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Alexander Purnov Trading School: reviews
Alexander Purnov Trading School: reviews

In the modern world, such a direction of earning as trading is becoming more and more popular. Even online schools are being created where professionals in their field share their secrets with other people. First you need to understand what this type of business is and what exactly traders do.

Trading: real earnings or a waste of time?

In simple terms, trading involves buying securities, shares at one price and selling them at a price higher than the purchase. For example, before buying paper or metal, you need to wait for the maximum decrease in value, and after the purchase, resell when the price of them rises. Thus, a trader - a person engaged in such a business, earns money, the amount of which is always different depending on the transaction. On the one hand, anyone can do this, but on the other hand, certain knowledge and experience are required.

If a person wants to try himself in this, then he needs to start with small amounts, so that in case of an unsuccessful transaction he will not go bankrupt. Professionals recommend beginners firstpractice on virtual money before testing your strength in the real world. Moreover, you can do this both independently and by entrusting the management of your money to a professional. However, there may be a risk of being deceived and losing all your money.

Types of trading

There are several types of trading:

  1. Financial - allows you to trade securities, metals and other assets by buying or selling at a bargain price.
  2. Algorithmic - carried out with the help of computers that can perform fast calculations. This allows them to independently analyze the markets and make profitable deals. Although this method is convenient, it is still unreliable, because it can lead to a collapse of the market with a small turnover.
  3. Forex trading with Forex enables people to trust their funds to Internet users, resulting in both parties making a profit. You can even start your own business with $100. However, this type of trading is considered difficult compared to other markets due to the large number of applications.

Where to start trading

There are multiple markets:

  1. "Forex". Here, profits are made by rising and falling prices for currencies.
  2. Commodity exchanges. You can make money by buying and selling metals and energy.
  3. Stock exchanges. The trader profits by buying shares of enterprises and selling them at a higher price.

Bthan the success of a good trader

As statistics show, a very small number of businessmen achieve success on such earnings. The mistakes of the rest are lack of experience, greed and inability to overcome excitement in time. That is, you can not thoughtlessly agree to a deal if there is no certainty that victory is yours. You can learn this both on your own and with the help of professionals who open trading schools specifically for this.

To become a professional, a trader in the market must be able to overcome the fear of losing all his money and greed after a successful transaction. Also, a trader needs to know the rules of trading and have good theoretical knowledge.

Schools teaching how to make deals

At the moment, there are several trading schools that are successful. They can teach the newbie how to be successful doing the job. Training is conducted in the format of online courses, where you can study at any convenient time. In group courses, the teacher teaches several people at once. Individuals are conducted personally under the full control of a professional trader.

Training schools include the following:

  • trading school "A-Lab";
  • binary options school;
  • Price Action School;
  • trading school of Alexander Purnov;
  • etc.

Of the above, Alexander Purnov's trading school raises the most questions. Some consider him a professional liar, andsome are quite successful. In the course of his activities, Alexander Purnov nevertheless received negative reviews. What is he really like?

Biography of Alexander Purnov

He was born on August 12, 1978 in the city of Kamyshin, Volgograd region. Graduated from the Academy of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. At the moment, he is known as a professional Russian trader, the founder of a trading school and a teacher. He maintains a personal YouTube channel and a website where he trains beginners to make profitable deals. In the photo, Alexander Purnov looks like a rather respectable person:

Alexander Purnov photo

Starting activities

Since 2007, Purnov tried his hand at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX). She specializes in both currency auctions and securities. Later, starting in 2009, the trader sold futures, financial documents that are concluded on the market when buying or selling certain assets, having previously agreed on a price and delivery time, on the FORTS derivatives market, where various financial assets are traded.

Having gained his own experience, in 2011 Alexander became a teacher at a school where he taught beginners all the nuances of the market and the most profitable purchase or sale of assets.

Alexander Purnov course reviews

Teaching career

Thanks to the experience gained, Alexander achieved some success and decided to teach this to others by inviting to informative and interesting webinars andonline courses. According to traders, Alexander Purnov is really a professional in his field. It is known that he currently has about 100 students who are already successfully engaged in market trading.

Alexander is also the author of courses that describe in detail the strategic approach to trading. In one of his videos on YouTube, Purnov mentioned that he “began to see the market more clearly,” which, according to him, is success.

One of the online courses

To make successful trades, the trader studied the Ichimoku indicator, which was developed in the 1930s by the Japanese analyst Goichi Hosoda. The indicator allows you to analyze the state of the market and identify trends, as well as evaluate the profitability of a particular purchase or sale for the current period of time. Later, Purnov became interested in the VSA method (Volume Spread Analysis - analysis of the volume or spread), which allowed using the monetary volumes received when trading at a certain period of time. Thanks to this, it was possible to find large participants in the market.

Combining both methods of market research and trading, Alexander got the "Ichimoku + VSA" system. In his courses, the trader also introduces students to bar-by-bar analysis, which is part of this system and allows them to successfully engage in trading. The essence of these methods is the analysis of the market situation and the preparation of a plan for the purchase or sale of assets. Judging by the reviews about Alexander Purnov, many people like his teaching methods.

Alexander Purnov biography

What can be learned at schooltrading Alexander Purnov

On the official website of this school, everyone has the opportunity to enroll in courses on various topics. There are different training formats to choose from:

  • listener - independent viewing of video lessons without the ability to communicate with the teacher;
  • participant - live courses where you can ask your questions.

As a rule, the types of training differ significantly in prices. According to students, Alexander Purnov does not take such money in vain: the result is worth it.

Students also have the opportunity to choose their own package of practical classes: 10, 20 or 30.

Each lesson in the school of trading, as a rule, consists of a theoretical part, where the teacher explains the necessary concepts and the essence of the business itself. Then there are practical classes, as a result of which the student, under the supervision of a professional, can try to make his first transaction. Online courses are divided by levels, that is, for beginners and people with little experience on the exchange. The site even has a "Closed Club" for traders, in which those who join participate in the morning review of the markets and have the opportunity to meet with a mentor.

The purpose of such a club is to maximize the immersion of students in the environment of buying and selling and improving their professional skills. According to the creator of the site, after completing the course at the Closed Club, the “graduates” will have the opportunity to independently develop their knowledge, gain more experience and earn money on the Moscow stock exchanges and become a successful trader. Entry fee tosuch a club costs 15,000 rubles.

Opinions about Alexander Purnov and his activities

If you go to the main website of the trading school, you can see a lot of reviews about the Alexander Purnov trading school, and they are all positive. People write that they really like bar-by-bar analysis and thanks to it they have made several successful trades. Students also call Purnov's lessons "interesting" and everyone finds something new and informative in them. Reviews about Alexander Purnov are also posted in audio and video formats.

In his blog, a link to which is also on the main website of the school, the trader writes that there are both positive and negative reviews about his activities, but the latter, according to him, only motivate to improve learning and encourage analysis your mistakes and never repeat them again.

Alexander loves sports

Doubtful activity

Despite the fact that the trader is so optimistic about negative comments, there are still a lot of negative reviews about Alexander Purnov. First of all, attention is drawn to the comment of the trader's teacher, Andrey Khlopin, who reports with regret and surprise that his student is "beautifully lying." This review has led some to doubt the activities of a professional.

The next negative review about Alexander Purnov's trading school was a comment about too high tuition fees, which can reach 130 thousand rubles. According to the author of the review, only A. Gerchik, who has really proven himself, can request such amounts.one of the most successful traders.

There are reviews where students express dissatisfaction with Purnov's teaching tactics: boring lessons, sometimes deviating from the topic, too complicated approaches to achieving the goal with existing simple steps.

Some people think that most of the trader's courses are just a retelling of T. Williams' book "Lords of the Markets" without adding anything new. The authors of such reviews are also outraged that Alexander demands such a lot of money for his lessons.

The inability to create a complete picture of a trader's path to success is also attributed to the "minuses" of his activities - all information is blurred and there are no clear instructions for action.

Alexander Purnov Trading School reviews

Positive opinions

Despite a sufficient number of negative comments about the activities of the trader, there are also positive reviews about Alexander Purnov's school, which form the following "pluses" of the training methodology:

  • maintaining an informative interesting blog, where you can find even more useful material than in paid courses.
  • Alexander conducts live webinars, which allows students to communicate live with the teacher, ask him important questions, and also analyze some tasks about trading in the market;
  • using the VSA method, which is the most correct and logical market assessment, allowing you to monitor the trading situation and make successful profitable transactions at a certain point in time.
Alexander Purnov course reviews

In the words of a trader

In one of his videos on YouTube, Alexander spoke about trading as follows: “The main problem is not even learning. The main problem is after the training… The problem is how you will be taught in real time. In fact, everyone has knowledge. We roughly understand what “buy low” means, what “sell high” means … We roughly understand “bar up”, “bar down”, but it’s not always possible to add them together in real time.” “My task is to show the realities of business.” According to him, unsuccessful transactions in trading, even for a successful professional, happen, you can’t do without them and you need to be ready for this.

Thus, there is a sufficient number of both positive and negative reviews about Alexander Purnov's courses. Some students consider his teaching methods insincere and useless, while others, on the contrary, admire his talent for conducting successful transactions, and it is understandable, interesting to explain all this to people. No one knows for sure how much Purnova lessons can help a novice trader, so before paying large sums for participating in online training, you need to think carefully or consult with knowledgeable people.

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