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Driver salary in Moscow. How much does a driver in Moscow earn

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Driver salary in Moscow. How much does a driver in Moscow earn
Driver salary in Moscow. How much does a driver in Moscow earn

The profession of a driver is considered one of the most common and, accordingly, in demand. It is difficult to name an organization that would not need representatives of this profession. The driver, in addition to the main duty, that is, driving a vehicle, can carry out additional ones.

For example, to be at the same time a courier, forwarder, security guard, carry out cargo or passenger transportation. The salary of a driver in Moscow and other cities depends on the type of activity. Let's learn more about the income of employees in the capital.

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How much a driver gets in Moscow

Before discussing the alignment for each specific profession, let's find out the average numbers. About half of the vacancies offer an income of fifty to eighty thousand rubles a month. About thirty percent of the offers offer a driver's salary in Moscow at the level of thirty to fifty thousand. And only a small percentage of the remaining vacancies are offers with income,exceeding the bar in the amount of eighty thousand rubles.

It must be said that metropolitan workers are in a better position than residents of the regions. This is due to a large number of offers from potential employers and more favorable conditions. It is not surprising that work in Moscow as a driver is in high demand. The salary for this vacancy, as a rule, exceeds the average Russian indicator. Let's find out how the level of income depends on the specifics of work.

bus driver salary in moscow

Bus driver

The average income for representatives of this category of workers ranges from forty to seventy thousand rubles. A more accurate amount is determined by the specifics of the work performed, as well as the conditions of the particular employer with whom you will cooperate.

So most companies hire full-time drivers with slightly different requirements.

Tourist bus driver, as a rule, must have at least five years of experience. His average salary is from fifty to seventy thousand rubles.

Slightly less will be the salary of a bus driver in Moscow, who manages corporate or official transport. As a rule, his income is from forty-four to fifty thousand rubles.

The most favorable conditions are offered to drivers of regular passenger flights. As a rule, on this vacancy it is possible to earn from sixty to eighty thousand rubles.

taxi driver


This profession is also in demand in the capital and other cities of the country. The average salary of a taxi driver in Moscow is seventy thousand rubles. However, some jobs offer a higher level of income. It is fair to say that such proposals are in the minority.

The highest salary of a driver in Moscow is expected by a taxi driver who drives a vehicle of category B. It is worth noting that taxi companies put forward a number of important requirements when hiring these employees. If a private car is used, it must not be older than five years. It also requires at least two years of driving experience. It is curious that a good knowledge of the city is not always an important factor, since for work the driver has the right to use a modern navigator that will indicate the direction.

There is an opinion that it is possible to earn more with a personal car than with a company car. However, you need to understand that purchasing your own vehicle also requires considerable expenses.

Applying for this vacancy, you can get the opportunity to work on a free schedule. This is the peculiarity of the vacancy of a taxi driver in Moscow. Drivers' salary reviews say that with a full-time job, you can get a solid income. That is why this vacancy is in demand not only in the capital, but also in other cities.

taxi driver salary moscow

Personal driver

This vacancy is also found among others. That is why it also needs to be discussed, making an objective opinion aboutdriver salary in Moscow. Perhaps, it is the capital region that is most favorable to applicants who apply for this vacancy.

On average, this position can earn about 45 thousand rubles. If you become a personal driver of a leading person, the amount of payment may increase by ten thousand rubles, which can be considered a more profitable offer. However, even this is not the limit. If you believe the offers in open vacancies, then a personal driver in a personal car will be able to earn about one hundred thousand rubles. However, such generosity is rather rare. Even in the capital's labor market.

driver salary in moscow

Forwarding driver

Let's first find out what are the features of this vacancy. So, the forwarding driver essentially combines the duties of two positions at once. He not only has to drive the vehicle, but also perform some additional functions. For example, the task of a freight forwarder is to deliver the cargo provided by the company, preliminarily control its packing, and then hand it over to the addressee, not forgetting to sign the relevant documents.

However, despite the high number of duties, this does not affect the increase in wages for representatives of the forwarding profession. The average income for this position is fifty thousand rubles. However, almost half of the open vacancies offer applicants a salary of twenty-five to fifty thousand rubles.


The work of a driver cannot be called unambiguous. One side,a representative of this profession can claim a solid salary, but do not forget about the disadvantages that such an activity is fraught with.

Many years of work as a driver can cause some of the diseases that lead to a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, this vacancy is completely unsuitable for those who apply for career growth. When you get a job as a driver, even after a few years you will perform the same duties and, most likely, receive the same salary. However, for some applicants, the benefits are more important.

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