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How much does a sailor earn? The average salary of a sailor in Russia
How much does a sailor earn? The average salary of a sailor in Russia

A seafarer is a person who works in maritime transport. The salary in this field of activity directly depends on the intended position and work experience. A specialized higher education is also required. A man must choose the desired position long before entering training. After all, each of them involves a special list of skills and narrow-profile knowledge. The salary and standard of living of a sailor will depend on the knowledge gained during the training.

Possible professions

There is a certain list of speci alties for sailors. A person can work on the ship:

  • Navigator.
  • Captain.
  • Sailor.
  • As mate.
  • Pilot.
  • Mechanic.
  • Chief mechanic.
  • Kokom.

The minimum requirement for the most junior position on a ship is a nautical college diploma. The maximum advantage for working on a ship will be received by the one who receivedhigher education and is fluent in English.

sailor training

Features of the amount of earnings

Thinking about how much sailors earn in Russia, you need to take into account many nuances. Seafarers of all positions are divided into different categories related to the scope of the courts. Fishing is considered the most popular in Russia. This is the name for the production of fish on a huge industrial scale. Pay for work on such ships is quite high. Another highly demanded area in the homeland is the transport fleet. It offers lower wages but shorter flights, which is important if a man has a family and children. Also, many sailors work in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Work on such courts is very honorable and well paid. Sailors in the state military service receive additional benefits and salary bonuses for years of service.

seafarer payroll calculation

Difficulty of work

For the entire period of the voyage, the sailor's needs are paid for by the company that provided him with employment. And it does not depend at all on how much a sailor earns. This applies to food, flights, hotels, and other small expenses. A sailor's working day usually rarely lasts less than 12 hours, and most often longer than this time. In addition to the irregular schedule, sailors rarely have full days off. Working on a ship is hard both physically and mentally.

sailor's salary

Disadvantages and advantages of the profession

Communication with the family is not easy to maintain due to constant communication problems. Of course, much depends on where the seafarer is geographically located during the contract. Sometimes ship employees do not have access to the Internet for months while the ship is at sea. Work for seafarers within the borders of Russia will involve a shorter contract period, and therefore, separation from loved ones will not be so difficult.

In addition, family members and friends will always have the opportunity to freely visit the cities where the ship will stop during the voyage. With a contract that provides for sailing outside the territorial waters, relatives will have less opportunity to visit another country, since such a trip will involve a long visa process, flights and other difficulties.

When working on long-distance vessels, you should prepare for the fact that you will have to be away from home for at least 6 months per calendar year. However, this drawback is almost completely covered by how much sailors earn for the time spent on the ship. Their families are rarely in need, as the money they earn is enough for absolutely all needs.

meeting the sailor with the family after the voyage

Another advantage of this profession is the ability to travel without interrupting work. Those employed on land can count on just one vacation a year and usually spend it on a beach holiday, which is not distinguished by its diversity. Long-distance sailors have the opportunity to explore a huge number of countries andcrops during your voyage. They can communicate with foreigners while the ship is in port, as well as learn about the mentality of other nations. This makes the job of a sailor very interesting and varied.

The salary of a sailor on a ship

Since the monthly income of a seafarer depends on many factors, it is necessary to highlight the following nuances regarding remuneration. By finding a job as a sailor, you can earn from 50,000 rubles a month. Of course, subject to the choice of a good and developed company. On average, a sailor's salary is rarely less than 40,000 rubles. Under the condition of a contract on a long-distance vessel, you can earn from 80,000 rubles for one month of work.

sailor in Russia

Salary of officers

The level of senior officers in the Russian fishing fleet will be much higher. Official employment in a good company will bring earnings from 130,000 rubles. Working at sea as a mechanic will provide a salary of 70,000 rubles, and a second mechanic from 150,000 rubles. Foreign shipowners will provide a seafarer with work for a period of 4 to 9 months. Not everyone will decide to be away from home for such a long period of time, but the salary will correspond to all the shortcomings of such a contract period. Based on the above data, the average salary of a sailor in Russia is about 60,000 rubles.

command staff on board

What affects the level of earnings

The most important salary factors are:

  • Good company. Shipownersthere can be completely different monthly salaries and terms of contracts. Some ship employees may receive an average salary, while others have earnings much higher than this level. Also, income differs depending on the scope of the vessel and its route. How much long-distance seafarers earn is calculated by the term of the contract. The longer it is, the higher the monthly salary will be.
  • Position. How much a sailor earns directly depends on her. The ship has a huge number of employees. Each of them performs his own work and receives a certain salary for it. The higher the responsibility of the position, the higher the pay is transferred to the seafarer.
  • Experience. He plays a big role in employment in state-owned companies: the maritime police, the armed forces, and fisheries. How much a military sailor earns determines his seniority. In such companies, experienced sailors receive a salary increase depending on the length of service. There is no such practice on private vessels.

How much a seafarer earns is pretty easy to determine if you know the details of his work, as well as the level and industry of his company.

Nuances of employment of seafarers

The benefits of working as a sailor are forcing more and more young people to go to study this profession. Having an education, they have increased chances for career advancement and their own implementation on a full scale. However, getting a job as a sailor on a good and promising ship is not so easy. To conclude a profitable contract, you will have to resort to the services of special crewingagencies. These specialists are engaged in the selection of personnel in successful companies. They provide guarantees for the payment of wages by the company and protect the rights of the seafarer.

Searching for a stable and successful company on your own can take quite a long time. Some seafarers may wait for months waiting for a response to their resume. Therefore, many use the capabilities of crewing agencies. When searching for him, it is very important not to fall into the hands of scammers, since you will have to pay a rather large amount for a good contract.

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