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Loan insurance in "Home Credit": conditions, necessary documents, advice
Loan insurance in "Home Credit": conditions, necessary documents, advice

In the article, we will consider how credit insurance works in Home Credit When issuing loans today, almost all banks offer insurance. Despite the fact that this procedure is not mandatory at all, many credit organizations impose it on borrowers.


Home Credit organization offers a choice of several programs: "Active-plus", "Combots", insurance of property, purchased goods, bank cards, as well as members of the borrower's family and himself from certain accidents.

home loan insurance application

Loan insurance at Home Credit is not mandatory, and ignoring it cannot result in a refusal to issue a loan. Borrowers who wish to insure themselves will simply need to report the decision to the manager. The amount of the service depends on the type of insurance chosen. With Home Credit Bank todaythe following companies cooperate: Renaissance Life, PPF Insurance and the Regional Insurance Institution.

Before you sign the contract, you need to get acquainted with the list of insured events included in the selected program. When they occur, borrowers have the right to demand immediate payment of the amounts due. These funds will be used to repay the debt. What documents are needed to insure a Home Credit loan?


To apply for insurance, the client will need to present his passport, and credit documentation information is also used. To receive the promised amount, it is necessary to draw up an application of the established form. It is accompanied by papers confirming the fact of the occurrence of the insured event, and the amount of damage, when it actually took place.

Life insurance at Home Credit

This service is a guarantee of repayment of a loan in the event of the death of the borrower and the Central Bank is allowed to include a clause on life insurance in the contract. By signing it, customers must familiarize themselves with all the available items and subsequently do not make claims to the credit institution.

home loan insurance waiver

This type of insurance in Home Credit Bank can reach up to thirty or forty percent of the loan amount, which is extremely unprofitable for the borrower. In the event that there is no such clause in the loan agreement, then customers have the right to refuse to take out insurance without giving a reason.

Often, managers insist on life insurance, referring totransfer of debts to close relatives of a citizen after his death. But the automatic transfer of a loan obligation to the spouse of the deceased borrower is allowed only if the inheritance is notarized. When the borrower has no property, then there can be no talk of any inheritance of the debt.

Life insurance in "Home Credit", as well as he alth insurance, is an independent transaction that is not related to the issuance of a loan. When applying for insurance, borrowers sign a separate insurance agreement. According to the law, the transaction can be terminated at the request of one of the parties. In the event that the imposed service was nevertheless documented, then it is best to terminate the loan insurance agreement at Home Credit as soon as possible. At the same time, almost the entire amount can be used to repay the underlying debt on the loan.

Can a customer opt out of this service?

bank home loan insurance

The procedure for insuring a banking product is not at all obligatory. True, in practice, refusal of Home Credit insurance is practically impossible. Credit managers use different methods of selling insurance to borrowers. Often, bank customers are not sufficiently informed about the possibility for them to refuse the imposed service.

If the client is unwilling to conclude an insurance agreement, the manager behind the scenes can influence the institution's decision to issue a loan. To do this, it is enough to write in a certain field that the client is very nervous, which means that he is not trustworthy.

In the event that a potential borrower decides that he does not need additional services, then simply inform the manager about this. No one can force you, so you can issue a waiver of insurance. When insuring at Home Credit, this can be done very simply, let's take a closer look at the features.

How can I refuse if the loan is not issued

In the event of a disputable situation with the issuance of credit insurance, customers can file complaints against the manager at the territorial or head office of a financial institution. At the same time, it is required to register it at a bank branch by affixing receipt marks.

When a complaint is sent by mail, the receipt of the letter must be kept until the end of the proceedings. In addition, you can send a letter of receipt with notification. The bank must respond to the complaint in writing.

Refund of loan insurance

The faster borrowers decide to get rid of imposed insurance, the more likely they are not to overpay on their loan. The first thing you need to do is to call the company at the number indicated in the policy. During the conversation, it is necessary to inform about your desire to terminate the insurance contract in Home Credit due to its uselessness. Representatives of insurers must inform what documents, and, in addition, where, must be submitted to terminate the relevant contract.

home loan life insurance

A package of papers can be sent to the company's email address.Each copy must be certified with the phrase “correct copy”, dated with the signature of the borrower. Further, in an arbitrary form, a statement is written demanding the termination of the insurance contract due to the lack of need for it.

In the application for insurance in "Home Credit" indicate the details of the account for the subsequent transfer of the amount. Basically reported credit score. Within ten days, the paper will be considered, and the money will be transferred for its intended purpose. You can duplicate all the information if you send a copy of the documentation on paper using registered mail.

How quickly you process the refund will determine how much money you get back. If this decision was made immediately after the signing of the contract, there is a high probability that everything will be returned to you. If the agreement has already begun to operate, then the cost of the service for this period will be deducted from the total amount of insurance.

After the early repayment of the mortgage remains the most funds. Some amount can be returned after the loan is repaid. But it is important to understand that you can return the money only through the insurance company. The credit institution does not have the authority to return the funds paid.

In case of refusal to return the insurance amount, you can go to court against the company or the bank. If the loan agreement contains a clause on the non-return of the premium in the event of its early termination, then, unfortunately, it will be very problematic to return the money. What other insurance does Home Credit LLC provide?

home loan insurance insurance waiver

By bank credit card

To protect financial resources on card accounts, a program called "Card Insurance" is provided. It allows you to save customers' savings on plastic in a number of the following cases:

  • When money is debited illegally as a result of fraud.
  • Theft or other loss of funds that were withdrawn from the card in the terminal.

When drawing up an account agreement, customers are offered to conclude an insurance contract. At the same time, a policy called “card protection” is issued on hand. In the event that after receiving the plastic the client did not use the money, then the insurance will not work. If the finances were withdrawn or debited from the account in a non-cash way, then it will be active until the debt is repaid.

In the event of an insured event, the plastic holder will be able to call the manager at any time of the day by phone, which is indicated in the policy. Documents that confirm the illegal debiting of funds from the card, and the application is sent by letter to the company's head office.

home loan insurance contract

Advice to borrowers

When applying for a service at Home Credit, lawyers recommend that clients carefully read all loan documentation immediately before signing. The refusal of the imposed product does not affect the bank's decision to issue a loan, which must always be taken into account. But in case of refusal of insurance, the financial institution may increase the interest on the loan.

How can you get in Home Creditinsurance?

This service gives the client confidence that in the event of unforeseen life circumstances, the credit burden will not fall on the shoulders of the borrower and his relatives. In the bank in question, the size of such a product is one hundred and ten percent of the amount of credit debt.

To receive payments, within a month from the moment of the insured event, you need to contact the company in person or send all the necessary documentation by mail. Copies of papers must be notarized.

ooh home credit insurance

After receiving all the documents, the insurer checks their authenticity and legality within ten days. If everything is in order, then the client will receive insurance by transferring funds to the account. Any disputes are resolved in court.

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