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Internship at Google for students: instructions, requirements, reviews

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Internship at Google for students: instructions, requirements, reviews
Internship at Google for students: instructions, requirements, reviews

If earlier everyone wanted to become astronauts, now the dream job for many is Google. Every second person dreams of an internship in this large modern company. It turns out that almost anyone can get an internship at a dream company. It just takes a little effort.

About Google

Google student

Google is an Internet technology company that provides products and services such as web search, advertising, mobile operating systems, and more. For many college students, getting an internship at Google is the epitome of student success, making their internships some of the most competitive in the country.

What is an internship for

You will probably think that an internship in a global company is just a kind of excursion, since getting a job there is one chance in a million. This is not true at all.

This practice gives many advantages for the company itself: it allows you to select promising employees for management, to advertise yourself. There are huge benefits even for those candidates whowho were subsequently not approved for the position.

Large companies provide interns with a we alth of information and allow them to take part in cool projects that a future employer will pay attention to. During the internship, the candidate also learns many technologies that may be useful in future work.

Internship in an international company

Google regularly publishes vacancies for those who want to get a job and offers for internships. The latter are usually held in the summer and last for about three months. Their duration cannot be shortened or extended.

An intern works on a project with a team for a minimum of 40 hours per week. But these hours are conditional, since the company does not have to force people to work - they want it themselves. Therefore, a person can come to work at a time that suits him and leave the same way.

Google interns

All the time an intern, that is, an intern, as they call it in Google, works with one team, to which a manager is assigned. Each team works on one big project from the beginning to the end of the internship.

Projects are distributed among interns according to certain criteria:

  1. Not critical. It is not a pity to give such a project to a student who may not be able to cope with it. If the project is not completed or is not done correctly, there is nothing terrible for the company.
  2. Helpful. Interns are given projects that were in the project of the employees, but they never started to implement them. For an intern, this is a great opportunity.establish yourself as a new employee.
  3. Complicated. This type of project allows interns to show their best work.
Google in China

Not everyone can get cool projects. Someone is doing routine work: writing scripts or tests.

During the work, the intern should rely only on himself and his abilities, since no one will control him and explain in detail what needs to be done. Interns are given a general outline of what is expected of them, and then each does the work on their own.

Of course, team members and the manager will answer questions if they are clearly posed, advise something, but no one will explain anything in detail. Managers appreciate it when an intern comes up with a brief progress report and asks a few specific questions.

Disadvantages of an internship

The company sets certain restrictions for interns:

  • Temporary contract. The internship time cannot be reduced or extended by more than a couple of weeks. To extend the contract, you need a serious reason.
  • Can't change project. If something doesn't work out with the original project, that's just the trainee's problem. Refusing a project or moving to another is unacceptable.
  • No access to user databases.
  • No holidays. If a student needs to leave somewhere urgently, this can be done just for a couple of days and at his own expense. Also, sick leave and maternity leave are not paid.

How to get an internship at Google

Google internship

To get an internship, you must apply. To do this, go to the official website of the company and select the desired direction. In the submission form, you need to upload your resume and fill out the proposed questionnaire.

A huge advantage for you will be a personal acquaintance with one of the employees of this company. You can indicate this in the application, and duplicate your resume to this person, then the consideration of your application will be faster.

A maximum of three applications can be submitted each month for various directions.

Who can apply

Students can apply for an internship at Google. For the company, it does not matter what course the candidate is studying in, the programs are designed for students of both initial courses and undergraduates. The main requirement is to study in a speci alty related to programming.

Selection of candidates

google marketing internship

Google carefully sorts out future interns. The selection takes place in three stages.

The first is that the candidate goes through several technical phone interviews. The questions are related to solving typical problems with a programming language.

Next, the team is formed based on the wishes and capabilities of the future intern. After the team is formed, the candidate will have one more interview - with the future manager.

The most important thing for these interviews is to know about Google products. Better prepare before the interviewpractice, come up with a way to tell about yourself in an interesting way, stand out. Consider why hire you?

The final stage of selection is the preparation of an offer: the place of internship, salary, schedule and other details of the contract are determined.

The entire selection process takes two months.

Internship at Google Moscow

Google in Moscow

International company offers work not only abroad. Now it is possible to do an internship in Russia for students at Google. Moscow invites candidates to try new interesting projects.

The application is submitted through the company's website in the "Career" section. Interns can work in various areas of business, sales or marketing. Internships at Google will take place during the winter and summer periods of 2019. Interviews are held from November to April.


Google company

Students who managed to work as Google interns were delighted. The company provides incredible opportunities for growth. Work in the company was not routine, everything was fun, dynamic, at a frantic pace. Judging by the feedback, the interns did not feel like ordinary interns, but real employees of a large corporation.

Former interns speak highly of project managers. A big plus is the availability of the same benefits as full-time employees: free food, massage and gym.

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