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Alpari Broker: reviews, reviews, license and recommendations from experts

Alpari Broker: reviews, reviews, license and recommendations from experts
Alpari Broker: reviews, reviews, license and recommendations from experts

Reviews about the broker "Alpari" are very different. Some clients praise the company, which makes it possible to make real money in this difficult time. Others consider them almost scammers who are only engaged in extorting money from people. In this article, we will present a complete overview of the work of the broker, dwell on the advice and recommendations of experts.

Company History

Alpari Broker Review

In the reviews of the Alpari broker, one can find opinions that the company should be trusted because it has a rich history. At the moment it is one of the leading forex companies in the world. Its clients live in more than 150 countries of the world, and in total there are more than one million people.

The Alpari broker itself assures that it has an impeccable reputation, uses an innovative approach to business development, and is focused on the client. All this allows the company to be among the leaders in its industry. Her storydevelopment is a prime example of how a few people can achieve dizzying success by starting from scratch.

The history of the Alpari broker begins in 1998 in Kazan, when a default occurred in Russia. Then, at one point, the government refused to fulfill its financial obligations, the ruble began to fall rapidly, financial life in the country froze, the securities market almost completely collapsed. It was in December 1998 that the broker Alpari LLC was born, which today is known throughout the world. It was then that it was decided to develop the new Forex market.

Already in January 1999, the first introductory seminar on the Forex market took place. Broker "Alpari" became its main organizer. Invitations were received by employees of investment companies and banks, a large number of private investors. Many of them very soon became the first and reliable customers of the company. An operator service and a back office were created, headed by Olga Rybalkina.

In February, the first group of people wishing to work in the Forex market was assembled. In March, the first successful transaction in the history of the broker Alpari LLC was made. The key event in 2000 is the transition to the Internet platform. It was decided to switch to the trading terminal just developed by Renat Fatkhullin.

From April 2001, the first regional offices of the company begin to open. The first cities were Samara and Ulyanovsk. Then it became clear to many that Alpari was a good broker. In November there wasthe first office of the company was opened in Moscow, it started operating in the area of ​​Chistye Prudy.

In 2002, the company begins to grow rapidly, so the number of employees increases significantly. In 2004, with the direct participation of the company, the KROUFR organization was created, whose activities are aimed at protecting the interests of traders. In the same year, the first office outside the Russian Federation appears - it opens in Kyiv. In June, it was decided to make the training of traders one of the priorities in the company's work. For this, a higher school is being created.

2006 is recognized as the time of world expansion in the work of the Russian broker "Alpari". The company received a cup at the EXPO exhibition, took part in the international exhibition in Shanghai. It was registered in the United States, gaining access to new markets. Soon there was a significant improvement in trading conditions. New types of accounts and currencies for placing deposits appear, spreads are significantly reduced for most currency pairs, and new trading instruments are introduced. It is important that all customer accounts have been insured by Ingosstrakh since 2007.

In the year of its 10th anniversary, the company takes part in the youth all-Russian forum "Seliger", organizing the first exchange show in the history of the country.

In 2012, it became known that in the rating of the Forex market, the Alpari broker took third place in terms of trading volume worldwide. At that time, this figure was about $202 billion per month.

2013 becomes the year of financialrecords. By August, the total annual turnover of the company in Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union exceeds one trillion dollars. By November, it almost reaches the one and a half trillion mark. In addition, the number of opened accounts crosses the one million mark.

Among the latest achievements of the firm is the receipt of a professional license for investment brokerage from the European Union. By the end of 2017, the company's annual turnover grew by almost a third, amounting to $1.3 trillion.


The owner of the company is Andrey Dashin, and its immediate general director is Vladimir Verbitsky. The latter has a decade and a half experience in senior positions in large international companies in the field of finance.

The Managing Director is Pravesh Lolji, who holds a bachelor's degree in investment and banking and a prestigious MBA in international business.

The company has an umbrella brand structure. She has several legal entities at once that have permits from the financial regulator specifically in the region in which she received registration. Alpari-Broker Limited Liability Company operates directly in Russia with a license from the Federal Service for Financial Markets. For example, two legal entities operate on the territory of the CIS countries. These are companies that are registered in offshore companies located in Belize, as well as in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This is where the broker is registeredAlpari.

Settlement system

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In the company, all expenses for the withdrawal and deposit of funds are borne by the client. Only within the framework of special offers and promotions is it possible to deposit and withdraw money without interest.

Funds are deposited into a personal account via bank transfer. You can also pay via Internet Banking or ATM. The services of Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, Russian Standard Bank and Alfa-Click Internet Bank are at your service.

Through a personal account, funds are accepted from cardholders of the Beeline and Corn payment systems. You can replenish your account with plastic cards, using electronic payment systems, as well as in cash through Beeline, MTS, Euroset mobile phone stores, even in the Kari retail network, One Wallet, City, Eleksnet payment terminals ", "Kassa24".

Alpari broker's commission depends on the method you choose to deposit and withdraw money. When depositing funds using a bank transfer, the fee is set by your bank. When replenishing an account with a plastic card, you will have to pay 2.5%, through Internet banks from 1.8 to 2.8%. Commission for electronic transfers from 0.8 to 4%, for replenishment through payment terminals from 1 to 5.95%.

Currently, as part of a perpetual promotion, an interest-free deposit of funds is possible through the payment office of the "Kukuruz" card, MTS communication stores.The commission in these services is compensated by the company itself.

You can withdraw money using bank transfers. The term is two to three business days. The commission on a foreign currency account is 0.1%, but it cannot be less than 13 dollars and 10 euros, but not more than 30 dollars and 22 euros. A similar commission on a ruble account (its minimum amount is 450 rubles, and the maximum is 4,500).

All these operations can be carried out in the personal account of the Alpari broker.

When withdrawing money to plastic cards, you will be charged 2.5% + 35 rubles or 1.2% and two euros. There is no commission for withdrawing money to Neteller and Qiwi Wallet. Money is withdrawn to WebMoney with a commission of 0.8%, to Yandex.Money - 1.5%, to Scrill - 2.5%.

Forex market

Forex trading

When reviewing the Alpari broker, it is necessary to pay attention to the very concept of the Forex interbank market. It operates around the clock. Literally every minute a large number of traders have the opportunity to make a profit due to the exchange rate difference. Trading on the market is also carried out with various securities, various indices and even precious metals. Transactions are made through intermediaries, which are brokers. Trading assets does not require the installation of any special software, transactions are carried out in a specialized terminal. You can download it on the company's website.

As one of the most famous and popular Forex brokers in the territoryRussian Federation, "Alpari" has long gained international popularity. In addition to modern services, customers are provided with round-the-clock access to a variety of services, due to which they have the opportunity to conduct online trading. Moreover, they are constantly learning how to make the right investment decisions and much more. Many modern professional traders and novice investors today have chosen Alpari, considering it to be one of the most reliable brokers with a proven track record. For effective work, the company has all kinds of tools that can be used from anywhere in the world.

The essence of profitable trading is to acquire an asset at the lowest price and then sell it at the highest price. The difference between buying and selling is the final profit. It is worth emphasizing that prices in the Forex market do not change in a chaotic manner. The ongoing trend movements directly depend on a large number of various factors that traders should take into account when making a deal. A comprehensive and correct analysis of the market allows you to make the most accurate forecast of the further development of the price movement, which helps to identify the most favorable moments when it will be most profitable to sell or buy. If independent trading seems too complicated, there is an opportunity to use the PAMM service.

To learn how to trade on the Forex market, Alpari conductsspecialized training for beginners. They can take courses on the basis of the investment academy. The result in this case is the acquisition of basic knowledge about this market, methods of effective analysis that help to avoid typical mistakes that most students make.

Alpari currently provides more than fifty free seminars and courses for clients who already have some experience in trading, and for beginner traders. To make the only right decision while trading on the Forex market is helped by daily analytics, which are carried out by the representatives of the company, those trading ideas that they develop. Additionally, you can choose the right option using a special chat created for traders. Communication takes place in real time. Experienced traders constantly discuss the nuances, strategies, and study archives of quotes from a professional point of view. Beginners will benefit from the information they can find here.

Also, special contests are constantly held for traders. For them, this is a real opportunity to prove themselves, earn the necessary start-up capital, which can then be used in subsequent trading.

To start trading on the Forex currency market, you need to open an account. If you are afraid of losing money at the initial stage, you can initially use a practice account using virtual funds. This will help you try out several trading strategies and learn how to use trading tools.

Next followsdownload a trading terminal that will help you work on the Forex market. This is a special program that you will need for full and uninterrupted work. The broker currently provides terminals for working from various devices. They allow you to track asset quotes in real time, keep abreast of important events and news, and make purchase and sale transactions.

Final stage - replenishment of the account. You can start trading right after that. To do this, you can have absolutely any amount of money on the deposit. There is simply no minimum threshold. Please note that there are special account types that allow clients to trade while minimizing risk.

Bonuses and promotions

Alpari license

To attract new customers, the company constantly comes up with special offers, bonuses and promotions. Here they say that they give their users a special status, striving to provide the best conditions for working in the financial markets in order to be able to constantly occupy a leading position on them. To do this, clients are offered maximum opportunities for investment and profitable trading.

Alpari has a special loy alty program. This is a truly unique service, which currently has no analogues in the field of investment and online trading. Special bonuses are available to all customers without exception, for which you just need to register in your personal account. For investing and making trading operations, you will be creditedpoints that you can spend on commission discounts, swaps or other great benefits.

For special clients there is a VIP-club. This is an opportunity to receive a large number of additional opportunities, for example, the services of an investment consultant, a personal manager, and even free education. Thanks to this status, clients can trade without limiting themselves to the number of orders, use the possibility of advance account replenishment, 100% commission compensation for replenishment. Importantly, increased limits on loy alty offers are available for VIP clients.


New customers are constantly attracted through various contests. For example, King of the Hill. Its goal is to demonstrate the best results in terms of profitability and the number of transactions on Fix-Contracts. The winner must rise to the top, beating competitors in all respects. In this contest, the chances of being among the winners are especially high, since in addition to the main nomination, prizes are also awarded in several additional ones.

The "Virtual Reality" contest allows participants to win a real cash prize without risking their own financial resources at all. Its goal is to demonstrate the maximum profit on a demo account with minimal drawdowns. All you need to win is to show your best trading. The size of the prize pool is quite impressive - $8,760.

Recommendations from experts

good broker

Eat listen to the opinionprofessionals, they emphasize that Alpari today remains one of the largest domestic brokers. This is a company that provides good opportunities and prospects for profitable investment or management. In addition, it offers free trading training services. As a result, some really manage to significantly increase their capital, as well as enjoy all kinds of bonuses and promotions.

"Alpari" is a really reliable company that has been holding the lead among numerous competitors for many years. Here is the most transparent withdrawal of funds.

License Issues

Good broker Alpari

One of the company's advantages has always been the availability of a license from the Alpari broker, issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. However, the firm faced significant challenges in December 2018.

In the last days of the calendar year, it became known that the Alpari broker's license was revoked. At one point, two more large Forex companies, TeleTrade and Forex Club, lost it. In addition, the certificates of their top managers were annulled.

After that, talks immediately began that the time of the Alpari broker had expired. The claims that the Central Bank put forward against the company consisted in violation of the requirements, the requirements for the ratio of the amount of security provided to individuals, to the procedure for maintaining an internal account. Also, the revocation of the license from the Alpari broker was associated with the provisionfalse information on financial statements and violations committed in the organization of the risk management system.

It is worth noting that these forex companies received a large number of complaints. This has been repeatedly stated by representatives of the Central Bank, in particular the Head of the Department of the Commodity Market and the Securities Market of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Olga Shishlyannikova. It turned out that the majority of Forex dealers who worked legally had an average life of one account that did not exceed six months, and the losses incurred by clients were four times higher than their profits.

In the autumn of 2018, about one billion funds invested by individuals were on the accounts of dealers. It turned out that Russians often invest in the Forex market the money they receive from the sale of apartments and even take loans. For the vast majority, everything ends with the complete loss of all savings. The Central Bank emphasized that this market is considered high-risk, but most clients understand this only after they lose all their money.

The situation is also aggravated due to the fact that these companies, and the Alpari broker is no exception, are registered through offshore companies in foreign countries. Clients' money is irretrievably flowing there.

Customer Experiences

Alpari LLC

Reviews about the broker Alpari LLC are very diverse. Clients note that the company provides an opportunity to work for itself in a plus. A good income can be obtained with the help of an affiliate program.A fairly transparent mechanism for withdrawing money: everything happens in a short time, immediately after user verification.

In the feedback about the Alpari broker, clients emphasize that this company has been successfully operating in the market for a long time. This is a testament to her high standards.


At the same time, it is worth recognizing that there are many negative reviews about the broker Alpari LLC. Clients say with sadness that the company has been completely falling apart lately, although the trends for this have been there for a long time. Often there are claims due to disruption of transactions for unexplained reasons, server freezes, which prevents transactions from being carried out, submission of left quotes that simply did not correspond to reality.

Even working with PAMM accounts leads to a large number of negative reviews about the Alpari broker on Forex. Users admit that they simply lost all their money when they were contacted. Therefore, they strongly do not recommend this company. It seems that the office was certainly not created for ordinary people to earn money.

Among the negative reviews about the Alpari broker, one can find allegations that these are ordinary swindlers. All sorts of problems with the withdrawal of money and the operation of the terminal constantly arise, which, as a rule, do not happen with other companies working in the same field.

The indignation is caused by the constant closing of profitable transactions, which occurs with enviable popularity. When contacting the support service for advice, the client receives a response,that the case, apparently, is due to the fact that the passwords from the account were entrusted to unauthorized persons who turned out to be unscrupulous. The company assures that all its activities are carried out in full accordance with the existing regulations, so checking the correctness of execution is not difficult. According to the existing client agreement, it is strictly forbidden to transfer the account password to third parties. If this happens, then the user must be aware of the risk he is taking. In this case, the trade is closed even if it is profitable.

Another point that is often noted in reviews of the Alpari broker is the lack of protection against a negative balance on ECN accounts. In addition, when clients invest in a company account, it is not uncommon for traders to trade so irresponsibly that the user loses all of their savings. As a result, clients come to the conclusion that there are no true professionals among the specialists of this company, and only semi-literate self-taught people who cannot be trusted with anything, especially their savings and managing someone's finances, work. The benefit of users does not bother them at all, besides, they do not care at all about the reputation - neither their own, nor the company. As a result, those clients who have worked with them strongly recommend never to contact Alpari again.

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