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Salary card – bank doors open for employees and employers

Salary card – bank doors open for employees and employers
Salary card – bank doors open for employees and employers

The times when employees of enterprises and organizations stood in line at the coveted window to receive their salaries are long gone in most companies. Today, the place of cash has been taken by a salary card - a tool that is convenient for both the employer and employees. What are its advantages over the usual method of calculation? Consider all the charms of salary cards using the example of the most popular Sberbank card.

salary card

Employee perspective

Sberbank was one of the first to offer its clients the Payroll Project service, which has many advantages. What is a good salary card for an employee of an organization? First of all, this is time saving, no need to stand in line and independence from the cashier's working hours. Money is credited to the card account by the hour, and you can withdraw it at any time in the amount that is needed at the moment.

Employer Benefits

What does the salary card give to the owner of the enterprise? There are several essential points here:

  • saving money on transportation, storage of money;
  • no checkout costs;
  • saving working time when issuing salaries.

Sberbank salary card: convenient, fast, easy

It's hard to disagree with these obvious pluses. What else can please Sberbank salary cards? First of all, one of the largest banks in the country has a wide network of branches and ATMs. This allows you to easily access cash or make any banking transactions on your account, wherever you are.

Sberbank salary cards

The availability of the Sberbank online service allows you to manage your account without leaving your home or getting up from your workplace. Thankfully, the Internet is almost everywhere today. In the Internet bank, you can make transfers, as well as pay for a mobile phone and make utility payments.

Paying customers get the best… and profitable

And, probably, one of the most significant advantages that Sberbank offers its customers: a salary card provides access to preferential loans. An employee of an organization, along with a Sberbank salary card, receives an additional credit card, and also has the opportunity to get a consumer and even a mortgage loan at special preferential rates.

At the same time, obtaining a loan is greatly facilitated by the fact that the bank "sees" the client's salary coming to the salary card. Thus, there is no need to provide additional information aboutincome - the package of documents is reduced significantly.

sberbank payment card

Easy not only to take, but also to give away

Sberbank salary cards make it easier not only to obtain, but also to repay a loan. So, monthly payments will be automatically deducted from the client's card upon receipt of wages. In this regard, visits to the bank can be reduced to a minimum or even to zero.

In general, salary card holders in the eyes of the bank have an advantageous position over other customers, being considered as reliable borrowers. For some holders, Sberbank connects an additional function - an overdraft, which allows you to borrow money directly from an ATM. The payment on such a loan will be debited from the future salary of the employee.

Salary card is a convenient means of receiving money in many aspects. It expands the financial freedom of employees, saves their time and allows them to use bank money on favorable terms, forming a positive credit history in the future.

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