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Tomato Superbomba: photo with description, variety characteristics, yield, reviews
Tomato Superbomba: photo with description, variety characteristics, yield, reviews

Tomatoes bred by breeders for different regions of the country are resistant to climatic conditions and care requirements. For growing in regions with a particularly unstable climate, the Superbomba tomato is perfect. Characteristics, reviews, productivity, photos of this masterpiece of masters of the Siberian selection are waiting for you in this material.

Characteristic variety

This variety was bred in a difficult Siberian climate. This means that it is perfectly adapted to open ground conditions, even in these conditions the variety shows consistently high yields. In the most favorable years, the yield per plant was about 7 kilograms! Superbomba tomato bushes are determinate, they are quite compact: their height usually ranges from 80 to 150 centimeters. It depends on where the plant is grown - in the greenhouse the plant is taller. Tomato inflorescences are simple, with five to six fruits.

tomato superbomb characteristic

Tomato Superbomb: characteristicfruits

From each tomato bush of this variety you can collect delicious fruits - large and very beautiful, with a pleasant aroma and taste. The surface of the tomatoes is glossy, at the stage of technical maturity they acquire a rich red color. The shape is flat and round. The pulp of the fruit is dense, fleshy. The average weight of one tomato is about 300-600 grams. However, as experienced gardeners say, with timely fertilization and proper care, it was possible to grow Superbomba tomatoes weighing about 800 grams.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Despite the fact that this variety appeared quite recently, farmers have already managed to appreciate its merits. The main advantage of gardeners include large fruits, which are distinguished by excellent taste. The Superbomba tomato (in the photo you can see the location of the fruits on the bush) shows high yields even under adverse climatic conditions, in rainy and cloudy summers. Bushes are resistant to not the best weather conditions, able to adapt to the harsh Siberian climate. A cold snap or rapid changes in weather conditions are not terrible for the Superbomb.

tomato superbomb photo

Speaking of the Superbomba tomato, vegetable growers note that it is one of the most productive among mid-season varieties. In addition, the Superbomb is not afraid of most of the ailments that are characteristic of tomato crops. And the gardeners call the only drawback of the variety its susceptibility to diseases such as late blight and alternariosis. Often the tomato suffers from pests,among which are bears, wireworms, caterpillars and whiteflies. True, this problem is easily solved: in order to destroy the whitefly, the drug "Confidor" is suitable. To combat the bear, you will need a chemical called "Thunder", a solution of vinegar or a tincture of hot pepper. In order to protect vegetables from wireworms, you need to lime the acidic soil, apply a remedy such as Bazudin. If you notice that the stem is being gnawed by caterpillars, use the Strela chemical. To protect plants from diseases, you can spray the bushes with Ordan as a preventive measure.

Features of cultivation

Breeders note: the Superbomba tomato is recommended for growing both in greenhouse conditions and in an open garden. Of course, like seeds of any other variety, Superbomb seeds will require pre-treatment. Before sowing, it is necessary to disinfect the planting material: for this, you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate, boric acid or soda. It is necessary to hold them in such a solution for a day, then they should be slightly dried. The soil also needs to be disinfected: you can ignite it in the oven at a temperature not exceeding 100 degrees, or you can spill it with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate.

tomato superbomba reviews photo yield

60 days before you plant seedlings in a permanent place, you should sow seeds for seedlings. By the time of planting in the ground, seedlings should be strong bushes with ten true leaves, two brushes of flowers, the height of the plant should be at least35 centimeters. As soon as the first true leaf appears on the plants, the tomatoes can be dived. To avoid this procedure, you can immediately sow the seeds in individual cups. In the event that you use peat, you can plant a Superbomba tomato in a greenhouse or soil directly in them.

Transplantation to a permanent place

The optimal time for planting seedlings in a permanent place is from early to mid-May in a greenhouse, from late May to early June - in open ground. Neutral soil mixtures are best suited for tomatoes of this variety, it is desirable that they be well-drained. Before planting, a small amount of organic fertilizer must be applied to each prepared hole. Then the soil must be watered and only after that the tomatoes are planted.

tomato superbomba reviews photo yield characteristics

Plant care

Gardeners note that Superbomb does not need excessive care. It is responsive to moisture, the introduction of complex mineral and organic fertilizers. Superbomb is sensitive to lack of boron and potassium in the soil. Plants need to be watered abundantly, but not often. Please note: water should be poured exclusively under the root, trying not to get on the ovaries or leaves. This is fraught with the appearance of fungal diseases. Make sure that the air in the greenhouse is not too humid, ventilate it in a timely manner. Particularly abundant watering should be during the period of fruit formation. Summer residents say: the best method of soil moisture is a drip irrigation system that allowsshrubs develop deep strong roots.

Immediately after planting, as well as after each watering, the soil under the tomato bushes must be mulched. The plant will also need pinching, tying to a support. Best of all, say experienced gardeners, to form a bush in three stems.

tomato superbomb reviews

Conditions necessary for harvesting the largest possible harvest

In order to ensure the maximum fruiting of this variety of tomato, to improve the quality and taste of the fruit, a growth stimulator is required. Of course, when choosing a tool, you need to pay attention to its basic characteristics. The first is the composition of the drug. The growth stimulant must not include any hazardous chemical components. The product must be environmentally friendly and completely harmless, otherwise you risk getting fruits that are not suitable for human consumption. The second factor to consider when choosing a plant growth stimulant is that it should not have any side effects. The third thing a novice gardener should know is that when using several fertilizers or plant protection products, you need to make sure that they are compatible with each other.

To increase the yield of Superbomba tomatoes (pictured), according to gardeners, it is best to use universal stimulants: Zircon, Ecogel, Ribav-extra. Please note: you should not change the intervals for applying drugs and the amount: the manufacturer always indicates any features of the application on the package.

tomatosort superbomb


Since Superbomba belongs to the category of mid-ripening varieties, the ripening period of tomatoes is about 105-110 days. Please note: the manufacturer recommends removing tomatoes from the bushes before the temperature drops below +8 °C at night. The thing is that at low temperatures, the likelihood of diseases of vegetables increases. Cleaning should be carried out selectively: first of all, unsightly specimens should be removed. It is best to collect not red, but brown fruits, which you just need to put on ripening. 20 days before the final harvest, all buds and flowering shoots from the bushes should be removed. This will allow the bulk of the tomatoes to ripen faster.

Using fruits

tomato superbomb yield

In reviews of the Superbomb tomato, gardeners say: tomatoes of this variety have a universal purpose. The fruits are good both fresh and processed. From them you can cook salads, tomato paste, mashed potatoes, winter preservation. Gardeners from regions with a capricious climate note that the variety is quite hardy, even under adverse weather conditions, it allows you to get an excellent harvest of tasty and fragrant fruits.

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