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What does a registered letter mean: definition, sending order, what is special

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What does a registered letter mean: definition, sending order, what is special
What does a registered letter mean: definition, sending order, what is special

It is very risky to send important documents by regular mail as they can get lost on the way. In order to increase security, experts recommend using registered mail. They not only increase the reliability of the transfer, but also allow you to track the status and location at the current time online through a single database. But what does a registered letter mean and how does it happen? Let's look into these issues in more detail.

General information

how to get a registered letter

So what does registered mail mean? This is correspondence of increased importance, which is issued personally to the recipient against signature. As an additional service, the Russian Post provides the opportunity to receive a notification of delivery. This document is official proof that the sent letter has reached the addressee. This is especially true in case of any conflict situations with physical or legalpersons, as well as in litigation, since the other side will not be able to "get out" of the fact that she did not receive any petitions.

What can I send?

Above it was revealed what a registered letter means. But for sure, many people had a question about what they can send. According to the internal order of the Russian Post under number 114, citizens can send by registered mail only written attachments measuring 22.9x32.4 cm, the total weight of which does not exceed 100 grams. Parcels are intended for sending large manuscripts, photographs and other valuables.


what does registered mail with notification mean

So you already know what registered mail means, so now let's talk about what they are. The classification is as follows.

  1. Simple - correspondence with personal delivery to the recipient without additional services.
  2. With notification - letters by which the sender receives a written notification that they have reached the addressee. When sending, a special form is filled out, on which the recipient signs.
  3. With inventory - designed to send money and valuable documents. For them, a special act is filled out in two copies, which describes in detail the content and cost of all investments. If such correspondence is lost on the way, the Russian Post will pay the sender compensation in full.

Now you know what a registered letter with and without notification means, as well as with an inventory of attachments, so you can choose formost suitable option when you need to send important documents and other valuables.

A few words about court notices

receiving a registered letter

Many people, having received a registered letter from the court, begin to panic and try by any means possible to avoid delivery of it. However, fears are not always justified. To prove this, it is necessary to understand what a judicial notice by registered mail means. It means a notice of the need to appear at the specified state body at the appointed date and time. It does not necessarily mean that you are the culprit. Registered letters summon not only the defendants in the case, but also third parties who can testify or provide valuable information necessary for making a final decision and issuing a fair verdict.

Therefore, if the postman brought you such a letter, then do not panic. Sign for receipt and read the document carefully. As practice shows, much more problems arise when trying to avoid correspondence with a notification. Here, in fact, we answered the question of what a judicial registered letter means. Apart from the content, it is no different from other mail.

How to send correctly?

what does registered letter mean

Regular letters differ from registered letters in many ways. This is especially true for the shipping process. It is carried out according to this scheme.

  1. A person comes to the post officeand buys a classic or more durable envelope.
  2. It indicates the full name and the exact physical address of the sender and recipient.
  3. Similar data must be entered in the registration form, which can be taken at the department. It also indicates whether you want to receive a return receipt or not.
  4. A postal employee sticks a stamp on the envelope, stamps it and assigns a track code, with which you can always track the delivery status.
  5. Sender pays for selected services and receives a receipt.

That's all. After that, your registered letter will be sent to the specified region of the country to the desired address.

How to track?

Delivery time depends on the distance of the recipient's residence. Within one region, on average, it is 3 days. In this case, you can independently find out whether the addressee received the correspondence or not. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the Russian Post and go to the appropriate section, in which you should enter a unique number consisting of 14 digits in the search field: it is always indicated on the receipt. You can also use the mobile app or go to your nearest post office and request delivery information there.

However, it is very common for people to receive a "Certificated Mail Delivery Failed" notification. What does this status mean? He says that the postman came to the recipient's home at the specified address, but no one opened the door for him. In this case, the correspondence will be kept in the post office, and the addressee mustappear in person with your passport to collect it.

How much does it cost to send a registered letter?

The cost depends on many factors, so to calculate it, it is better to contact the branch or use a special calculator on the Russian Post website. The main criteria on which the price depends are:

  • letter type;
  • selected services;
  • delivery type;
  • investment value;
  • distance;
  • weight.

It is worth noting that it is very important that when sending a letter the real value of the attachment is indicated. If it is lost on the way, you will be paid exactly the calculated amount.


registered letter unsuccessful delivery attempt what does it mean

Here's all you need to know about certified mail. Many people prefer to use regular mail because it is free. However, sending important documents or money through it is very risky, because there are quite a few cases of lost correspondence. Therefore, in this case, saving is inappropriate.

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