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Job responsibilities of a beauty salon manager: personal qualities and functions of an employee

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Job responsibilities of a beauty salon manager: personal qualities and functions of an employee
Job responsibilities of a beauty salon manager: personal qualities and functions of an employee

The beauty industry is incredibly popular. Every girl and woman wants to look attractive, regardless of age. This applies to both young ladies and ladies of a more elegant age. Both those and others prefer to turn to the services of professionals in a beauty salon. The duties of the manager of such an establishment, as a rule, involve the need to do everything so that customers are satisfied and come back again. Let's talk about this difficult and at the same time exciting profession.

beauty salon manager job responsibilities


Job descriptions and responsibilities of a beauty salon manager are usually designed in such a way that, in fact, the employee holding this vacancy performs the functions of an executive director.

The first task is to organize the workcraftsmen who provide services. After all, that's what customers are asking for. The quality of the services provided determines how often they will return and whether they will recommend the establishment to their friends.

So, the duties of a beauty salon manager involve the need to schedule staff, purchase cosmetic consumables, control the supply and repair of equipment in case of such a need.

Much depends on the scale of the beauty salon. If the owner hires a manager, it is likely that the employee in this position will have to deal with a large team that will include other workers in addition to the foremen. These can be accountants, IT specialists, marketers, service personnel, etc. That is why the duties of a beauty salon manager actually include the need to combine several professions at once - an accountant, a businessman and a cosmetologist at the same time.

Suitable for?

duties of a beauty salon manager and administrator

Most often this vacancy is occupied by women, which is not surprising at all. It is much easier for them to understand the cosmetic industry than men. In addition, the beauty salon manager can perform duties even better if he tries the procedures for himself and knows what to recommend to clients. In addition, the appearance of this employee is not only his personal image, but also the face of a beauty salon. This vacancy is ideal for those who are interested in the beauty industry, know how to organize business processes andhas administrative experience.

Main task

The job responsibilities of a beauty salon manager can be listed for a long time, but their whole essence will come down to ensuring the commercial success of the establishment. After all, no matter how brilliant an employee is, if he cannot attract customers, the business owner will not make a profit.

To this end, you need to properly build an advertising campaign. The manager can perform these duties himself or involve an external specialist. Before launching advertising, you need to monitor prices and compare them with competitors. If they are too high for potential customers, the advertising campaign may not work.

The cost of services in a beauty salon should be optimal. Do not artificially underestimate it. Otherwise, you will have to save on materials, equipment and craftsmen, and this will certainly affect the quality of the services provided for the worse. That's why the job responsibilities of a beauty salon manager should include overseeing the financial side.

Based on fair prices, you can build a further marketing campaign. For example, develop a discount system or introduce a loy alty card.

If we return to the main task that the manager performs, one cannot help but recall the team, or rather, the competent organization of the work of employees and building a he althy atmosphere. The conditions for staff should be comfortable, which will allow them to focus on customer satisfaction, and not on clarifying interpersonal conflicts.

whatResponsible for beauty parlor manager

What are the responsibilities of a beauty salon manager?

This profession is attractive to many, especially to women. After all, the beauty industry allows you to be aware of all the trends and even try them on yourself for free. However, one should not be under any illusions about the simplicity of this vacancy.

Let's talk in more detail about the duties of a beauty salon manager that are assigned to specialists in this position.

  • Financial and economic activity. This is a rather broad concept, which includes payroll for employees, mutual settlements with partners, and receipt of payment from customers.
  • Providing a level of service corresponding to the declared class of the beauty salon. For example, if this is a salon focused on we althy clients, everything should correspond to their status.
  • Customer service. This function includes the need to maintain feedback with salon clients, turn random visitors into regular ones, and also handle complaints if they are. It is equally important to try to prevent conflict situations.
  • Personnel activities. Any sample job description for a beauty salon manager, as a rule, includes a clause on the need to select qualified personnel. This point is very important. After all, only professional masters will be able to provide customers with quality services. That is why the manager must hire qualified craftsmen and be interested in retaining them. With thisthe goal is to provide comfortable conditions and a decent level of remuneration.

These are the main professional duties of a beauty salon manager, which, depending on the management, can be expanded and supplemented with additional items. That is why, before taking office, you should definitely read the instructions. In the future, this will help to avoid incomprehensible situations and conflicts with management regarding the performance of certain functions.

functions and responsibilities of a beauty salon manager

Types of Managers

Not all employees in this position are the same. Depending on this, job responsibilities may also differ. In addition, before hiring an employee, the owner of a beauty salon must clearly define what functions he will assign to a new employee.

  • Anti-crisis manager. Thanks to the accumulated experience, as well as the existing skills, such a specialist can work not only in an institution that is going through times of crisis, but also in a recently opened beauty salon, where business processes have not yet been debugged, and the provision of services has not been put on stream. Such a manager must have strategic thinking. For this reason, such specialists can get bored in an institution where everything is stable. They often struggle with repetitive daily tasks.
  • Operations manager. Such a specialist is needed if the beauty salon works stably and makes a profit, but at the same time needs an employee who willcontrol all business processes. Such specialists do not seek to develop or implement creative ideas. But they are perfectly able to establish all business processes and maintain their stability. Isn't that the main responsibility of the manager of a beauty salon? By hiring such a specialist, the owner of the establishment can be sure that everything will be in order.

Do I need a manager?

So, it's worth saying right away that not every institution has such a vacancy. This is entirely justified. For the reason that not every business can boast of the impressive scale and serious scope of its own activities.

duties and personal qualities of a beauty salon manager

The duties of a beauty salon manager and administrator can be combined by the same specialist, if we are talking about a small institution that employs only a few masters, does not have its own accountant, marketer, etc. In this case, the maintenance of a large staff will only result in additional costs for the business owner.

However, in cases where the institution serves a large flow of customers, one employee may not have time to cope with all current tasks, combining the duties of a beauty salon manager and an administrator. It would be wiser to divide these positions between two specialists, each of whom will have his own area of ​​\u200b\u200bresponsibility.

Team management is a rather sensitive issue that requires certain diplomatic skills. For example, there is oftena conflict if a beauty salon is opened by a novice businessman, and masters with ten years of experience are subordinate to him. An experienced manager will smooth this moment by becoming a link between management and subordinates.

It is better to entrust the duties of a beauty salon manager, whose resume can tell a lot, to a professional in cases where the business owner does not have sufficient experience in the beauty industry and therefore is not sure that he will be able to competently organize the work of the establishment and employees.

instructions and duties of a beauty salon manager

Personal qualities

The manager takes on a lot of routine tasks and actually becomes an intermediary between the owner of the establishment and his employees. Only from the outside this profession may seem simple.

In fact, it requires a specialist to have a whole set of not only professional, but also personal qualities. For example, an ideal candidate would be an employee who has a background in economics, can work with documents, is interested in the industry, and understands people, which will allow them to hire employees.

With the following personal qualities, the duties of a beauty salon manager are much easier. So, let's find out what personal characteristics potential employers look for?

  • Education. If the manager is erudite and has a high intellect, it will be easier for him to gain authority among employees and ensure that his opinion is listened to, andinstructions were followed immediately.
  • External attractiveness. A beauty salon is an area in which image is especially important. In fact, the manager will be perceived by clients and partners as the face of the institution. That is why preference will be given to a candidate who pays enough attention to their own appearance.
  • Organization skills. The manager must not only give instructions, but also achieve their implementation. To do this, you need to be able to organize the work of the team. And ideally, do it in such a way that employees feel comfortable, and do not follow all the instructions under duress. Ultimately, this will affect the quality of services provided, not for the better.
  • Creativity. In some cases, creativity is required, even if you are acting as a beauty salon manager according to instructions and do not allow yourself to deviate from it.
  • Sense of humor. In some cases, this helps to resolve the conflict or simply maintain a friendly atmosphere in the team.
  • Stress resistance. The manager has to drown in the routine of daily repetitive tasks. At the same time, conflicts with employees or clients may occur in his work. You need to be able to maintain self-control and control over your own emotions in any situation.

Now you know what job responsibilities and personal qualities of a beauty salon manager distinguish a worthy candidate from an unsuitable one.

job descriptions and responsibilities of a beauty salon manager


There are many different establishments that offer the above vacancy. That's why a manager in the beauty industry will not be left without a job and, accordingly, without income.

According to statistics, more than half of the adult population regularly uses the services of various salons. That is why an incredible number of establishments are opening that are ready to provide various services related to the care of their own appearance.

So, where can a manager work besides a beauty salon?

  • Barbershop.
  • Manicure and pedicure salon.
  • SPA.
  • Fitness club, etc.

Requirements of employers

It is curious that for the position of the manager of a beauty salon, candidates are considered who not only have the appropriate professional training, but also have an attractive appearance.

Let's find out what other requirements a potential employee applying for the above vacancy should meet:

  • PC knowledge. A considerable number of issues in the work of a manager are solved using various office equipment, which is why it is important to have the skills to work with it.
  • Organization skills. The manager does not provide services to clients directly. However, its task is to competently organize the work of masters - hairdressers, makeup artists, cosmetologists, etc.
  • Communication. You will have to find a common language with both clients and subordinates. That's why the ideal candidate for a beauty salon manager position shouldbe social.
  • Experience in a similar position, as a rule, is not required, but will be an advantage in favor of choosing your candidacy among other applicants for the vacancy of a manager.


This is an important part of the overall image. That is why an employee applying for a job as a beauty salon manager must not only have professional training, but also carefully monitor their own appearance.

If a potential candidate comes for an interview, it should be clear from the door what vacancy he is applying for. A bright, well-groomed appearance, stylish clothes, a fresh manicure and a neat hairstyle - all this gives an ideal candidate for the position of a beauty salon manager.

However, a spectacular appearance does not negate the presence of business qualities characteristic of this position.


Even if a potential candidate knows the job responsibilities to be performed thoroughly, he should definitely prepare for the upcoming interview and the questions that may be asked.

For example, we can talk about more than formalities such as having the right education and work experience. Some executives prefer to ask potential salon employees practical questions.

For example, you may be asked what to do if the price of a service was reduced by thirty percent as part of a marketing campaign, but this method failed to attract customers. You don't have to give a ready answer right away. Cantry to reason, offering different options. And if you prepare for such questions in advance, you won’t have to improvise at the interview, giving awkward answers.


When hiring a beauty salon manager, a sample of duties is not the only thing management should be concerned about. You need to understand that any employee needs some time to adapt to a new position.

This is why during this period, HR specialists do not recommend tying salaries to the achieved indicators. This is due to the fact that immediately after taking office, even the most ideal manager cannot know all the nuances and subtleties of the institution entrusted to him. That's why you need to consider the adaptation period. On average, one to two months should be enough to familiarize yourself with the position. For this period, you can enter a salary and bonus, which is paid for the achievement of certain tasks.

In the future, it will be possible to discuss with the manager a change in the wage system, linking it to the results of work. The results of the work can be summed up monthly or quarterly, comparing the achieved indicators with the planned ones.

Employee functions

Now you know what the job of a beauty salon manager is. Let's clarify what functions this employee performs.

  • Coordination of employees. All masters must come to work on time and regularly perform their duties.
  • Monitor the availability of consumable cosmetics and equipment. If any meansend, the manager must negotiate with suppliers, and in case of equipment malfunction, with craftsmen who can fix it.
  • Advise clients on the services and products that the salon offers, as well as their cost. At the same time, the manager should not at all assume the functions of an administrator, welcoming each potential client who crossed the threshold of a beauty salon. However, he must spend a lot of time in the hall, communicate with customers, receive feedback from them and get to know new visitors.
  • Resolve conflicts when they arise. Ideally, the manager should prevent possible conflicts and not bring the situation to them. However, if there are complaints about the quality of the work performed, the manager must perform all actions in his power so that the conflict is settled, the client is satisfied, and the reputation of the beauty salon is not damaged.
  • Conduct presentations of salon services to clients or partners. The task of the manager is to develop such presentations, as well as additional programs and events that may be of interest to customers and partners in order to increase their loy alty.
  • Hire and fire staff, calculate employee wages. It should be noted right away that the manager allocates almost most of his own working time to work with employees. He should be engaged not only in the selection of personnel, but also in regular testing for compliance with professional requirements, as well as in the organization of advanced training and a comfortable microclimate. Atthere is a rather subtle point in working with masters. For example, some hairdressers, manicurists and beauticians provide similar services at home. They can lure customers away from the beauty salon by offering a lower cost. That is why the manager should try to be aware of such situations and stop them.

You need to understand that this is an approximate list of those functions that are assigned to an employee. In fact, the functions and responsibilities of the manager of a beauty salon can be supplemented at the discretion of the management. That is why this issue should be discussed individually when applying for a job.

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