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How can an individual make money on Gazprom shares? Dividend payments on Gazprom shares

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How can an individual make money on Gazprom shares? Dividend payments on Gazprom shares
How can an individual make money on Gazprom shares? Dividend payments on Gazprom shares

A lot of people have heard about the potential to make money on stocks. However, not everyone knows how to do this and what is needed for this. In short, there are two opportunities for profit in this way, namely: dividends and growth in market value. Gazprom is known as the largest energy company listed on the Russian market. For this reason, it attracts potential investors. Let's find out more about how to make money on Gazprom shares.

how much can you earn on gasprom shares


Many people are interested in the possibility of generating passive income. However, ordinary bank deposits promise low returns. Despite the fact that there are high-yield offers on the market, as a rule, they hide financial pyramids and otherfraudulent schemes.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer how much you can earn on Gazprom shares. However, this method of generating income brings more profit than low-yield bank deposits, and protects the invested funds much better than pyramid schemes.


Purchasing securities among investors is considered a reliable way to obtain a passive source of income. However, when asking how to make money by buying Gazprom shares, you need to understand that this financial instrument carries certain risks. The biggest trouble that awaits novice investors is the possibility of a complete loss of their own savings.

By purchasing shares of an enterprise, you become its shareholder. This means that you get the right to claim part of his income or property, including the event of liquidation.

how to make money on Gazprom shares for an individual

Types of income

Inexperienced investors know nothing about the stock market. Therefore, they ask the question of how to make money on Gazprom shares. However, before answering it, you need to know about the types of income that securities can bring to their owners.

There are two ways to earn income.

  • Receive dividends.
  • Profit from the resale of shares.

You need to understand that the total profit is the sum of the market value and dividends.

Let's discuss each of these ways in more detail.

Gazprom shares price


ThisAn option for those who expect to receive passive income. It is enough to purchase a certain number of securities once, and then receive regular and stable dividend payments on Gazprom shares.

This term hides the receipt of annual income. Shares can be ordinary or preferred, and receiving dividends has certain characteristics.

Preferred stock holders do not have the right to participate in the management of the company, but at the same time they receive regular fixed payments, which cannot be said about the holders of ordinary securities. In their case, regular dividend payments cannot be counted on. This feature is important to consider for those who expect to receive a stable profit.

The amount of dividends paid to shareholders is approved annually at the constituent assembly.

dividend payments on Gazprom shares

Features of dividend payments

It is worth noting that not always the shareholders make a profit. Any joint-stock company is managed by a board of directors, which annually analyzes financial activities, and then decides on the distribution of profits. In addition to paying dividends, it can also be used to pay off debts or expand activities.

The board of directors decides on the distribution of profits. If it is used to expand the company, shareholders may not receive their dividends. Payments can even be transferred to the next period.

If the board of directors has adoptedthe decision to pay dividends, this happens as follows. First, the total number of shares is calculated, by which the total amount of dividend payments is subsequently divided. Further, payments are distributed among shareholders depending on the number of securities they own.

Is it possible to make money on Gazprom shares

Resale profit

This option of how to make money on Gazprom shares suits more risky investors. It is worth noting that securities owned by oil and gas companies have a special value in the market.

In this case, a potential investor should be interested not in the amount of dividends paid by the company, but in their value on the market and the possibility of further resale at a higher cost. Gazprom shares usually find their buyers, so investors do not have to worry about their liquidity.

However, before making a deal, many parameters are evaluated that allow you to make a decision. After all, the profit of the investor will completely depend on the value of the transaction.

how to make money buying stocks

How to get Gazprom shares?

If you have made a positive decision to make a deal, this issue becomes especially relevant.

The easiest option would be to visit a bank office where you can purchase the securities you are interested in. To complete the transaction, you will certainly need a passport, as well as cash.

However, there are alternatives.

For example,you can contact a specialized exchange and find a broker who will represent your interests. This item can also be called mandatory, since individuals are not allowed to make transactions on the exchange. It is important to clarify that the broker representing your interests will have to pay a certain percentage of each transaction. Also, a potential investor should be aware that not all specialists can be trusted, so you will have to spend some time looking for a reliable broker.

how to get shares

Quick Guide

If you don't want to spend a lot of time learning how to make money on Gazprom shares, check out at least a brief guide.

  • First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the theory and understand how investors make a profit. The further choice between ordinary and preferred shares will depend on this.
  • Find a broker. In accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation, individuals do not have the right to make transactions with securities on the stock exchange. That is why you first need to contact a specialized company and conclude a contract for brokerage services. This is important to know for everyone who is interested in how to make money on Gazprom shares for an individual.
  • After you have found a broker and entered into an appropriate service agreement with him, he opens a special trading account for you, through which transactions with securities will be carried out. A potential investor must deposit money into the account, after which it will become available for himthe possibility of transactions for the sale or purchase of securities.

Don't forget about the broker's commission when making transactions using a trading account. It is calculated as a certain percentage of the turnover. In addition, you will have to pay personal income tax in favor of the state budget. Its size is thirteen percent.


There are two ways to trade on the stock exchange

The first option assumes that the owner of the trading account instructs the broker to perform certain actions. To avoid future misunderstandings, such telephone conversations are recorded.

The second option involves the personal implementation of transactions using a special program that can be obtained free of charge. Investors often prefer this option, as it allows them to take action online and access up-to-date information, based on which they can make more accurate decisions.

When to buy?

If you plan to make a profit from the resale of shares, the transaction is carried out a few days before the next date of payments to current holders. However, this option does not always work. This is due to the fact that before the previously named date, stock quotes rise sharply, and then just as rapidly fall down. That is why it is better to make a deal in a few weeks, having previously specified the information in the payout calendar, which is public information.

If your goal is to make money by reselling shares, the answer to this question is incredibleimportant. Investment experts will confirm that it is better to make a purchase during a period of falling securities prices, as this promises higher profits later.

Experts say that when using this strategy, it is better to abandon short-term investments in securities. It is advisable to invest your own funds in such assets that will be realized in a few years.

Moreover, it is important to take into account not only the cost of Gazprom shares, but also the subsequent possibility of their quick sale if the rate increases. Such careful planning allows you to get the desired result.


You already know the answer to the question of whether it is possible to make money on Gazprom shares. However, some, especially curious potential investors, are interested in more specific information regarding the amount of income.

Over the past few years, the level of income that the holders of securities could count on was seven to eight rubles per share. With the value of a security set at one hundred and fifty rubles, the yield is four to six percent.

It is important to note that the cost of a Gazprom share in rubles can constantly change. Accordingly, the level of profitability will change.

When buying, it is important to know that it is extremely rare that there is an opportunity to purchase securities by the piece. As a rule, one lot includes from ten shares to ten thousand shares.


There is a basic rule that investors should take into account in their own activities. Primarily,It is important to understand the purpose for which shares are purchased. Also, ideally, you need to formulate the desired result that you plan to get from your own investment activities. Also, experts assure that you need to know how long the ownership of the company's shares will be.

If you believe the experts, you need to buy shares at regular intervals. This allows you to receive a stable income. In addition, it is recommended to buy shares even regardless of their quotes. It is enough to determine the amount of investments and subsequently make adjustments regarding the number of shares purchased.

When prices are low, buy more shares, and when prices are high, do the opposite. In accordance with this rule, it is possible to make the value of your promotional package more stable.

The issue of taxation also remains open to investors. This is due to the fact that investment activity generates profit, which, in accordance with applicable law, is subject to personal income tax at a rate of thirteen percent.

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