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Japanese Brands: Products, Brand Names, Top Best Brands and Famous Japanese Quality

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Japanese Brands: Products, Brand Names, Top Best Brands and Famous Japanese Quality
Japanese Brands: Products, Brand Names, Top Best Brands and Famous Japanese Quality

Japan is one of the world leaders in the production of various types of products. You might get the impression that the Japanese make everything from personal hygiene items to large-sized equipment. In today's competitive environment, it is surprising enough that Japanese products are in great demand around the world. This is due to the fact that Japanese manufacturers are very professional in their tasks.

History of the Japanese economy

Manufacturers from Japan began to actively capture the world market after the end of World War II. While the entire Western world was busy eliminating the consequences of the war and distributing zones of influence, Japan, having secured financial support from outside, began to actively develop the domestic economy. It is worth noting that she did it perfectly. As a result of this development, well-known brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, Casio, Kenzo and others have entered the world stage.

Japanese quality

Despite the fact that Japanese corporations (as mentioned earlier) produce a variety of types of goods, there is one aspect that unites them all. Whether the Japanese make mobile phones or lipstick, the ultimate goal is to create a quality product. Quality is the main reason for the incredible success of products made in Japan.

The market is designed in such a way that the consumer is ready to pay more for a product if he is confident in its quality. This is exactly what happened with Japanese products. When people realized that goods from Japan can serve for quite a long time, the high price of products ceased to scare off potential consumers. Thus, you can safely put an equal sign between Japanese goods and high quality.


Japanese clothing brands are very popular with fashionistas from around the world. The thing is that the special life philosophy of the Japanese is expressed in their fashion trends. In general, Japanese clothing is distinguished by straight lines, clear silhouettes, the predominance of conservative colors and the absence of any vulgar elements.

For the first time on the world stage, the existence of Japanese fashion was announced by designers Miyake and Kenzo. A distinctive feature of their collections was that they actively used paper, iron and rubber in tailoring. Ray Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto became followers of the above-mentioned designers in the early 90s of the last century. These designers immediately managed to captivate the Parisian audience with their collections of women's and men's clothing.

Japanese clothing brands

At present, the list of world-famous Japanese designers and fashion designers is not limited to four names, and the number of popular Japanese clothing brands can impress even the most sophisticated fashionistas. The most popular Japanese clothing manufacturers are:

  • Remi Relief.
  • KiNoe.
  • Uniqlo.
  • Toga.

Anrealage is another brand that deserves the attention of the public. It was created by young designer Kunihiko Morinaga. His collection is considered bold enough for his country, as it is based on abstract prints and bright colors. However, it is in high demand in the global fashion market.


As you know, girls and women in Japan pay quite a lot of attention to their appearance, and when it comes to hair and skin care, here Japanese women become as scrupulous and attentive as possible. To meet their requirements, Japanese cosmetics manufacturers are trying to combine modern scientific achievements with centuries-old traditions in their products. They actively use herbal extracts, the strength of which has been tested for centuries.

Shiseido products

Therefore, it is not surprising that Japanese cosmetics brands are in demand among the modern consumer. Women in many countries are willing to pay big money to be beautiful and he althy. Japanese cosmetics allow them to achieve these goals. Top 5 Japanese cosmetics brands will look likeas follows:

  1. Shiseido.
  2. Kanebo.
  3. Naris Cosmetics.
  4. MoltoBene.
  5. Pola.

As for Shiseido, this brand is considered the most popular in Japan and in the world. A distinctive feature of this brand is that the product formula and production technologies are kept in the strictest confidence. Brand manufacturers are trying to pursue a broad pricing policy, as a result of which you can find both luxury creams and more affordable products for the general consumer. It is important to note that Japanese cosmetics manufacturers try not to use chemicals or any of their compounds in their products.


Japanese philosophy is reflected in the perfume industry. Since the Japanese are very attentive to a person's personal space, you will never find aggressive Japanese perfumes. As a rule, any Japanese perfume is characterized by a light structure and unobtrusive aroma.

When it comes to perfumery in Japan, one cannot fail to mention the famous art of Kodo, which is to combine different fragrances into one whole. These traditions have been preserved in modern perfumery, where one of the main elements is the aroma of incense.

Perfume Issey Miyake

Nowadays, the most famous Japanese perfume brands are:

  • Ella Mikao.
  • Issey Miyake.
  • Kusado.
  • Kenji Tanake.


Watches are almosta must-have accessory for every successful person in today's world. In this regard, buyers pay special attention to the appearance, quality and durability of this product. All these characteristics combine the watches of Japanese brands. Note that the Made in Japan engraving is the same quality guarantee for watch connoisseurs as the famous Swiss Made from Swiss manufacturers. Many high-ranking Russian executives wear Japanese-made watches.

The fact that the best Japanese watch brands entered the world market in the middle of the last century and are not losing their positions also testifies to the high quality of manufactured products and the reliability of watches. The most famous Japanese watch brands are:

  1. Seiko.
  2. Citizen.
  3. Casio.
  4. Orient.

Separately, it is worth stopping at Casio. Her fate is the true story of the Japanese pursuit of success. The company was originally engaged in the production of calculators. After the retraining, Casio became a manufacturer of high-quality and at the same time budget wristwatches with a worldwide reputation. Now wearing watches of this brand is considered an indicator of success and high status.

top japanese brands

Household appliances and electronics

Household appliances have long become an integral part of the life of a modern person. We can no longer do without televisions, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, microwaves and other household appliances. As a result, their producers receive huge sales revenues. Many Japanese companiessucceeded in entering the global market, which solidified their success.

Manufacturers of top Japanese appliance brands immediately recognized the importance of making quality products and bringing them to foreign markets. Each company had a different history, but now almost every one of them is a huge corporation that makes a huge contribution to the development of the Japanese economy. As a result, in almost every country in the world you can find a refrigerator, TV or digital camera made in Japan.

List of popular Japanese electronics brands include:

  • Sony.
  • JVC.
  • Toshiba.
  • Canon.
  • Sega.
  • Nintendo.
Prefix Sega

The last two brands are very popular among those who grew up at the end of the 20th century, since it was these brands of the first game consoles that entered the domestic market. The rest of the firms are engaged in the production of electronics and household appliances, which are especially popular with consumers around the world.


Cars are no different from other Japanese products in terms of quality and reliability. That is why a large number of motorists from different countries prefer Japanese car brands. In addition to high quality, vehicles from this country are distinguished by their chic design, comfortable interior and reasonable price. As a result, Japanese cars are a serious competitor to European and American.

Toyota car

The most famous Japanese car manufacturers are:

  • Toyota.
  • Lexus.
  • Suzuki.
  • Mazda.
  • Honda.
  • Nissan.
  • Mitsubichi

Each of these brands has certain advantages that distinguish it from the rest and attract potential buyers. Toyota, for example, is renowned for its technology-innovative approach that was science fiction just a few years ago. The Toyota company is betting on a massive marketing campaign for each model, with noticeable results. As a division of Toyota, Lexus is engaged in the production of luxury cars that are distinguished by their excellent appearance and rather high cost. Other Japanese brands are also very popular with their target audience.


Based on the above, it could be seen that some brands from Japan are more popular than others. However, here it is impossible to compile a universal rating that would answer with maximum accuracy which Japanese brand is the most popular. Everything is very relative here.

However, a similar rating can be compiled for each individual industrial sector. Thus, the most popular Japanese brand in the field of cosmetics is Shiseido, in the field of clothing - Uniqlo, perfumery - Issey Miyake, watches - Seiko, cars - Toyota. As for household appliances, the Toshiba brand occupiesleading position, since the profit of this company alone is about 10% of the country's total GDP.

Japanese brands in Russia

As has been repeatedly mentioned earlier, Japanese products are incredibly popular on the Russian market. Various Japanese-made goods are in incredible demand among different groups of the population. To fully understand the full extent of popularity, it is recommended to take a look at the sales ratings of Japanese cars in the Russian market.

Japanese goods in Russia

Specialists have found that the most popular cars of the beginning of 2018 were vehicles of such brands as Toyota, Mazda and Nissan. Moreover, independent experts claim that sales growth will increase with each subsequent month.


We are convinced that the Japanese economy is a fairly developed phenomenon in the modern world. Represented by a large number of developed sectors, the Japanese economy has a number of huge corporations for the production of various types of goods, which have their offices in different countries of the world. A distinctive feature of Japanese manufacturers is that in all countries they have earned the same image as distributors of quality and reliability.

As for Japanese brands in Russia, the most popular are manufacturers of cars and household appliances. The sales volumes of these products in the domestic market can impress anyone. And the most surprising thing is that Japanese companies are not going to stop atachieved.

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