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Media buyer - who is it? Features of the profession

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Media buyer - who is it? Features of the profession
Media buyer - who is it? Features of the profession

Successful advertising campaigns must target a specific group of people in order to help a business effectively market its product or service. Companies need someone who does media research, be it print, radio, television or the Internet, and understands how best to reach consumers of that media. So they hire a media buyer to help with the research and business aspects of the ad. These intermediaries help carry out advertising campaigns.

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Media Buyer Profession Description

For the most part, advertising and marketing efforts depend on having the right platforms to reach the right target audience. Print, radio, television, film and the Internet are critical media platforms through which goods and services are advertised and sold. These types of media are the basis in the work of a media buyer, which, translated into Russian, literally sounds likemedia buyer. Such specialists acquire space for advertising in the media. They also monitor the media, evaluate the performance of certain platforms and media channels, and then make important decisions about where an ad campaign will perform best, effectively reach the majority of the target audience, and attract new buyers of the product or service.

Media buyers typically work alongside media planners to implement media-driven advertising strategies for their clients. Media buyers conduct extensive research and determine target demographics for specific campaigns. They then work with media planners to develop media buying strategies that will achieve the desired level of coverage.

To stay up to date, media buyers need to monitor the key performance indicators of advertising campaigns. For example, they may evaluate data related to the distribution of certain media channels. In addition, they can use web analytics tools to monitor online campaigns.

Their job is to build relationships with media sales agencies and potential clients. They analyze the success of certain campaigns and negotiate with advertising space sales agencies to make significant adjustments and changes.

Media buyers also need to be financially savvy as they will be tasked with a budget that should reasonablybe expended. They attend meetings with clients, give presentations and report on the results of the campaigns they have developed.

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Most media buyers work for integrated media agencies. However, some large companies or organizations with their own advertising and marketing departments are also looking to hire them on their team.

For newcomers to the media buying industry starting their first job, salary levels range from 30,000 to 55,000 rubles per month. More experienced representatives of the profession can earn from 100,000 to 200,000 rubles a month.

Working hours

Media buyers tend to work in the office, as much of their responsibilities can be handled through telephone and online communications. However, it may be necessary to visit major clients and media agencies from time to time.

Working hours are pretty standard as well, except during campaign launch periods when it is possible to work late to meet deadlines. In addition, a significant part of a media buyer's job involves reaching out to clients, business partners, and other industry professionals after a typical business day.

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Required qualifications

Degrees, diplomas or other professional qualifications related to media or business disciplines are preferred here, although candidates from other fields may also apply for a media buyer position.

Degree or professional qualifications are not that important. If the applicant has analytical, organizational and communication skills, he can certainly excel in this direction.

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