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How much does a pilot earn? civil aviation pilot salary

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How much does a pilot earn? civil aviation pilot salary
How much does a pilot earn? civil aviation pilot salary

It seems to many that the work of a pilot does not require special knowledge and effort. Modern aircraft have excellent equipment, electronics and security systems. The pilot only needs to gain the desired altitude, select the required course, and you can safely transfer control of the aircraft to the autopilot. In fact, the prestigious position of a pilot must be earned by undergoing lengthy training, internships and medical examinations. Constant checks and medical examinations accompany pilots throughout their careers. And they have a huge responsibility for the lives of numerous passengers. The article tells how much a pilot earns, as well as what his salary depends on.

Air gradation

how much do pilots earn per flight

Aviation education is expensive. And there is no guarantee that the funds invested in training will pay off properly in the future. But if the pilot manages to climb the career ladder, his income will be worthy. Before answering the question: "How much doespilot?”, It is worth clarifying what air gradation exists.

Pilots happen:

  • military;
  • civil aviation aircraft operators.

These are two different categories of pilots, so their salaries are different. The most severe selection for pilots begins already at the stage of admission to the university. Candidates are tested not only for their level of knowledge, but also for their psychological and moral qualities. At any stage of training, a future pilot can be expelled for not meeting certain requirements. The path to heights is thorny and difficult, but it's worth it, because the pilot's salary is really high.

Military pilots

Chinese pilot

Their remuneration directly depends on the existing military rank and position. Their salary is fixed, but surcharges are added to it for the complexity of the flight. Sometimes they make up 100% of the basic cash payments. The salary of a pilot with the appropriate rank and piloting military aircraft is about 100,000 rubles per month. This figure includes the pilot's salary and surcharges for flights of varying complexity.

Civil aircraft

The salary of a civil aviation pilot depends on several factors:

  1. The place of work is the prestige of the airline.
  2. Type of aircraft.
  3. Work experience.
  4. Flight schedule.

In reputable large airlines, aircraft have high-tech equipment that meets all modern requirements. Employment here is high, and the competition for a vacancy reaches several dozen people. ATpilots of such a company can earn up to 150,000 rubles a month. If the aircraft commander makes flights within a particular region, this figure is reduced to 100,000 rubles.

aviation pilot salary

How much does an experienced pilot earn? To become an aircraft commander, you must have at least 4,000 flight hours behind you. To this requirement is added the professionalism of the pilot, his excellent he alth, the ability to quickly and correctly navigate in difficult situations. Therefore, the aircraft commander will have the highest salary. For the co-pilot, it will be half as much.

Different aircraft models require different knowledge from the pilot. The higher the class of aircraft a pilot flies, the more bonuses he receives.

Pilots are set a minimum number of flight hours per month. There is an increased payment for processing.

Russian pilots

how much do civil pilots earn in russia

How much do civilian pilots earn in Russia? The average salary of Russian pilots is 140,000 rubles per month. It reaches a maximum value of about 200,000 rubles in large cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Barnaul, Novosibirsk, this figure drops to 75,000 rubles a month. The more flights a pilot makes per year, the higher his salary will be.

Aeroflot, a major Russian airline, is offering aircraft commanders a salary of 400,000 rubles. ExceptIn addition, pilots enjoy a number of benefits provided by the company. Among them: a social package in the amount of about 30,000 rubles, specialized medical care for the pilot and all members of his family, payment for hotels in the cities of arrival.

Interesting fact is that pilots are not given bonuses for dangerous working conditions.

Chinese pilots

The aviation of the Pacific and Asian region is developing rapidly. A Chinese pilot can earn about $16,000 a month. The pay for an EMB-190 commander starts at $15,000. Chinese airlines promise to pay $14,000 monthly to the first pilot of the Airbus A320. The captain of a Boeing B777 can earn around $182,000 a year.

Chinese airlines offer future employees not only prestigious wages, but also attractive working conditions: the minimum number of flight hours per month is 50 (instead of the generally accepted 80-100).

Chinese pilot who has worked for the airline for more than three years deserves bonuses in the form of a cash reward of about $36,000.

American pilots

how much does a civil aviation pilot earn

How much does a civil aviation pilot earn in America? The average salary here varies within 250 dollars for 1 hour of flight. American airlines offer pilots a minimum salary of $12,000 per month, with a maximum salary of $35,000 per month.

American pilots also receive a variety ofsurcharges that take into account their professionalism, work experience, flight schedule, type of vessel on which flights are made.

How much do European airline pilots earn?

The salary of a Lufthansa aircraft commander is about 9,500 euros per month. After 15 years of experience, the salary of a civil aviation pilot of a European airline can reach its maximum mark of 19,000 euros.

In the UK, an airline chief assistant earns about $32,000 annually. The salary of more experienced pilots is 34,000-37,000 dollars a year. In large airlines, the salary of an aircraft commander can reach $ 200,000 for 12 months of flights.

Employees of the French airline Air France often organized strikes, because of which the management had to cancel more than 50% of flights. Air France employees insistently demanded a reform in the airline. However, many conflicts have been resolved. According to data collected in recent years, Air France pilots earn about 19,000 euros per month.

The profession of a pilot is in demand in Germany. The training of future pilots takes place in professional schools belonging to a particular company. To be trained and obtain a pilot's license for a small motorized aircraft, you need to invest about 20,000 euros. But this amount quickly pays off. The salary of German pilots is about 3,500 euros per month.

pilot salary

Eastern region countries

How much does a Turkish Airlines pilot earn? ATthe average salary of pilots there is 13,000 Turkish liras. They are also paid extra 2.5 thousand as compensation due to a possible depreciation. The smallest salary is set by low-cost airlines and charters. For an hour of flight, they pay about $120. The minimum flying time per month is about 70 hours. Therefore, the average monthly salary is in the region of $8,400.

In Honduras pilot salaries are low. The average annual income of an aircraft captain is about $50,000. Aviators are subject to standard requirements: excellent knowledge of the theoretical part of the exact disciplines, the presence of specialized education and good he alth.

The pilot profession remains one of the most prestigious and unique. If you make an effort (both material and moral), you can successfully become an aircraft captain. But it must be remembered that the pilot will always bear a huge responsibility for the lives of the passengers being transported. He must be prepared for the risks and possible dangers.

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