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Is it possible to rent out a mortgage apartment: mortgage conditions, necessary documents and legal advice
Is it possible to rent out a mortgage apartment: mortgage conditions, necessary documents and legal advice

In the article, we will consider whether it is possible to rent out a mortgage apartment.

At present, more and more often real estate is acquired with the help of mortgage lending. The main advantage of this method is based on the fact that a profitable loan for a long time becomes available for the future owner of the dwelling. The specificity of a mortgage agreement is that the property itself becomes a pledge, thereby minimizing the financial risks of the lender.

is it possible to rent a mortgage apartment

Fast loan repayment

Many future owners strive to repay the loan as soon as possible. That is why, in order to obtain additional funds, they often rent out the acquired housing, and therefore the question of which banks allow renting a mortgage apartment remains relevant.

In fact, this problem is not always simple. This is due to the fact that the lender in the contract has the right to set its conditions.That is why there is often a clause where specific questions regarding the lease of premises as a pledge are fixed. That is, the creditor bank decides whether it is possible to rent out a mortgage apartment.

Laws in force

First of all, when asking the question of legality, you must carefully read the Federal Mortgage Law. It should be noted that such opportunities are directly provided for in it. The provisions of the legal document indicate that the borrower - the future owner of the property - has the following rights:

  • take a mortgage apartment for your own living;
  • receive income from mortgaged real estate.
is it possible to rent a mortgage apartment

An important additional condition that the future owner must ensure is that the lease term should not exceed the actual time provided for securing loan obligations. The Federal Law also focuses on the fact that residential premises are rented out only in strict accordance with its purpose. Therefore, the premises cannot be used as an office.

Is it possible to rent out a mortgage apartment: mortgage conditions

The main features of a loan for the purchase of real estate are regulated by the Federal Law N 102-FZ of July 16, 1998 "On Mortgage (Pledge of Real Estate)". In article 29, the borrower is not prohibited from disposing of property acquired on a mortgage. A credit institution can impose a restriction on this right. Therefore, if a person intends to surrendermortgage apartment of Sberbank, for example, for rent, he needs to consult the bank about this.

Any credit institution sets its own conditions regarding the possibility of renting collateral property:

  • The Bank allows mortgage housing to be rented out. The bank's permission is fixed in the mortgage agreement. Here are the mandatory conditions for the client. The bank must be notified of its intention by entering into a formal agreement with the tenant.
  • The bank forbids the client to rent out mortgaged real estate. This condition is a separate clause in the mortgage agreement. In addition, the agreement defines the consequences of violating such a rule.
  • The credit organization does not regulate the problem of renting property in pledge. The borrower has the right to dispose of his property independently, without notifying the bank. That is, he can rent out a mortgage apartment.
rent a mortgage apartment Sberbank

Bank may not approve

It should be noted that the client's intention to pay the mortgage loan only with rental income may adversely affect the bank's decision to approve the loan.

When the premises are in a mortgage, the rental of such housing can be allowed by the bank only if a formal lease is concluded. It is better to conclude an agreement for a year, further extending the document. The contract in this case should not be registered.


Is it possible to rent out a mortgage apartment - the question is notidle.

If you correctly approach the issue, then the purchase of housing for the purpose of renting out can significantly improve the financial situation. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the subtleties of such a procedure, to study both its advantages and possible difficulties.

Benefits of buying property to rent with a mortgage:

  • Extra income. The proceeds from the rent can be used to pay off the monthly mortgage payment and pay utility bills.
  • Quick loan repayment. If the mortgage payment is the same as the rent, the loan installment will actually be made by the tenant without compromising their own budget.
  • Security housing must be insured. If the tenants have caused significant damage to the property, the insurance guarantees the repayment of the client's debt to the credit institution.

But, of course, it is not always profitable to rent an apartment.

rent out a mortgage


There are also disadvantages:

  • This scheme is applicable only for borrowers who have a separate living space.
  • Lack of guarantees of responsibility and cleanliness of tenants. After the end of the lease period, in most cases, housing needs major repairs.
  • Possibility of late payment. If a person does not have their own funds to make monthly payments to the bank, one cannot rely solely on rental income. Housing may be unclaimed for several months, or unscrupulous tenants will not pay on timerental fee. Due to such factors, a late payment will be formed on the mortgage. This will result in the imposition of fines, which may lead to the confiscation of the property.
  • If the property was damaged, the bank will take the mortgaged property as compensation.

Is it possible to rent a mortgage apartment, it is important to find out in advance before applying for a loan.

How profitable is it?

You can determine the benefits of renting out mortgaged housing if you analyze market trends and possible risks in detail.

rent an apartment

For rent, one-room apartments are the most profitable option. It is necessary that the mortgage is equal to the price of the apartment, and then the rent can cover the amount of the loan. Two-room apartments to rent is beneficial for those who do not have other housing. If you place tenants in the next room, you can earn income and control the safety of the living space. Three-room apartments are especially profitable to rent by room.

For lending, it is better to choose a bank that allows you to rent a mortgage apartment.

The most profitable option is to rent one apartment and purchase another in a mortgage. The income from the rent can be used to cover the monthly mortgage payment. The mortgage in this case will not affect the client's budget in any way.

It is important that for further rental housing should focus on cost-effective options. The most liquid for tenants are secondary apartments near bus stops and the metro, with a developedinfrastructure.

Which credit institutions allow renting out a mortgage apartment?

Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Svyazbank, VTB 24 and other large financial institutions allow mortgage real estate to be rented out if the bank's consent has been obtained and a lease agreement has been drawn up.

banks allowing mortgages

Renting an apartment bought with a military mortgage

An important issue is also renting out an apartment if it was purchased under a military mortgage. This problem is also relevant because a soldier buys real estate on a military mortgage in the city in which he intends to live only after his retirement. When he acquires housing in this way, he continues his service in another region. Of course, in order to cover the amount of utility bills, people often seek to rent out an apartment.

In this case, the question is due to the fact that, in accordance with the law "On the status of military personnel", a citizen does not have the right to engage in commercial activities. That is why you need to figure out whether the transfer of residential premises for rent is an entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is defined in the Civil Code of our country. It states that it means an activity that is carried out at your own risk, involves the receipt of income and needs to be registered in accordance with the current procedure under the law.

On the other hand, article 608 indicates that registration is not required for the owner of the property renting it out.

Finally, it should be noted that the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Duties and Taxes, by letter No. 04-3-01 / 398 dated July 6, 2004, clarifies that operations related to the rental of one's own residential real estate are not entrepreneurial activities.

Taking into account all of the above, we can say that an apartment purchased under a military mortgage can legally be rented out. Such activities are not commercial and do not contradict the law "On the status of military personnel".

Why can't I rent out a mortgage apartment?

Not always credit organizations welcome the desire of the borrower to rent out the acquired property. The main reason is that housing is the subject of collateral. When the borrower is unable to fulfill the obligations under the loan, the property is seized and sold by the bank. The credit institution takes into account that tenants do not in all cases take care of the leased property. Due to the damaged apartment, its value will eventually be reduced.

Another reason: when a borrower plans to repay a mortgage only by receiving income from renting an apartment, it means that he does not have sufficient solvency. It is also a risk for the bank and a reason to refuse a loan.

rent a mortgage apartment Sberbank

If the creditor prohibits

If the lender prohibits renting the mortgaged real estate, he reserves the right to verify the fulfillment of the terms of the concluded agreement, the intended use and maintenance of the real estate. Checks can be spontaneous. Maximum amountvisits of bank employees should not be more than two times a year. If unauthorized persons are found in the apartment who are not registered in the contract, the bank has the authority to impose sanctions on the borrower. The bank issued a warning. The borrower will have to pay a fine.

Termination of contract

If a repeated violation occurs, the bank has the right to terminate the mortgage agreement. In this case, you need to repay the entire amount of the debt, otherwise the mortgaged property will be confiscated.

All consequences, prohibitions and conditions must be prescribed in the mortgage agreement.

It is important to note that the bank may pay attention to the borrower if the monthly payment is not made on time. Usually bona fide payers are not checked.

How to rent out a mortgage apartment correctly?

Legal Advice

Clients ask lawyers whether it is worth buying an apartment on a mortgage for further renting out?

There is no clear answer. It is necessary to study the real estate market and realize how liquid the acquired housing is and whether it is in demand among tenants. With rent that equals or exceeds mortgage payments, the rent will, of course, make a profit for the client.

Can a Sberbank mortgage apartment be rented out to servicemen?

Yes. The legislation does not consider the rental of real estate as an entrepreneurial activity, respectively, it is available to military personnel. Bank approval should be obtained, and a formal agreement should be concluded with tenants. Rental incomesubject to 13% tax.

If a person took out a mortgage, but the apartment is rented out of time, what can you do?

In a situation where the mortgage is paid, but the time for delivery of the house is delayed, it is necessary to file a lawsuit against the developer for damages. When the delivery date is postponed for an indefinite period, it is possible to terminate the equity agreement with the developer, as well as to reimburse the funds paid.

We considered whether it is possible to rent out a mortgage apartment.

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