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Pendulum loops - description

Pendulum loops - description
Pendulum loops - description

Many people have heard about pendulum loops, but few people know where they are used. This type is often called "bar", "western" or "subway". You should find out how to properly install such items.

Pendulum loops are often installed in bars. Institutions of this type are decorated in the style of "western". The loops are double sided. They allow doors to open in both directions.

pendulum hinges

Bar pendulum loops are also installed in other crowded places. In institutions where they are used, there is always a high traffic of people. These loops are found in restaurants and shops. They are used in large industrial buildings, in halls where some products are produced.


To understand how pendulum loops differ from ordinary ones, you should consider what classic loops consist of. This type is often called overhead. The design includes two doors. They have one common joint. Classic elements are easy to install. Installation is carried out by screwinghinges to the door as well as to the frame.

Pendulum loops are very different from overhead loops. The main difference lies in the components. Loops consist of two special cards. They are mounted on pins, thanks to which the door can rotate in different directions. The opening angle in each of them is ninety degrees. The total door opening range when using pendulum hinges is one hundred and eighty degrees.

Pros of using

The main advantage of this hinge is that the doors can open in two directions. Such disclosure is typical for hospitals, shopping centers. These loops are used in the subway. This type of opening does not interfere with the high traffic of people.

pendulum bar hinges

Some use this design in residential buildings when implementing an original design idea. Most often, the interior is designed in country style. The following advantages of using the desired loop are distinguished:

  1. Easy and comfortable to use the doors, even when your hands are full of bags.
  2. In a room where the doors open in both directions, heat is retained, as the canvas closes automatically.
  3. Aesthetic appearance of the product. The hinges are not visible in the interior. They can be combined with various fittings.
  4. Used on door panels made of different materials.
  5. Reliability and durability of the design. Hinges have a long service life. Classic cardboard elements have to be changed frequently. Pendulum loops save the budget. They do not require replacement.

Cons of using

The main disadvantage of this type is overpriced. It is much higher than standard cardboard hinges.

pendulum loops

Nuances when buying

When a person chooses which pendulum loops to buy, one should pay attention to the manufacturer. The most reliable are products from Germany. However, Italian analogues are not inferior in quality.

It is important to choose hinges that fit perfectly in width. They should look aesthetically pleasing and harmoniously fit into the interior. You need to remember about the load weight and understand that one loop can withstand up to 69 kilograms.

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