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The name of the cosmetics and perfume store: original and simple
The name of the cosmetics and perfume store: original and simple

The right name for a cosmetics store will grab the attention of your target audience. Both the popularity and profit of the business will directly depend on a memorable sign. Therefore, do not neglect this and spare time to choose the logo and name of your future outlet.

Tune yourself to the right wave

It is doubtful that a store named "Donut" or "Exhaust Pipes" will be visited by shoppers looking for hygiene or skin care products. With a greater degree of probability, hungry people or motorists will become visitors. This means that the name of the store should evoke proper associations among potential buyers passing by. There are several key points to highlight.

Firstly, the name itself should speak of the products presented in the range. Therefore, the options "Hamochok" or "Parsley" are swept aside immediately. A better example would be Blush Cheeks, Favorite Hair Color, or Shampoo & Conditioner.

Secondly, it is worth considering that your productpredominantly for the fair sex. To attract attention, you should try elegant and sophisticated images in the name of a cosmetics store. You can consider the following: Well-groomed look, Glam touch, Charm from nature.

Third, it could be a call. In this case, it is better to build on the following options: “Beauty for you”, “Body care”, “Everything for a new look.”

shop sign beauty for you

For everyone and for everyone

When your goal is to cover the maximum contingent, it is better to bet on the universal name of a cosmetics and perfumery store. It should be clear to every passer-by that they are expected here and will be offered goods at an affordable price.

You can use a simple and clear slogan as the name of the outlet. So, it is worth proceeding from the possible options: "Beauty for everyone", "Cosmetics for everyone", "Perfumes for every taste".

Professional cosmetics store names

It's different when you're selling high-end and professional products. In this case, people who know and understand high-quality care products will show interest in the store.

If you are selling goods of one manufacturer, then it is worth attracting buyers with the brand name. Many businessmen act in a similar way, having retrained as representatives of a particular brand. So there is no problem to choose the name of the cosmetics store using the brand name.

Another option if you have a whole list of professionalproducts. Then you have to sweat a lot and break your head over the text of your sign. You can try to start from the territorial affiliation or the level of quality: "European cosmetics", "Branded perfumes", "Only famous creams" and the like.

signboard for european cosmetics store

Why do Asians look so good?

Recently, cosmetic products from the countries of the East are gaining popularity. So, in Russia, Korean cosmetics stores have occupied their niche. The name for such outlets is often tied to the regional location of the manufacturer. It is also popular to use a foreign phrase that means “folk cosmetics”, “Korean beauty”, “cosmetics of the Land of the Rising Sun” and the like.

Given that the market is saturated with offers from similar stores, it will be more difficult to come up with something special and new.

signboard for korean cosmetics store

When your store is narrowly focused

Some shops specialize in a full and wide assortment for everyone and everything, while others choose a narrow-profile direction. You can focus on one type of product: shampoos, face masks, body creams, eye shadows. But then you should pay attention to a wide price segment: that is, starting from budget options for goods, ending with exclusive professional products.

First, focus on a specific product. Then the following may turn out: “Country of aromas”, “Worlddecorative cosmetics”, “Lipstick for every day”. And, for example, the name of a hair cosmetics store can be “Shampoo Country”, “Silky and Shiny”, “Happy Curls”.

hair care shop sign

Secondly, you can use the parts of the body for which you offer care: "For beloved legs", "For delicate hands", "For chic eyelashes".

Third, try experimenting with foreign names or writing the Russian name in Latin letters.

Take the risk of abstracting from your products

In any city there are shops with the names "At Petrovich", "Elena", "Cleopatra" and the like. That is, when the owner uses a proper name or any one you like. And you can't always guess what you'll find behind the doors of a retail outlet: groceries, auto parts, or just another hairdressing salon.

Agree, not the best choice, but there is a consumer for such a taste and color. And since such stores still exist, it means that this version of the name is not the worst for a sign.

It is enough to move away from the understandable and explanatory name of the outlet and try to come up with something abstract. That is, in no way connected with the presented products.

Option one. For the name of the cosmetics store, try using something related to beauty and grace. For example: "Miss elegance", "With a sparkle in the eyes", "For sophisticated ladies", "Male blow".

shop sign male strike

Second option: to become attached to the world of flora and fauna. "Smilecrocodile" for an oral care store, "Flower Motifs" will attract the attention of lovers of such smells.

Good to remember names associated with speed, feelings, something sudden. For example, "Flash", "Illumination", "Flight". That is, to stun or attract the attention of passers-by.

A little humor can take you to the skies

Do you often remember the names of cosmetics stores? The original or funny name of the outlet is stored in the minds of visitors for a long time. Thus, attracting attention to yourself. Of course, you should not forget about the simple names of chain stores, but if this is your first or in the near future the only outlet?

Approach with a bit of creativity and a pinch of humor so that the words on the sign catch attention and attract with their originality. When you don't want to be the classic "Professional Masks" or "Daily Makeup", then this option is for you.

"Makeup of the Queen of the Seas" will intrigue the fair sex. Almost every girl will be interested in how it looks, or want to try on a similar look.

shop sign

"Dedicated to brutal macho", and what exactly, visitors can find out inside the store. Here comes the time to surprise with your assortment.

The Trump Card will help you win the game, and yours will look your best.

And finally a few words

The complexity and correctness of choosing the name of a cosmetics or perfumery store depends on many factors, so it is difficult to guess the correct option.

Butyour success in business depends not only on the inscription on the sign, but also on high-quality advertising, a suitable assortment for the local population and many other nuances. Each of these moments is worth carefully considering, choosing, considering.

Although where did the phrase "whatever you call a ship, so it will sail" come from?

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