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International volunteer organizations and movements
International volunteer organizations and movements

Many of us love to travel the world, conquer new horizons, but often there is not enough money for full-fledged travel and recreation. In this case, you can take advantage of the offers of international volunteer organizations. They provide an opportunity to visit another country, get acquainted with the culture of the people, gain new professional experience, and all this is for the work and a nominal fee of those who wish.

International Team

Activist Movement

This direction appeared quite a long time ago, in the 17th century. At first, volunteers were recruited for service during the war without monetary compensation (in Italy, France, Germany). Associating volunteering with socially beneficial activities began only at the end of the 19th century (everyone knows the disinterested help of the sisters of mercy to the wounded). In Russia, it began to take shape as an organized movement after 2000: more and more organizations appeared, they graduallymoved to a new level and received support from the government.

Today the movement of social activists is developed in many countries. In the current understanding, volunteering is the performance of various types of work (care for children, pensioners, provision of services, information enlightenment, training), based on the voluntary free participation of those who wish. At the same time, in return for the assistance provided, volunteers receive housing, meals, excursions, learning the language and meeting new interesting people. The list of international volunteer organizations is quite large, and everyone can choose a project that matches their interests and capabilities.

Help for children

What does a volunteer need?

Today you can show your activity in many countries. In order to become a member of a social project, you need the following:

  1. Desire to help people.
  2. Active life position.
  3. A small amount of money (to pay a fee, visa, personal needs; when visiting a country as a volunteer, the costs are much less than when traveling as a tourist).
  4. Basic knowledge of English.
  5. Ability to work in a team.

Often, centers invite people aged 18 to 30 to participate, but you can find offers where the age limits are extended.

In international volunteer organizations, there are 3 levels of activists:

  • Managers. They perform organizational functions (recruiting, advising, monitoring the implementation oftasks).
  • Helpers - help those in need once a week.
  • Volunteers of direct assistance. They are attached to a specific person and work alone with him.

The combination of the above components helps to become a selfless worker for the benefit of society and gain certain professional skills.

Volunteer training

Main destinations

When choosing a project, it is necessary to pay attention to the types of work proposed by the organizers. It is good if the chosen activities are within the participant's strength and correspond to his interests. Most often in the projects of international volunteer organizations there are such options:

  • restoration activities (reconstruction of old buildings, mansions), archaeological excavations (in France, Belgium);
  • environmental protection (animal care, cleanup);
  • working on farms (picking fruits, helping to get dairy products);
  • preparation and organization of large-scale events (football championships, festivals, concerts, Olympic Games);
  • learning language, professions, conducting courses.
Teenager education

How to become a social activist?

To become a volunteer, you need to find sources that provide information about projects. Choose a small (4-7) number of resources, register and fill out the questionnaire.

Many associations provide for the payment of a membership fee (on average 200 euros or dollars). After confirmation by the organizer of participation in the project, it is necessarybuy a ticket and get a visa, if not. Almost always, the receiving party sends an invitation to the person who wishes. A week or two before departure, a person receives information about the place of residence and the conditions created for the participants.

Receiving an invitation

Popular international associations

To volunteer abroad, you can contact the following organizations:

  • Conservation Volunteers - is engaged in environmental protection, provides services for the improvement of the population.
  • VSO is a British society dedicated to improving the living standards of the poor.
  • WWOFF - offers those who wish to engage in agriculture in exchange for housing and food.
  • Kibbutz Volunteer is an agricultural commune that provides the opportunity to learn different types of work.
  • "Sphere" is a youth movement, organizer of trips to many countries of the world.

These international volunteer organizations develop projects and provide all the necessary information about them, or help to become a voluntary performer of community service.

There are also electronic resources to find suitable options, such as Helpx or Help Exchage and Projects Abroad (the latter has registered owners of farms, cafes, ranches, ready to provide travelers with food and housing for the performance of agreed duties).

Execution of work

International volunteer organizations in Russia

The movement of volunteers in our country originated in the early 90syears of the last century. One of the very first organizations to send activists abroad was World4u. This focal point is still popular today. To participate in social work through this company, you need to pay a membership fee of 6,900 rubles, a visa and tickets.

You can also participate in an international project for free. This is offered by the world famous European Volunteer Service (EVS). Finding an interesting offer in this case is more difficult, since this can only be done through the representative office of the organization in your country. The program provides a one-time participation for people aged 18 to 30.

International volunteer organizations in Moscow (World4u, "AYA" center) help to choose an interesting trip and provide all the necessary information right at the office of the capital.

Participation in youth activist programs

Children under 14 can also visit another country as a volunteer, although there are much fewer offers for them. In order to find a suitable option in the database, you need to carefully read the terms of the project and, if it is suitable, indicate the age of the child.

International volunteer organizations for teenagers offer trips to camps where they do certain activities. In order to register a minor participant and process documents, the presence of parents in the office and their permission for this trip is required.

The conditions for children are the same as for adults. The child must be independent and responsible, because heyou will have, first of all, to work, and then to relax for your own pleasure.

Volunteer camps

International volunteer organizations and movements- direction, gaining more and more popularity. In the era of globalization, this is a great opportunity at minimal cost to discover new countries, make friends and expand your worldview. And the good deeds that volunteers do increase their personal self-esteem and ensure everyone's contribution to the development of a civilized society.

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