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What is a "kok"? Features of the profession

What is a "kok"? Features of the profession
What is a "kok"? Features of the profession
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What is a "kok"? In many adventure novels, this man appears as an insidious villain. In reality, everything is different. A real ship's cook-cook serves rather as a good spirit for the ship's crew, as he feeds them with delicious meals. Moreover, regardless of external conditions, for example, during a storm, when pots and pans wander over the hob of the stove, like a “Flying Dutchman” across the expanses of the ocean.

On land, if the served dish is not to the liking of the consumer, he can go to another cafe or restaurant. As a last resort, look into the nearest supermarket, choose products to your liking and cook dinner on your own, as they say, in self-service order. Sailors who are hundreds of miles from the coast do not have this opportunity. They will only eat what the cook prepares, and they will not go anywhere. If one of the crew members falls ill and needs a therapeutic and dietary diet, then there is no opportunity to go to a special canteen. It all depends on what the cook comes up with for feeding both sick and he althy team members. Or another example: a sailor who returned from a heavy watch, chilledand tired, no one will specially feed if the cook does not take care of him.

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In general, they don't ask about what a "cook" is on a ship. Everyone knows that the rhythm of life here is ordinary and not rich in vivid impressions. Everything is measured and even, one might say, boring. And if the chef prepares some special dish or simply bakes pies “like at home”, this is already an event that will brighten up the life of a sailor on a ship. Now you understand what a "cook" is and what is his role in the crew team. Therefore, this position should be taken quite seriously. After all, there is another feature that the “cook” profession has, unlike an ordinary cook. On land in catering establishments, customers are often unfamiliar. If you liked the served dish, in a rare case it will be appreciated. If the eaten dinner caused indignation on the part of the visitors, then we can expect an unpleasant conversation and a reprimand from the authorities. On the ship, the chef cooks for his teammates. After a wonderful lunch or dinner, he will hear sincere words of gratitude, and after a bad one, he is unlikely to be told anything, but the chef himself will be embarrassed and ashamed.

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Speaking of what a "cook" is, we mean not only the preparation of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but also the ability to organize the work of an entire food enterprise in miniature. The diet is completely subordinate to the working device on the ship, which is very complex and often changes. Therefore, a competent cook must take all this into account.It is equally important to maintain an assortment of food products, preparations and semi-finished products. For example, daily duties include preparing dough for noodles, dumplings, primary processing of products, baking bakery products, etc. In addition, the cook has to service the kitchen appliances, of which there are many on the ship.

Often this profession is chosen by young men who have a craving for the romantic profession of a sailor and cooking. But many girls are quite good at this job.

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