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How to get a high paying job? What is the highest paying job?
How to get a high paying job? What is the highest paying job?

Let's take a closer look at what highly paid jobs are in Russia today. According to Rosstat, the salary of an average citizen of our country is about 20 thousand rubles. Last year, approximately 20 million Russians earned less than the subsistence minimum.

Why is this situation? Why do people fail to earn as much money as they would have enough for a full life? The answer is simple and banal: they chose the wrong job.

Over the past year, the largest salaries were received by specialists in the following professions:

- high-level leaders;

- computer scientists;

- managers specializing in internal communications;

- accountants;

- lawyers;

- sales and purchasing managers;

- customer service specialists;

- marketers;

- logisticians;

- auditors.

Let's considereach of these professions in more detail and find out why representatives of these particular professions are millet in the labor market and earn more than others.

The rich plow too

The highest paid jobs today belong to the heads of large commercial organizations and banks. Their income is more than a million dollars a year. But high pay implies a commensurate responsibility and skill level of a specialist.

To get this position, you must have the following items in your resume:

- 10-15 years experience;

- fluency in English (and a couple of foreign languages ​​to boot);

- higher economic education (and if you also graduated from MBA courses, then you will become an ideal candidate for this position).

Even if you have a perfect resume and you've miraculously landed the highest paying job, don't think you can put your feet up on the table in your posh office and relax.

high paying job

In this luxurious leather armchair you will spend your days and nights, drowning in a pile of papers, blowing your mind with decisions on which the company's multimillion-dollar profits depend. You have to be the epitome of charm to negotiate, to control everyone and everyone…

So, with so much work to do, it's hard to figure out when these people find time to spend their hard-earned millions. What can we say about personal life and he alth!

Computers are our everything

In the era of high technologymore and more in demand are representatives of professions related to the field of "IT". There are plenty of courses out there to learn programming languages, but you don't need basic skills to land a really high-paying job.

highest paid job

If you want to receive from 60 thousand rubles a month, you need to thoroughly master all the necessary knowledge. High-class computer experts get a lot of indulgences at work. They can:

- dress how they like, not business suits;

- come to work later, provided that they have time to do all the tasks on time;

- fulfill your duties even while lying on the floor - the main thing is that everything is done efficiently and on time.

But such people are hard to find. So, for the position of a C ++ programmer, you can find at best one employee per month, and even less for a Java expert. This highly paid job is suitable for girls and boys of any age - the main thing is that they have the necessary knowledge.

Team spirit is not cheap

The high-paying jobs in Moscow belong to internal communications managers. Their salary is 100-250 thousand rubles a month. The fact is that representatives of this profession are required, as a rule, for large enterprises with a large budget and the number of employees.

high paying job in moscow

Their job responsibilities include:

- establishing communication between employees andcompany executives;

- creating corporate style;

- maintaining a good attitude of subordinates to work.

To get this high-paying job, you must:

- have experience of participating in similar projects;

- know the nuances of personnel audit;

- deal with corporate publications;

- be very sociable;

- be able to work in a team;

- do not be afraid to take the initiative and take responsibility for its results.

If you have these skills, you may be lucky and you can break into this position. This well-paid job is quite suitable for girls and guys who know how to find a common language with anyone.

The higher the salary, the greater the responsibility

An accountant can work for a penny or receive up to 350 thousand rubles a month. A well-paid job in Moscow depends on how large a company a person holds a position, what work experience they have and what professional skills they have.

high paying jobs for women

Also, to get a job as an accountant with a solid salary, you need:

- have a higher economic education;

- work in a similar position for more than 3 years;

- be well versed in legislation related not only to financial, but also to labor activity;

- be savvy about the latest tax code changes.

Armed with all the necessary knowledge and skills, you can get a job ina big company and earn a lot of money in it. This highly paid job is for women, since the profession of an accountant was never considered male (although exceptions are possible).

Invest in the future

high paying jobs for men

Higher legal education is one of the most expensive, but specialists in this field receive from 35 to 150 thousand rubles a month.

When working for a particular company, the highest paid lawyers are those who tidy up financial records. And if they also speak foreign languages ​​and can participate in international negotiations, their income increases even more.

Also, experts in criminal law receive considerable sums. But such a highly paid job for men is more suitable than for women.

She could risk her life if she gets involved with the wrong people. And without a diploma from a prestigious university and work experience, it is not easier for lawyers to get a job than for representatives of other professions.

Make money from trading relationships

high paying job with no experience

Managers of both sales and purchases are in stable demand in the labor market. This is a high paying job with no experience. But to get really high profits (about 30 thousand rubles a month), you need to have the skills necessary to raise the level of sales (in the first case) and the right choice of goods (in the second).

To be successful in this field, you need to havethese skills:

- be sociable;

- have an analytical mind;

- be able to make difficult decisions quickly;

- understand market trends and customer desires;

- know the nuances of the customs system and at least the basics of logistics.

As an education, a diploma from a secondary specialized institution will be enough.

Working with clients is also profitable

Professional account managers receive from 25 thousand rubles a month. Their main task is to attract new customers and maintain good relations with existing ones.

This job is preferably taken by people with a degree in psychology and work experience of 3 years or more. In this case, seniority plays a big role, since these people must thoroughly master the principles of manipulating customers, convincing them that they need the company's services, and getting the maximum benefit from them.

high paying job

They also need to be able to beautifully present information at presentations and negotiations, resolve conflict situations, be the embodiment of sociability anytime and anywhere.

Profile education is not always required

A highly paid job doesn't always mean you have a degree. Such professions, for example, belong to a marketer. To work in this position and receive 50 thousand rubles a month, you can have an education as an economist, as well as an advertiser or sociologist.

The main thing is to be able to analyze the market, create commercialoffers and correctly develop advertising strategies and promote the brand (although brand managers are increasingly involved in this item).

Organization of transportation is a profitable business

Logisticians are responsible for the safety of the goods and their timely delivery. They are also responsible for planning the transportation in such a way that the company spends the least time and money on it, while getting the maximum benefit.

On average, logisticians receive about 45 thousand rubles a month, and even more if they perform their duties well. This high-paying job is just as good for men as it is for women.

Everything is under control

Auditors involved in the control of documentation at the enterprise receive 35-40 thousand rubles. They are obliged to comply with all legislative norms and make proposals on how to improve the work with financial papers at the enterprise.

Small companies, in order not to spend money on their own specialist in this field, periodically use the services of outside experts.

To become an auditor, you first need to get a diploma from a higher educational institution in economics. This job also requires significant work experience and carries a high level of responsibility.

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