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Farewell words to colleagues upon dismissal in prose and verse
Farewell words to colleagues upon dismissal in prose and verse

All people at least once in their lives had to quit their jobs. Leaving your workplace is not always a negative connotation. Often people simply change something in their lives and leave without any conflict, being with colleagues and leaders in very good, good relations.

Of course, no one wants to leave just like that, silently. Usually people want to say something special and memorable. And if the dismissal is accompanied by a party, the need to speak out becomes a necessity.

What to talk about?

What should be the farewell words to colleagues upon dismissal? What to talk about? Such questions concern everyone: leaving and remaining. Indeed, farewell to colleagues is not a celebratory speech, but, on the other hand, it is not a reason to shed tears or otherwise show grief.

The speech should mention the times we spent togetherworking hours, the problems that were solved, or the results achieved. Of course, you need to express your gratitude to your colleagues and emphasize the importance and significance of working with them.

To thank leaders or not is not an easy question. Of course, if the boss is invited to the evening or is present when leaving the workplace, fees, then farewell words to colleagues upon dismissal should also affect him. However, there is no need to talk about “wise leadership” for a particularly long time, as well as to flatter too much. If there is no boss, then you can completely limit yourself to a couple of phrases or not mention the leader separately. This nuance is individual and completely depends on the relations that have developed in the team.

Which genre to choose?

Farewell words to colleagues upon dismissal from work can be pronounced in any of the existing genres. The most important thing in a speech is its intelligibility and evoking a response from the listeners. That is, the genre must be selected in accordance with what is accepted in the team. For example, if we are talking about a female group, then rude black humor and frivolity are not entirely appropriate. Gentle lyrical poetic lines are hardly suitable for men.

Each work team has its own jokes, jokes, set phrases that have developed within the framework of mutual communication. They should act as a guideline in preparing a farewell speech, regardless of the genre chosen for it.

Conflict at work

The most successful sound at parties are toasts, in the form of which farewell words are pronounced to colleagues. When you leave your jobIn words, it is quite possible to express gratitude to the team if the party is not expected. That is, if the employee simply collects his belongings and says goodbye to colleagues directly at the workplace.

What to say in verse to the one who is retiring?

When saying goodbye to colleagues with a poetic speech, it is important not to overdo it with sentimentality and not talk too long. In addition, you need to understand that parting words to colleagues upon dismissal are said only in relation to joint work, mutual personal communication, friendship, a job change does not cross out.

Woman and a box of things

Example of speech in verse:

Work is a second home, And for someone - the main one.

And the team is always a family, Now the team is without me.

I want to say goodbye to you, That we are all friends here.

And let me not enter the building anymore, Count on me.

Thank you for your support

For understanding and tact;

For your restraint and resilience, Sorry if something is wrong.

I want to say a special thank you, And highlight with your line

(name of boss). To you for wisdom, Guidance, I'm grateful dear.

But parting is just an excuse

Open the door for a new life.

Let's celebrate, Laugh and joke.

Of course, the length of a speech is an individual matter. But there is a certain pattern: the fewer colleagues who see off, the longer and longermore can be said.

What to say in verse to someone who leaves the team?

Farewell words to a colleague upon dismissal are also pronounced by those who remain at work. In such a speech, it is important not to get carried away and not make yourself a bore. She, as a rule, turns out to be full of parting words and wishes. You should read the speech aloud in advance to see if it contains a lot of indications of what the resigning person needs to do and what qualities to show in the new job.

Resignation letter

Example of speech in verse:

… (name of the person leaving), today you are leaving us.

Slightly sorry that it is.

But in life you never know

Where will it be better and when.

We wish you success, More money and of course

Less worries.

Settle down in a new place, Get to know everyone quickly.

And be in good standing

At management and colleagues.

And don't forget us (the name of the person leaving), Go for tea more often.

And if anything goes wrong, You will be welcome here.

Farewell words can be pronounced on behalf of the whole team, and on behalf of yourself. This moment completely depends on how many colleagues the resigning employee has, and in what kind of relationship the person has with them.

What to say in prose to the one who is leaving himself?

Farewell words to colleagues at the dismissal of work in prose often seem more appropriate than the recitation of poetry. The main nuances that prose speech should touch on are no differentfrom words expressed in other genres. That is, it would be quite appropriate to express gratitude and appreciation to colleagues, to emphasize that the relationship does not end with the dismissal, and to say a few words about the leadership.

man at the door

An example of "Hollywood-style" prose speech:

Dear colleagues! At parting, something is supposed to be said, and this speech should be special. However, there is much to say, and it will drag on, and we all would not want to listen to me for too long, would we? Therefore, I will be brief. I want to thank you all together and each separately for the support and understanding that invariably reigns in our team. I would like to wish everyone the achievement of their goals and, of course, stability. Leaving here, I do not leave you. This is important, we still remain, if not close friends, then good friends for sure. Separately, I want to express my gratitude to (name of the chief) for the unchanging understanding, loy alty and firmness shown when it was needed. I want to say goodbye to you all, not goodbye.

What to say in prose to someone who leaves the team?

Seeing off is always harder than leaving. Of course, this is also reflected in the farewell words of a colleague upon dismissal. In prose, long and tedious speeches are often said, this, of course, should be avoided. However, too short parting words to those leaving the team are also not entirely appropriate. The speech should be dynamic and positive, expressing approval and support for the person.

Man kicking another


Our dear (name of the person leaving). Of course, it's a pity that you're leaving - it's a loss for all of us. But for you, it's a step forward. And this is important. But, moving forward in the profession and career, never forget where you gained experience, knowledge and, of course, comrades. Remember that you can always rely on us, and if something does not work out, then come back.

What to say at the table at a party?

Farewell words to colleagues when they leave work with humor and jokes are most appropriate at parties arranged for moving to another place.

Toast speech example:

Our dear, golden (name of the retiring)! Everyone remembers the fairy tale about the goose that lays the golden eggs? (Remarks from those sitting at the table, correcting the speaker) What? Was it a chicken? This fundamentally changes the content of my speech. I want to wish you (the name of the person leaving) not to become that chicken that lays golden eggs to others, but she herself receives nothing and does not move anywhere. To your new job (name of quitter)!

talking men

In toasts or speeches just delivered at farewell parties, any humor that is close and understandable to the audience is appropriate. Of course, jokes should not be offensive or ambiguous.

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