulp of the tomato is juicy, sweetish, granular-sugar.

Each subspecies has certain properties. Red tomatoes are high in lycopene. The pink variety has a pronounced sweetness. Orange and yellow are rich in carotene and have a savory taste.

Variety "Angela Giant"

Another achievement of domestic breeders is the Angela Giant variety, which was appreciated by amateur breeders. The plant variety is indeterminate, mid-season. Designed for growing in greenhouses, under film shelters.

"Angela Giant" ripens for 120 days. From one square meter you can collect up to ten kilograms of fruit. The variety is unpretentious, has a high resistance to diseases.

Unlike other giants, this species is characterized by excellent fruit keeping quality. It keeps well for about two weeks without loss of appearance and taste.

The plant is tall, reaching two meters in height. It needs to be formed, stepchildren. The stem needs a garter, and supports are placed under the branches. To get large fruits, it is recommended to keep the bush in one stem.

"Angela Giant" is characterized by flat-round fruits with a bright red color. The weight of tomatoes is 400 grams, but with proper care can reach a kilogram. Some gardeners say they grew fruits weighing two kilograms.

Angela giant

The pulp of the variety is fleshy, juicy. The fruits are used for making sauces, tomatoes, salads, as well as for fresh consumption.

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