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Mass market - what is it? Main brands and interaction rules
Mass market - what is it? Main brands and interaction rules

Many have a negative attitude towards the mass market in advance. But in fact, budget brands can please with a wide selection and stylish design. For some, inexpensive cosmetics are suitable, while luxury products cause allergies. The mass market is also represented by clothing lines and accessories.

What is a mass market and should I get involved with it

In glossy publications, the concept of "mass market" has begun to slip more and more often. What it is? Budget brands are often referred to in negative terms, compared with second-hand, but in reality they are completely different concepts. The mass market is a vast segment of the goods market, which is aimed at meeting the demand of the largest category of the population - the so-called middle class. The concept is more often applied to clothing or cosmetics, but other consumer goods are also commonly used as a mass market.

what is mass market

Main brands: clothes

Stores (mass market) are numerous and build a marketing strategy on the principle of increasing brand awareness. The pricing policy of manufacturers is similar to each other: in the budgetcategory there is no wide range of prices for the same goods. The quality of clothes from different manufacturers in the mass market segment (what kind of brands - below) is also generally the same.

Market leaders represented by clothing lines:

  • widely known Zara and Mango;
  • Esprit (Japanese company, whose products are poorly represented in the domestic market);
  • American Uniglo (the only state-owned company on the list);
  • Hennes & Mauritz (better known as H&M).
  • Calvin Klein underwear.

In addition, many mass-market stores are also represented on the World Wide Web, so you can get acquainted with the full range, order and pay for your favorite item online without leaving your home.

The photo shows models from luxury stores (left) and similar budget solutions (right) for comparison. The difference in the cost of things is hundreds of dollars.

This photo shows $2000 from Dior versus $100 from TopShop.

what is mass market

This photo shows $950 from Valentino versus $90 from Zara. Of course, you can see the difference in quality, but in general the dress looks quite good.

mass market stores

Leading cosmetics manufacturers

Mass market cosmetics are represented by a wide range of manufacturers. Many of them are luxury divisions. Among the representatives of mass market cosmetics, you can list such well-known brands:

  • NYX (coloured makeup);
  • Garnier (skin care andfoundation);
  • Sleek Make UP (soft cosmetics for everyday makeup);
  • Essence (the brand won the love of girls with cute design and rich shades);
  • L’Oréal (decent quality cosmetics, you can find both decorative, and mass-market cream, and facial skin care products);
  • Max Factor (somewhat reminiscent of the previous brand, but has its own twist);
  • NoUBA (an uncommon brand whose cosmetics are a must-buy, if only because of the stylish design, large selection of shades and good quality).

How good are these cosmetics

Mass-market products (what kind of cosmetics brands are mentioned above) are unlikely to help solve serious cosmetic problems: acne, acne, pimples, increased oiliness or excessive dryness of the skin, sensitivity. Also, such creams cannot slow down the aging process. Such cosmetics are intended, as a rule, for he althy skin and the middle age category (from 20 to 35 years). Even if the manufacturer assures about the “unique properties” of the cosmetic line and the “natural ingredients” that were used in the manufacture, one should not readily believe such promises.

It is important to clearly understand that the low price of creams, balms and decorative cosmetics from the mass market is not due to the generosity of the manufacturer, but to the low cost of production. And this means that the components in the composition of the product are far from natural. In addition, each manufacturer seeks to systematically increase sales volumes, which is directly facilitated byactive advertising campaign.

What makes mass market better than luxury cosmetics

Mass market is a big competition and struggle for literally every buyer from the largest category of consumers of goods and services. That is why even relatively cheap cosmetics have their advantages and often compare well even with luxury brands.

The cosmetic mass market is distinguished by a wide choice of shades, stylish packaging and ease of use. What kind of quality cosmetics is this? Most of the products fit perfectly on the skin and last for a long time, but lovers of luxury cosmetics do not miss the opportunity to point out the shortcomings of cheap brands. At the same time, blind testing of lipsticks, for example, showed unexpected results: absolutely all girls called luxury lipsticks from budget brands.

This photo shows products from luxury brands.

mass market cosmetics

Dior and Armani look a little dry and cover the surface of the lips unevenly. Lipsticks "break" when applied and dry on the lips. Participants of the experiment called lipsticks "state employees".

mass market cream

And here are budget brands. Oddly enough, girls liked these options much more than expensive lipsticks.

mass market means

Oriflame features natural colors, even texture and softness. Lipstick is almost not felt on the lips. The test participants agreed that they had expensive cosmetics fromwell-known manufacturers.

mass market means

Shopping Rules

With all the pluses, the mass market poses a threat to buy really bad cosmetics, but expensive brands also have punctures. It is important to determine for yourself the upper limit of the cost and look for funds specifically in this segment, because it is very easy to be tempted by expensive (and therefore high-quality, as common sense suggests) cosmetics. It is advisable to study the reviews of a particular product before buying and, if possible, use a probe.

Don't rush to apply makeup on your face. No matter how beautiful the new lipstick is and no matter how perfect the foundation is, you should test the skin for an allergic reaction. To do this, a small amount of the product is applied to the cheek or near the ear.

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