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Forex robots: reviews of traders, description and algorithm of work
Forex robots: reviews of traders, description and algorithm of work

Automated trading opens up opportunities for traders to earn in the financial markets in a passive mode. Not only brokerage companies, but also specialized services provide services for purchasing robots and connecting them to trading terminals. Automated methods have varieties, features, specific features and differ in characteristics.

In trading to make money on the stock market or Forex, there are trading robots, signals, autoexperts, advisers, methods of copying transactions and much more. What are automated programs, how do they differ from each other, what profit do traders make, about the existence of financial risks when using them, about choosing a Forex robot and reviews about them, the reader will learn from this article.

Automated Forex trading

forex robot reviews

Anyonea person who has made a decision to make money on Forex must undergo specialized training. It should be noted right away that this is a rather lengthy process and includes the following "trading disciplines":

  1. Basics of financial market terminology.
  2. Patterns and rules of trading.
  3. Money management or the basics of Money management.
  4. Forecasting market quotes.
  5. Psychology of trading in general and a trader in particular.
  6. Studying trading techniques and strategies.
  7. Tools, assets and more.

Basic training is only a theoretical part, followed by mandatory practice on a special demo account. The demo version allows the beginner to get the first trading skills, actually get acquainted with all the trading tools, or at least most of them, test and work out the chosen strategy. As soon as a beginner begins to receive positive and stable statistics on a demo account, he can switch to the real market to earn money, that is, replenish his deposit and start trading on his own.

Usually, the practical part takes at least two to three months, and the basic course depends on the time given by the trader to study it. Many brokerage companies offer clients offline, that is, in the office, to undergo free training. Unfortunately, such courses are very superficial, which is not surprising, since it is impossible to understand the basics of trading in three theoretical and seven practical sessions.Therefore, many beginners who do not want to spend time on learning prefer to use Forex trading robots in trading, according to reviews, which bring them positive results and allow them to earn on the foreign exchange market.

Positive characteristics of trading robots

forex trading robot reviews

What are the benefits of automated programs? Traders' reviews of trading robots for Forex, as mentioned above, are rather contradictory, and each speculator makes his own decision whether to use them in his work or not.

Pros of robots:

  1. Full automation. They do not need to be controlled, they open and close orders on their own, and the speculator receives only profit or loss, which is not excluded, since the risks in financial markets are always very high.
  2. You don't need to have deep trading knowledge. Any beginner can use them at work. To do this, simply open a trading account with a brokerage company, replenish deposit funds and install an automated adviser, expert or robot on the chart. He will trade independently, and the speculator will receive income.
  3. When using the Forex trading robot, according to traders, there is no need to waste time predicting changes in market quotes and studying analytical and statistical data.
  4. Passive income that occurs without the participation of a trader.

It is important to understand that there is no Grail in the financial markets andtherefore, it is not possible to obtain results with only 100% returns. Periodically, when using trading robots, negative transactions occur. An automated program is considered profitable only if there are more positive results than losing positions, which are measured in the number of points earned.

Negative properties

Negative feedback about robots for trading on Forex is justified by many factors. Most often, traders highlight the following points:

  1. The number of losing trades is greater compared to profitable positions.
  2. Incorrect settings and options for automated programs.
  3. The use of trading robots without taking into account the market situation.

Each automated program is based on some kind of algorithmic calculations, most often indicators of technical indicators. Any trading robot is developed on the basis of some strategy. As you know, in trading at different times of the state of the market movement, appropriate techniques are used, depending on the phase in which it is.

For example, flat strategies are used for the consolidation zone, and trend methods are used for impulse movements. Therefore, if the developers did not take into account these parameters, then in this case, the Forex trading robot, according to traders, will open unprofitable positions, since its algorithms use a technique that does not correspond to the market phase. As a result, the trading strategy underlying the robot will givefalse signals to enter the market, and, consequently, positions opened by the logarithms of the program will bring losses to the trader.

Types of automated programs

forex pulse trading robot reviews

Trading is a whole science and not every beginner can master it in a short time, while having a great desire to earn at the moment in the financial market. Therefore, novice traders use automated programs in trading, which are of several types:

  1. Advisors, Expert Advisors and Forex robots, reviews of which are very contradictory, and these points will be analyzed later in the article.
  2. Copy trades. A passive way of income that occurs when a trader connects to the trading account of a successful leader-manager. Usually, a paid subscription is issued and all transactions placed by a professional are automatically copied to the beginner's terminal, where they are both opened and closed. As a result, the trader does not have to trade independently, but at the same time he receives income.
  3. Trading signals is a conditionally automated technique. The speculator receives points to enter the market by means of SMS messages or by e-mail, depending on the conditions chosen by him. Signals can be set to a specific trading asset and the time range on which the trader trades. In the future, the speculator himself decides on the relevance of this information. In any case, he has to open a position on his own in the trading terminal, and the signal is just a finishedanalytical, often logarithmic solution.

Robots for trading in a calm market

All automated programs can be conditionally divided into two types: flat advisors and trend trading robots. In the manual version of trading, the speculator independently conducts an analytical forecast of the market movement and identifies its phase. In the future, given his condition, he uses exactly the strategy that is relevant.

A calm market is characterized by low volatility, all movements on it are sluggish and slow. There are no impulses, much less trends, and therefore, when it is in this state, trading occurs in a sideways range.

During the consolidation zone, market quotes are quite predictable. They move from the upper level to the lower border of the range, that is, from resistance to support, and vice versa. Therefore, when choosing logarithmic calculations for a trading robot, these parameters and features of a calm market are always taken into account.

Robots with the appropriate settings trade only in the range of market quotes set by the flat. However, if their settings are incorrect, the trader will immediately receive a loss, since the program will not include a way out of the calm state of the market and the beginning of the growth of the impulse. As a result, due to the phase change and quotes going out of the range, the deal will be closed at the "Stop Loss", that is, with the help of a protective order, which limits, but does not exclude the trader's losses.

Algorithm for the work of trend auto-advisers

robots forforex trading reviews

Unlike flat robots, trending automated programs behave differently. This is due to the peculiarity of the trading strategies underlying them. Techniques designed for trading during impulses work for breakdown and rebound from sideways movements formed in a calm market.

According to statistics, most of the time the financial market is in the consolidation zone, which is about 70%. Trends are the most desirable phase for any trader, as they allow you to earn big profits. Naturally, only if the analytical forecast of the market movement was correctly carried out and the direction for opening a deal was chosen correctly.

Many trending Expert Advisors can work on the Martingale principle. That is, if one deal was closed with a loss, then a second position is opened with a double lot size. Therefore, quite often, a large deposit is required to use trading robots. This feature must be taken into account, because unlike the manual method of trading, when the speculator has the opportunity to close a position at any time, an automated program can bring big losses.

"Forex robot" Manhattan Fx

For clarity and understanding of how automated programs work, let's look at a few examples. According to client reviews of the "Forex robot" Manhattan Fx, one gets the impression that this is one of the leaders in innovative technologies for trading. It works with two types of the most popularand currency pairs popular with traders - EURUSD and GBPUSD. The robot is fully automated and brings a profitability verified by testing over 40% monthly.

But as traders note, the software has one significant drawback - it is paid and not freely available. To install it on the marketplace, you will need to pay 169 US dollars for downloading, that is, after purchasing VIP access.

Apart from the statistics that you can immediately get acquainted with, nothing is known about its algorithms, as traders note in their reviews, except that it was developed by a team of professional experts.

Reviews about the robot "Forex" "Pulse"

robot forex pulse reviews

This software is based on the algorithms of several technical indicators. Based on reviews of the Forex robot "Pulse", we can conclude that this program is not a fully automated option. Most trading robots do not require any intervention from the trader in the trading process. That is, all transactions are opened and closed without the intervention of speculators. Although the adviser does not have full automation, however, it is quite popular among traders, not only among beginners, but even among professionals.

Mostly, the feedback on the trading robot "Forex" "Pulse" is only positive. Traders note that although the program does not trade on its own, it gives fairly accurate signals for opening positions, which,is undoubtedly a very important indicator in trading. High profitability is achieved due to the successful and professional selection of technical indicators and scripts that underlie the program. Beginners who leave feedback on the Forex trading robot "Pulse" note not only accurate signals for opening transactions, but also the simplicity in the software settings that can be changed.

Trading robot "Sniper"

This program is fully automated for trading. Unlike the "Forex robot" "Pulse", it not only gives points for entering the market, but also independently opens and closes positions. This software is great for trading in any time frame, including scalping strategies.

According to the reviews of the "Forex robot" "Sniper" works without the use of technical indicators based on logarithmic solutions. The fact is that the very methodology of Pavel Dmitriev, the founder of the strategy, does not use any specialized tools. It is based on an understanding of the patterns of market movement, that is, zones of overbought and oversold assets. By default, you can use two correlated currency pairs.

And also traders note its peculiarity - the "safe" method, that is, the partial closing of profits. This robot has high profitability and is considered one of the best and most popular automated programs for trading in the financial markets.

Reviews about the robot from the brokerForex4you

forex robot manhattan fx reviews

Many brokerage companies offer their clients services using automated trading. For example, Forex4you broker can be noted. Its developers have created an exclusive multi-currency robot, which is very popular among traders. According to reviews, "Forex robot" "Fo Yu" works on the basis of complex algorithmic calculations and has good profitability on transactions.

Of course, sometimes there are unpleasant moments when traders receive losses. But it always happens because of 2 reasons:

  1. Technical problems or system failures that are quickly resolved by experts.
  2. Lack of experience for beginners.

It is quite common for novice speculators to set the wrong settings or trade with the wrong deposit size.


forex fo you robot reviews

Professionals recommend that before choosing an automated trading technique, carefully study not only the parameters and characteristics of the program, but also reviews of the Forex trading robot, plus analyze statistical data with profitability indicators.

And you should also take into account the size of your own deposit, since most advisers require quite impressive funds. In addition, you need to pay attention to what algorithms the software works on, whether Martingale is used, which significantly increasesload on the deposit, and on the settings of a protective order.

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