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Fish farming in RAS: advantages, equipment and nuances

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Fish farming in RAS: advantages, equipment and nuances
Fish farming in RAS: advantages, equipment and nuances

The business of breeding fish in the RAS is considered quite profitable. This is especially true of modern conditions, when the process of import substitution is very active. RAS is an advanced technology that allows you to grow fish without attracting large areas.

About RAS

A recirculating water installation is a technology that allows you to use water as many times as you like. RAS equipment for fish breeding can greatly simplify this process. It purifies water from pollution associated with fish waste products, maintains the state of water at a level of purity sufficient for safety. The chemical composition of water is restored, and the temperature necessary for the most efficient breeding of fish in RAS is maintained automatically. It is very convenient and inexpensive for an entrepreneur. As a rule, it is necessary to replenish water by 2-5% of the total volume in the system daily.

Farmed catfish

At the moment, agriculture in the country is undergoing many changes, many areas are developing to the highest degreeswiftly. Due to the severity of the Russian climate, a profitable fish farming business has always been somewhat difficult - in some regions it is generally impossible in traditional conditions, in natural reservoirs, but with the advent of the latest technologies, the situation began to change.


Approximately 55,000,000 tons of fish are grown every year around the world. However, the share of the Russian Federation in these statistics is only 0.3%. Many types of fish on the shelves of the country are imported. For example, salmon are imported to Russia from Norway, sturgeon - from Germany, Armenia. Eel is imported from China, France. The domestic producer is engaged in breeding carp, grass carp, silver carp and some other species. Many niches remain unoccupied. Ready-made RAS for fish farming allow aspiring entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the opportunity.

The reasons that most of the fish products in the country are imported are the lack of state attention to this industry, the backwardness of technology in the country. However, in recent decades, fishing in the Russian Federation is gaining momentum.

Virtues of the sphere

Cultivation of fish in the RAS will most likely be profitable due to the stability of demand for these products. It will not be difficult to find customers, a sales market.

Such a business is considered durable. The demand for food is always high. At the same time, the natural supply of water bodies in the country is declining, so recirculating fish farming is becoming increasingly popular.

Cultivation of sturgeons

Fish - qualitydietary product. Modern trends in promoting he althy eating are becoming more common.

RAS farm

RAS allows you to grow fish in a small hangar-type room. It is necessary to install pools with cleaning systems in it, in which 40-100 kg of fish per cubic meter can be placed.

When breeding fish in a RAS, feed is dispensed in the form of dry granules automatically. In favorable conditions, it grows the fastest. Water circulates in a circle, constantly saturated with oxygen.

This saves space. In this case, each square meter is used as efficiently as possible, and the business owner saves significantly on rent.

Ready-made caviar

The business plan for breeding fish in RAS allows you to count on growing any kind of fish, since any microclimate can be created in the system. It will not be difficult to organize the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle or the hot tropics. All you need to organize the process is a source of water, electricity, a small hangar-type room.


This business is not seasonal, which cannot be said about growing fish in ponds. RAS allows the sale of products in installments annually. The entrepreneur has the opportunity to be more flexible, adjusting to the time of year when the product will be in greatest demand.


An important nuance of raising fish in a RAS is the ability to farm anywhere. You can organize it right in the central part of the city by opening a smallfish shop. Thanks to this, you will not have to bear the costs associated with the transportation and storage of products at all.

Breeding fry

All growing processes are automated. To maintain equipment for 50 tons of fish per year, you need to involve only one employee. This provides significant labor savings.

Product description

According to reviews, breeding fish in a recirculating water system saves up to 300 liters of clean water. This is many times less than when grown in natural conditions. This technology allows you to take care of the environment.

Any owner of a fish pond business mentions diseases when talking about the difficulties they face. Birds often serve as a carrier of infections that affect the inhabitants of water bodies. However, this does not happen in RAS - the possibility of fish infection is practically excluded. For several years, the fish grows quietly, does not get sick. By the way, in the RAS system, fish grow three times faster than in the natural environment, which also makes the business much more attractive than the traditional one.


A farm using this type of technology, as a rule, pays off in 3-5 years. However, much will depend on the characteristics of a particular project, the region where it is being implemented. Payback periods are affected by entrepreneurs' use of the subtleties associated with production.

Breeding in RAS


For example, the economy in which thegrowing fish for caviar. For just 1 kg of sturgeon caviar, the revenue will be 30,000 rubles, and taking into account outstanding abilities, the profit can be much more.

It is profitable to grow fry for sale in the same farms. On average, the cost of a sturgeon fry is 18 rubles apiece. If you grow 50,000 pieces, the profit will be 900,000 rubles.

If you install a smokehouse, the range of products will expand significantly. Smoked fish is in great demand in the Russian market. By installing a small smokehouse, you can expand the target audience and increase profits.

Smoked eel

Another additional source of income - excursions. So, there are quite a few people who are willing to pay to get acquainted with RAS technologies in person.

Often, business owners arrange a pond next to their farm and organize paid fishing here. If you grow rare or valuable fish species, the profits can be quite decent.

The subtlety that will reduce costs in the initial stages is the conversion of old hangars. In this case, you will not have to pay for the new premises. It will be cheaper to remake an old building, besides, communications will already be carried out in it, which will significantly save the business budget.

Fish Species

The profitability of the business will be determined by the types of fish the owner decides to breed. Tilapia is considered a fast growing species. In addition, inexperienced entrepreneurs begin with the cultivation of tilapia. In just 5 months, tilapia grows tomedium sizes. This fish is known for its taste and the almost complete absence of bones. The food for her is quite cheap, and the cost of growing in a RAS will be only 3 dollars (about 205 rubles).

Trout steak

The disadvantage of breeding fish of this species is the need to provide a temperature of 28-30 degrees. If the temperature is lower, the fish will continue to grow, but will not actually eat. It is also profitable to grow tilapia fry.

The king of fish is trout. Its meat is a delicacy, the demand for it among the Russian population remains extremely high. At the same time, the food for its breeding is expensive, the fish is demanding on the oxygen content in the water.

It is worth paying attention to the clariid catfish. This is an unpretentious species, completely undemanding to the oxygen content in the water. Catfish are omnivorous, so any food is suitable for them.

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