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"ZUS Corporation": reviews, features and services

"ZUS Corporation": reviews, features and services
"ZUS Corporation": reviews, features and services

People who first decided to make money on the Internet face various difficulties. Many people think that earning income through the network is a Klondike that gets rid of a lot of problems. However, making money on the Internet is no easier than regular work in a warehouse or office. The absence of regulators allows unreliable developers of various projects to earn big money on the trust of users.

General information

"ZUS Corporation" is a community of people whose activities are aimed at making money on the Internet. This structure cooperates with the international company Oriflame. The abbreviation stands for a corporation of he althy, successful, free people. The creators of the project offer people to earn unlimited funds via the Internet.

Project participants

The bottom line is to find new employees in this system. The work of this project is based on the principle of a financial pyramid. The developers promise to earn money by attracting and registering other users in the system. The task of the user is to find newdistributors of care and cosmetic products.

How to get started?

The user will need to complete the registration procedure in the system and activate their personal account. Then you need to order goods for a certain amount. After that, you will have to look for people who will register in the user's personal branch. After making purchases, the owner's virtual account will receive points that can be exchanged for real money. The system is designed in such a way that the user needs to purchase cosmetic products at least once a year.

Business model

Reviews report that it is impossible to accumulate the required number of points. In order to earn money, you will need to regularly buy Oriflame products. The problem is that the developer of the program claims that users do not need to invest their own money in this project. It is also necessary to make purchases in order for the personal profile to remain active. Otherwise, the profile will be blocked and deleted.

What do they promise?

"ZUS Corporation" operates only on the Internet. Users can independently adjust the schedule, and for work they will need to allocate no more than 3 hours a day. The employer positions itself as an international company that officially operates worldwide.

Cooperation with the company

Advertising lures with loud promises of rapid career growth, the ability to transfer business to relatives andstable income. The developers of the project claim that they provide legal work with the possibility of a job with a work book. Benefits also include own financial management and a secure pension. The creators promise career advancement and huge income.

Basic Requirements

The corporation is constantly recruiting new employees. In the process of work, you can get free training, so applicants do not need certain skills and knowledge. Also, the citizenship of a potential employee does not matter much. According to the developers of the project, only the desire to develop and learn new things is of great importance.

The specifics of the company

According to the creators, contributions and investments are not required to participate in the project. The company bears the cost of service, delivery of products, computerization and much more. The task of the participants is only to organize the workflow and sell cosmetic products.

Financial matter

After the registration procedure, the user is assigned an individual number. It will receive funds within 3 months of work. Then the income will be transferred to the bank account. Some reviews contain information that in six months you can reach the level of earnings from $ 10,000.

Testimonials of participants about "ZUS Corporation"

Some users are convinced that Oriflame offers an excellent option for a solidearning money and building a career. Positive feedback about working at ZUS Corporation notes that the company has all the opportunities for generating income: logistics, goods, training, business plan, accounting.

User opinion

Most people were skeptical about this project, because the principle of operation resembles an ordinary financial pyramid. Other reviews about ZUS Corporation report that only the creators of the project can earn money in this system. Users advise not to spend personal time on this organization, since it is impossible to earn big money in network marketing.

Summing up

With the existence of a legal framework for pyramid schemes on the Internet, there is no control over the activities of such companies. All modern financial pyramids are "veiled" for a specific product. The inflow of funds into the company is carried out at the expense of the contribution of each participant who came. It is in this way that the activities of the "Corporation ZUS" are built. The pyramid is growing exponentially and there will come a time when contributions will not be enough to pay higher people. This system is gradually being destroyed, and the newly arrived participants give away their last money in the hope of earning a profit, which is confirmed by real reviews of the ZUS Corporation.

Online Fraud

Users claim that it makes no sense to invest their own money in this project. Oriflame seeks to expand its customer base, thereforedeveloping new projects. However, the essence of the work does not change at all. If the participant does not have the knowledge and skills, then it is simply impossible to make money on the Internet. Do not trust dubious companies that promise big profits with the business system they have developed.

"Corporation ZUS" gets negative reviews because the project is categorized as fraudulent. The same people are sitting on the other side of the screen, so no one will pay money just like that. It is important to remember that the company is engaged in illegal activities, which is confirmed by numerous reviews about ZUS Corporation. Such organizations cannot be officially registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. The organizers play on human greed and fear of losing the opportunity to get big money.

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