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How to get married? Psychological advice and recommendations
How to get married? Psychological advice and recommendations

Despite the fact that feminism is becoming more and more popular in modern society, the desire to marry the fair sex is still as relevant as it was many years ago. Most girls and women from childhood dream of meeting the man of their dreams, marrying him and living with him for many years. However, for some ladies, this dream about the future comes true, while for others, the plan does not work at all.

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The main purpose of starting a family

In fact, the question of how to get married is not always the most relevant for girls. If you take a good look, then most of them still dream of a strong relationship, and marriage is no less necessary confirmation of social status. A wedding celebration, a luxurious dress and beautiful photographs that remain for a lifetime are the dream of many girls. However, the pleasure of such an event as marriage, young people often get only one case, if their life is beautiful beyond picturesque photographs.

After all, marriage itself is notis a guarantee of happiness. It is not uncommon to meet women burdened with family ties who cannot be called contented and happy. Therefore, many psychologists say that the main goal should not be marriage as such, but a happy and lasting relationship. The motivation for creating a family cannot be self-interest or the desire to make your ex-lover bite his nails and bite his elbows because his ex got married. It is necessary to build a family on positive principles.

On the other hand, one should not treat a woman's desire to become the legal wife of a loved one with disdain or with a grin. We live in a civilized society where the relationship between a man and a woman should be legalized. This makes them responsible for each other. After all, if a guy and a girl who meet or cohabit can break up at any moment, then there is no place for such “games” in a legally registered family. Carefree youth is being replaced by a responsible, adult life - and the stamp in the passport is just a confirmation of this. “Well,” the girl will say, “the truth that relationships are more important than official marriage has long been clear to me. But still, I would like not only to have a happy relationship, but also a confirmed social status. After all, you don’t want to spend your whole life in the status of a cohabitant or lover. Consider a few recommendations that will help you get the coveted ring.

Marry a businessman

Often on TV you can see lucky women who managed to start a family with an accomplished person - a businessman or a politician. Is it possible tois it for real? Let's consider in more detail. Such a person rotates in a circle of high-ranking persons, has a good education, is properly brought up. He communicates in the language of we althy people, he has relevant interests. In his life, he takes an author's position - in other words, such a man is used to taking responsibility for himself and for other people, to calculate the possible consequences of his actions. His psychological attitudes can be called adaptive - he does not consider money to be a universal evil. A successful man is, first of all, a hard worker, accustomed to a balanced balance of “take-give”. He has a kind of built-in life program - to have communication with those people who can be useful or interesting to him.

Which girl would be good for him to talk to? With an ordinary "Cinderella" or with a well-mannered woman of her circle? Of course, there is an exception to every rule, but this leads to the first rule for those who are interested in how to marry a millionaire. And it sounds like this: “If you want a king, be a queen.”

Such girls should stop naively believing in the fairy tale about Cinderella and demand from the stronger sex what they themselves are completely unprepared for. After all, it is unlikely that an accomplished person will be interested in “eternal victims”, leading a parasitic lifestyle, who suffered for many years and now, finally, waited for their happiness in him. The first question that an accomplished man will ask himself when meeting such women is: “Why do I need this?”

Therefore, girls who are thinking about how to marry a millionaire willit is useful to get acquainted with the personality traits of a worthy woman in order to correlate this portrait with her own. Such an analysis will make it clear whether she is already ready to choose a realized man for a relationship, or is it worth paying attention to a simple hard worker in order to grow with him personally together.

why formalize the relationship

Traits of an elite girl

What is this portrait of a woman that corresponds to a high-ranking man? Let's consider in more detail the qualities, the presence of which will help in finding the answer to the question "How to marry a billionaire?"

  • Femininity. Includes softness and peacefulness, smoothness in movements, sex appeal.
  • Good manners. Aristocratic taste, style in dress and behavior. She has a lot of money and valuable connections. She is beautiful and well-groomed, always in shape.
  • Reason and will. This woman is not just a weak-willed Cinderella who dreams of a prince who can solve her difficulties. She is quite educated and at the same time speaks a purely “male” language, is able to maintain a conversation on a topic that is interesting to the opposite sex. She knows her goals well, and in her actions she is guided by reason and self-discipline. Such a girl herself can play a dominant role - for example, in an organization. However, her leadership will be quite gentle. She knows how to follow the format of her position well.
  • The ability to love. Most often, this is a woman who can be compared with the sun sparkling with positive energy. She does not like to dramatize events, to playsuffering. After all, time for such a woman is the greatest value. She thinks and acts forward. For her man, she is ready to become a real inspiration, and for the people around her (regardless of gender) - a kind angel.
become a better woman

Provided that the listed qualities are fully disclosed in oneself, the question of how to marry a millionaire will gradually resolve itself. After all, successful men, no less than women, are concerned about finding a worthy half. And they will notice such a “diamond” among thousands of other “cobblestones” almost immediately.

Choose your environment carefully

It will take more than one year to become a top-class woman. And for those who grew up in the most ordinary environment or, God forbid, in a dysfunctional family, it may take decades to rebuild their character. However, suppose that the girl has already managed to develop all of the listed qualities of character and has become a worthy match for a successful man. What else does she need to do? Another rule for those who are interested in how to marry a millionaire sounds like this: you need to choose your surroundings in the most careful way.

It is unlikely that the man of your dreams can be met among the neighbors on the porch, drinking intoxicating drinks in the evenings after work. Do not meet him even among middle managers who are used to the fact that their lives are predetermined by corporate rules and values ​​for decades to come. Therefore, do not entertain yourself with illusions. To a girl who wants to become a worthy wife of a worthymen, you need to approach the choice of your environment with all responsibility. To do this, you need to choose the right places for leisure and recreation, hobbies. Close attention should be paid to the selection of friends and acquaintances. It is foolish to believe that men - especially successful ones - will look for future wives in bars and nightclubs.

marry a millionaire

Moral comfort

The question of how to get married has become very relevant for many women, but it is not allowed precisely because of the wrong wording. Quarrelsome young ladies, prone to constant discontent and criticism, hardly anyone wants to see next to them. When a man is pleased to be with a girl, he does not have to wait years for a cherished offer - he will make it himself. If the lady is one continuous hysteria and neurosis - no matter for what reasons - she urgently needs to work on herself. In 99% of cases, one cannot do without the help of a competent psychologist. If the question is how to get married, then the sooner psychotherapy is carried out, the better. Contrary to popular belief, coping with your difficulties on your own is very problematic. Children's complexes, failures of adolescence and various psychological traumas of adulthood will now and then make themselves felt in relationships. And no normal man will last long with such a woman - no matter how "elite" she may be.

Any worthy representative of the stronger sex always wants to have as his wife a woman who can create for himreliable rear. She must be a worthy partner and friend for her husband.

Ways to get acquainted

Girls who are interested in how to get married will be very useful to know the places where you can meet a potential spouse.

  • Cafes located near technical universities. This will help you meet guys who will probably soon turn into high-class specialists.
  • Establishments located in the business center of the city. Also a good place to meet a serious candidate for a husband.
  • Make we althy friends. The girl first meets rich people just for the sake of entertainment and pleasant communication, and then it turns out that she got married. What kind of friends will help you find the right partner? The answer to this question is simple: only those who can be called good. Therefore, often a strong friendship with representatives of the "cream" of society will be very useful in creating a family.
how to get married after 30

Age is not a hindrance

How to marry those who are a little over (30, 40, 50, etc.)? This question worries many women. Often there may be an erroneous impression that men only want young women. This is far from the case, although at first glance it seems that a woman of elegant age has less chance. Yes, appearance plays an important role, but not only beauty is a leading factor in choosing a life partner. Why? For one simple reason: in order to create a family, men are primarily looking for reliable and personally developed women, among whomyoung nymphs are very rare. A man can meet with one young lady, then with another, constantly trying to find something attractive in her. However, over time it turns out that the girl is still far from mature. And this maturity, unfortunately, cannot be created artificially - wisdom and experience are acquired only in the process of overcoming and resolving various life situations.

It happens that a girl gets married, but she cannot or does not want to build a strong relationship. Young ladies often prefer to behave like noble persons, but, alas, in family life, such a strategy is most often completely inappropriate. Therefore, the main advice for women who consider their age too mature to start a family is this: take care of your appearance and he alth, since the main thing - life experience - they already have. You need to eat right, keep fit, monitor mental he alth.

Soul beauty, which is clothed in a beautiful body, is able to slay any man on the spot and eventually turn him into a lawful husband. To marry a worthy person is a task or, if you like, a goal that is quite achievable even in adulthood. There are many examples among ordinary people and celebrities proving that a woman who takes care of herself will be interesting to the stronger sex at any stage of her life path. For example, the bright beauty Salma Hayek first went down the aisle at 46 years old. Russian actress Olga Kabo married millionaire Nikolai Razgulyaev after 40. And one of the record holders in this regard is film actress Helen Mirren. Hermanaged to try on a wedding dress at the age of… 52 years old!

marriage is a woman's dream

Cope with limiting beliefs

We have very little idea of ​​how much fears and negative mental attitudes can affect our lives. Such wrong ideas arise under the influence of culture or family. A person believes that he controls his life, although in reality these attitudes prevent him from fully enjoying it. Especially clearly their action is manifested in the excessive desire of girls to get married at all costs. For a billionaire or for a simple worker - sometimes it is not so important, at least at first. But in the presence of negative attitudes, it will be quite difficult to start a family. Consider some of them:

  • “If I don’t start a family before 35 (40, 45) years old, then I will remain alone until the end of my days, because there will be no normal men.”
  • “It is unlikely that anyone will pay attention to me with a similar appearance. Men love young and slender, and I am 10 kg overweight and have three wrinkles on my forehead.”
  • "I will definitely never get married again, there can be no doubt about it."
  • "All men are bad people" (the classic version of this negative attitude sounds a bit vulgar, but this is one of the most dangerous ideas that prevent girls from becoming happy).

With attitudes like these, marriage will remain just a dream. Therefore, it is wise to work through these negative beliefs as soon as possible. For example, try doing it like this.

  1. Find your most powerful limiting belief and analyze how true it is. For example, “all men are bad people.”
  2. Then it is worth evaluating the truth of the chosen phrase on a scale from 1 to 100. Is this really so? One hundred men out of a hundred will behave like the worst scoundrels, despite the difference in life experience, education, upbringing and personality traits?
  3. If this answer is positive, it is worth considering whether it is for all ladies or just for you. If the latter is true, for what reason?
  4. If for other women the statement “all men are bad people” may not be true, then what needs to be done to make it so for you?
thinking about getting married

Interesting films about marriage

Those who are interested in starting a family may like the movie How to Get Married in 3 Days. It tells the story of a girl who decided to propose to her indecisive lover. According to tradition, in England and Ireland on February 29, a girl can propose to a man, and he cannot refuse it. However, due to bad weather, the main character's plane lands in a completely different place. And now, to implement her plans, she will have to travel almost the entire country. This film, of course, can hardly become a practical guide on how to get married in 3 days. But everyone who dreams of a wedding dress can laugh at this comedy, which has collected a lot of positive reviews.

A lot of interestthe audience is another work of cinema. This is the series "Marry at any cost." Its main character is Irina, who will soon turn 30. For a year and a half she has been in a relationship with a non-initiative leader named Yuri. Finally, he proposes to her. However, the next morning, the main character wakes up in a strange house with a young man in bed, and in the kitchen there is a corpse of an unfamiliar woman…

What does it mean to get married in a dream?

The meaning of such a dream depends largely on the details. For example, if a woman goes down the aisle for her real spouse, with whom she has problems in real life, this portends an improvement in the family atmosphere. If a girl marries another man in a dream, this may portend infidelity on the part of her current passion. In this way, you can work out other negative attitudes.

We are used to living according to the requirements of society, and according to these requirements, our desires are formed. But it doesn't always bring happiness. The most difficult cases are when a woman marries an unloved person. The issue of marriage is the most relevant for girls, because the weaker sex realizes itself mainly in the family sphere. Therefore, the approach to this problem should always be serious and thoughtful.

Thinking about many issues of self-development is necessary, and not just about how to get married. In two or three days, in a week or a month, this will not work. After all, creating a family is a huge job, especially on yourself. It is important to remember that suchtends to like this. To marry a successful man, you must also become an exemplary woman.

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