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How to pay a loan through the Post Bank application: step by step instructions, methods and reviews

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How to pay a loan through the Post Bank application: step by step instructions, methods and reviews
How to pay a loan through the Post Bank application: step by step instructions, methods and reviews

In the article, we will consider how to pay a loan through the Post Bank application. This is pretty easy to do.

For all smartphone owners there is a special modern application from Post Bank. It can be downloaded for Android or iOS systems. All options of the official banking site can be used directly from the phone and quickly pay off loans while traveling by subway or bus. As part of working with this application, you need to go through a very simple authorization, then you can make the necessary payment as a template and use it during each next replenishment.

How to pay off a loan at Post Bank, we will tell below.

post bank pay a loan online with a Sberbank card

Possibilities of this service from the bank

This service allows you to use almost all the services that are provided to customers in the branches of this bank, while leaving the house is not required. Internet-The application is available around the clock, seven days a week and no breaks. Customers have the following options:

  • Make transfers and payments to various service providers.
  • Pay utility bills, taxes, duties and fines.
  • Repayment of loans in other banks.
  • Mobile phone and internet recharge.
  • Shopping online.
  • Performing transfers to other cards or bank details.
  • Leaving an application for a loan in the bank in question.
  • Calculation of the profitability of deposits and, if desired, sending a request to open them.
  • Selecting and submitting an application for a debit plastic card.

Payment via personal account

To pay online, you must go to the bank's website to register. In your personal account, select a card account and click "Top up". Next, they enter the amount with the data of the plastic card, from which replenishment will occur.

how to pay off a bank loan

How to pay a loan through the Post Bank application?

To pay using your phone, you need to download the appropriate application on the Google Play site or the App Store, depending on the smartphone model. They are registered in the application if the client has not done this before. So, how to pay a loan through the Post Bank application:

  • Choose the card that was issued when applying for a loan.
  • Click the option "Top up credit".
  • Fill in the data on the plastic card number, enterthe date printed on it with the CVV code displayed on the back and the top-up amount.

At the end, a notification of the fact of the transfer is provided.

In the application, you can view the status of all accounts along with the history of transactions, financial transfers and much more.

bank mail loan

Autopay to repay a loan

Do you want to pay off your loan quickly and without any hassle? A service called "Autopayment" is available, thanks to which the required amount will be automatically debited monthly.

The procedure for connecting the service consists of the following actions:

  1. Need to visit a bank branch.
  2. Show the employee the card with which automatic payments will be made.
  3. An employee of a financial institution will check the card for the possibility of connecting the service.
  4. Then it remains to sign an application for connecting "Autopayment" to automatically repay the loan from the card.
review of ways to repay a loan post bank

"Sberbank-Online" - payment of credit debt from the card

Many people are interested in how to pay a loan from Post Bank online.

For all holders of payment plastic cards from Sberbank, there is no need to constantly try to find where to pay for a loan. After all, this financial institution cooperates with most institutions, including Post Bank. To pay the "Post Bank" loan online from a Sberbank card, it will be enough to complete the followingactions:

  1. Go through authorization in your personal account of Sberbank, and then from the proposed menu go to the section called "Payments and transfers".
  2. Go to the "Credit repayment of other banks" tab and select the "BIC transfers" option.
  3. Clicking on the desired financial institution, enter the information requested by the system and select the amount of replenishment.
  4. After confirming the entered information, a transaction confirmation code is sent to the mobile phone.
  5. After making the payment, you can print the payment receipt.
how to pay post bank loan online

Alternative payment methods

We continue to review ways to repay a loan at Post Bank.

You can also pay off credit debt through the services of partners of this bank, however, you will have to pay them a certain commission. At the same time, the personal presence of borrowers is not necessary at all. A complete list of partners can always be found on the website, the most common and popular of them:

  • A well-known payment system called QIWI. The commission in this case will be 1.6% of the total payment amount. Funds will be credited, most likely, instantly.
  • Euroset network. Her commission will be fifty rubles for payments up to five thousand or one percent over the specified amount. To make a deposit, you need to approach the store manager, and then give your passport details with the contract number, as well as your mobile phone. As part of the re-payment in Euroset, all data no longer needs to be reported, identificationwill be done by phone number. Where else can I pay for a loan at Post Bank?
  • Zolotaya Korona also provides money transfers. The procedure is absolutely identical and similar to how it happens in Euroset.
  • Western Union also provides similar services to customers.

In all situations, it is mandatory to have a passport with an account number, and preferably an existing agreement with the bank.


Customers of Post Bank, judging by the reviews, are quite satisfied with the services provided by this financial institution. People write that they do not regret choosing this institution. In particular, they like the electronic application that helps them make transfers and payments to various service providers, pay utility bills, taxes, duties and fines, and also repay loans in other banks. In particular, the convenience of the interface and the speed of money transactions are noted.

where to pay a bank loan


Thus, the faster the banking industry develops, the more it can offer people. So, the young Post Bank is trying to expand its capabilities to achieve comfortable customer service. An important branch of such organizations is lending. Thanks to favorable conditions, the number of clients of this organization is rapidly increasing. In order for them to be able to make regular monthly payments on time and not sacrifice precious time, the institution took care of a lotlist of options for replenishing credit accounts.

We looked at how to pay a loan through the Post Bank application, the client's personal account, using a Sberbank card.

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