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Paying for an electric train with a Troika card: tariffs, replenishment, features

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Paying for an electric train with a Troika card: tariffs, replenishment, features
Paying for an electric train with a Troika card: tariffs, replenishment, features

Paying with a Troika card for an electric train has recently become an urgent issue for all residents of the Russian capital and the Moscow region, who have to use suburban transport on a regular basis. It is no secret that many of those who work in Moscow live far outside the Moscow Ring Road themselves. For them, there is an extensive network of commuter trains that bring tens of thousands of people to the capital every morning to send them back in the evening.

Transport card

Troika Map

The need to pay for trains with a Troika card appeared relatively recently. That is how the card is now called, designed to pay for public transport in Moscow. It was introduced after the change in the tariff system for the use of metropolitan urban transport in the spring of 2013.

Purchasing a Troika card does not require any special registration. You can get it at automated kiosks of Mosgortrans, ticket offices of the subway, suburban and municipal passenger transport.


Payment for commuter trains with a Troika card

If you need to pay for commuter trains with a Troika card, it would be most convenient to purchase such a card at one of the suburban bus stops.

Here's where to do it, depending on which direction you're on:

  1. Kazanskoye - stations "Novaya", "Elektrozavodskaya", "Vykhino", "Kazansky railway station".
  2. Kurskoye - Tekstilshchiki, Kalanchevskaya, Tsaritsyno, Kursk Station stations.
  3. Yaroslavskoye - "Yaroslavsky Station".
  4. Kievskoye - "Kyiv Station".
  5. Gorkovskoye - stations "Novogireevo", "Hammer and Sickle".
  6. Rizhskoye - "Tushino" station, "Rizhsky station".
  7. Paveletskoye - Nizhnie Kotly, Moskva-Paveletskaya, Kolomenskaya stations.
  8. Savelovskoye - Timiryazevskaya station, Savelovsky railway station.
  9. Belorusskoe - stations "Fili", "Begovaya", "Kuntsevo", "Belarusian railway station".

The cost of the card is 100 rubles, 50 of which is the deposit value of the card. They will be returned if you wish to return it.Another 50 rubles are automatically credited to the card balance. You can immediately pay for the fare with a Troika card.

Map update

The second step after purchasing this universal transport card is the need to write down a subscription to the train. If you have just purchased a card or you had it before, but you have not yet used commuter transport, the card should be renewed at self-service machines of the metropolitan metro. You can do this at any metro station. The update occurs automatically when the card is topped up for any amount.

Please note that after the completion of the operations, the following message will appear on the screen: "Your map has been automatically updated." After that, you can pay with the Troika card for the train.

To use this method of fare payment, you have to top up your card balance for an amount not exceeding three thousand rubles. The easiest way to do this is during the map update.

How to book a subscription?

Paying for travel with a Troika card

You can activate several different subscriptions at once to pay for commuter trains with a Troika card. Here are the travel options you can currently sign up for:

  • daily subscription tickets of various periods (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 days), if desired, the subscription can be issued for a period of one to six months or immediately for the whole year;
  • working time subscriptions are issued for the same terms as the previous ones, but are validweekdays only;
  • one-month weekend passes;
  • 3500 passes are targeted specifically at passengers traveling over 53 kilometers;
  • Big Moscow season tickets are the opposite of the previous category and are valid for passengers who travel up to 25 kilometers from Moscow head stations in any suburban destinations;
  • "Megapolis plus" "ring" types of subscriptions at a fixed cost, which enable passengers to travel from any station within 26 and 40 kilometers from the main stations of Moscow, as well as back within one selected direction.

Tickets are booked at the respective ticket machines, which can be found at railway stations. They are marked with special information posters. The passenger has the opportunity to register a subscription in advance, for example, a month before the start of its use. It is important to note that those who are going to issue one card for two should remember that a second pass through it is possible no more than once every forty minutes.

New specials

Payment for the train

In addition to the subscriptions that originally existed for paying with the Troika card for electric trains, new ones appeared over time.

From 2017 there is a special offer "Follow further", which works on the subscription "Greater Moscow". It is designed to help passengerssave time by traveling further than your subscription zone, even on through directions.

If earlier the passenger had to get off the train at the end station of the "Big Moscow" pass, and then purchase a separate ticket, now you can buy a single transit ticket at the ticket office of the zone of any station in the direction of the train, which is located in the zone of validity of the card.

To do this, the passenger needs to present his subscription to the cashier at the departure station, immediately buying a one-way or both-way ticket. You can do this in advance, but only not earlier than ten days before the departure of the suburban train.

The "Mix" tariff offers customers the most favorable subscription price. It includes regular trains, transfers and express trains. The cost per month on weekdays is 4,200 rubles.

Terms of Use

Replenishment of the Troika card

To use the card on the train, you will need to pre-register one or another subscription on it.

To get into the suburban train carriage, attach the card with the subscription you recorded in advance in the turnstile to the validator. It will automatically recognize the information entered on the card, take into account your trip.

If one of the stations is not equipped with such turnstiles, there is no need to put the card to the validator. In this case, it will be enough to present it to the cashier-controller, who will come to you on the train.

Top up card

You can top up the "Troika" card to pay for travel on the train with the mostdifferent ways. Its creators took care of it. It is important that this can be done even remotely. For example, using SMS messages, payment terminals, on the official website of the card and through Internet banking.

This is convenient if you are going to pay for commuter trains with a Troika card for the number of trips, and do not purchase a subscription. Here are all the existing ways to replenish the card:

  • subway ticket office;
  • mosgortrans automated kiosks;
  • ticket machines;
  • Aeroexpress ticket office;
  • terminals of partners (Moscow Credit Bank, Eleksnet, Megafon, EuroPlan, Velobike).

Remote payment methods

Paying for an electric train with a Troika card

A convenient way to pay remotely is to top up your Troika card via SMS. To do this, you need to put money into an electronic wallet by sending a message to the appropriate number. It should write troika, your card number and the amount you plan to replenish it with.

Everything is entered without quotes, separated by a space. A few seconds after that, you will receive a request to your mobile phone in order to confirm the operation.

The next step is the activation of the deposited funds, which must be carried out using one of the yellow information terminals. To do this, select the "Remote replenishment" command, present the card to the scanner, wait for the end of the recording and confirmation of the payment.

This service is available to subscribers of threelargest mobile operators operating in Russia. The minimum amount is ten rubles, the maximum is two and a half thousand.

Online banking

Another convenient way is online banking. Several large banks provide this opportunity. For example, you can deposit money using an electronic wallet using the services of Sberbank, VTB, Moscow Credit Bank, Rosbank.

For all financial institutions, the procedure is approximately the same. You should select the option called "Troika card replenishment". Then enter the 10-digit number of your card, which is indicated on its reverse side. You should also indicate the amount of replenishment, confirm the payment, and then activate the deposited money through the terminal in the same way as you did this when replenishing your account via SMS.

In this case, the maximum amount of replenishment will also be two and a half thousand rubles. Money on the card can be stored for up to five years.

You can also transfer money to a transport card using an electronic wallet. Currently, these functions are available to users of Yandex.Money, Qiwi and WebMoney electronic payment services.


Payment for commuter trains

Paying for an electric train with a Troika or Strelka card, which is valid on the territory of the Moscow Region, is popular. This is because many people get a great opportunity to save.

Benefits when paying with a Troika cardelectric trains are provided by a special loy alty program. The Moscow authorities have calculated that about 90% of all passengers are already paying for public transport on a permanent basis with the help of Troika. The loy alty program created for them will allow them to receive discounts by paying for tickets at cinemas, purchases in the capital's shops and cafes.

For example, in the outlets of partners, passengers will be able to return up to 10% of the amount of the purchase. In addition, after each wallet replenishment in the amount of 250 rubles, another three percent will be returned to the passenger's bonus account.

This is supposed to attract new users to reduce the need for drivers to sell passes and reduce the number of paper tickets.

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