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Salary in the police in Moscow: salary level depending on the region and position
Salary in the police in Moscow: salary level depending on the region and position

Today, about 750 thousand people work in the Russian police. Since childhood, many citizens have become accustomed to the fact that policemen receive huge salaries and pensions, they are provided with higher salaries and many additional benefits, as well as state programs for additional security.

Evening Moscow

However, you need to understand that the position of the police officer of the Russian Federation is budgetary, respectively, the material support of specialists in this field depends entirely on the decision of the state. As a rule, this has a positive effect on payments, since in this case salary delays are completely excluded. In addition, there is a long-term practice, according to which salaries are indexed, additional benefits and subsidies are provided.

What is the salary of an ordinary officer in the police in Moscow

To understand how much an employee of this structure earns in the capital of Russia, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to standard payroll mechanisms. They work in all regionscountries, and the largest metropolitan area is no exception.

The size of the salary in the Moscow police depends on several factors at once. First of all, you need to pay attention to the position of the employee. For example, for an ordinary employee, this figure is 30 thousand, and the minimum possible should not fall below 20 thousand rubles. But the boss can receive up to 100 thousand salary.

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Also, the salary in the police in Moscow may differ depending on the length of service. For example, if an employee has served from 5 to 10 years, then the standard salary will be 25,000 rubles. Those who have worked in this structure from 10 to 15 years can count on a salary increase of up to 30,000 rubles. Employees who have been working for more than 15 years are provided with a basic payment of 35,000 rubles. However, it all depends on the rank of the police officer.

Salary depends on position

For example, if we talk about the salary of a district police officer in Moscow, then it is enough to analyze the labor market and current vacancies. On average, an employee in this position currently receives about 45,000 rubles (including allowances). This is not the highest rate. You can find a better offer. The salary of a Moscow police lieutenant is approximately at the same level. But it all depends on the specific position. Of course, the junior lieutenant will receive a lower salary, and the senior one will receive more.

If an officer works from 5 to 10 years, then his average salary will be 36,000 rubles. If he has worked for more than 15 years, he can count on 42,000 rubles. This is the maximum possible value for this post.

Flag of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The cadet whose salary is 6,000 rubles will receive the least. But the deputy minister has a salary of 45,000 rubles, regardless of his length of service. If we talk about the salary of a police sergeant in Moscow, then in this case everything also depends on the length of service and other parameters. Also, we should not forget about additional benefits and other government programs.

How much do police officers in the capital earn on average

If we consider the capital of Russia, then in this case you need to immediately add 10% to the standard amounts. This is the so-called Moscow allowance. It is intended exclusively for those employees who work in the capital or its suburbs.

If you are interested in the average salary of police officers in Moscow, then in this case everything also depends on allowances, length of service and rank. Since the most government departments are concentrated in the capital, it is easy to guess that work in this city is the most intense. If in a village police station you can wait for several days for calls from citizens, then in large cities, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs must constantly be on the alert and prepare for events of any complexity.

This also affects the salary. For example, in those moments when employees must be especially vigilant, they, of course, receive promotions and additional bonuses. If we talk about the minimum salary in the Moscow police, in 2018 it was 20,000 rubles. But here we are talking about wages. If we add additional benefits and other allowances, then on averagea policeman who has even a little experience usually receives up to 40,000 rubles.

Capital of Russia

Federal and Moscow allowances

Of course, 40,000 rubles will not seem like the biggest salary to any person, especially if we talk about such a huge metropolis.

For example, for federal programs, you can get a surcharge of 35%. If a policeman serves in conditions of increased danger, then his salary is increased by 60%. As a rule, in this case we are talking about those people who work in the security and criminal investigation departments. For example, employees of OMON and other specialized departments receive an order of magnitude higher. Also, the salary of the military police is higher. They usually get 10-15% more.

Cynologists working in Moscow receive a bonus of 20% of the total salary. Separately, there are additional federal programs that work only in Moscow. If you add everything up, then the increase can reach up to 35%.

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Salary based on population

The salary of a policeman also depends on how many citizens live in a particular region. For example, the salary of the police in Moscow will be much higher, as it is the largest city in the country. It belongs to the category of regions with a population of over 2.5 million people.

For example, investigators, authorized experts and other specialists can count on a salary increase of 17,000 rubles. For workers in regions with a smaller population, the amount of the supplement will be lower. In Moscow 18,200 rubles,which are added to the salary, are assumed for senior investigators and other experts with a higher rank. Department heads receive an additional salary of 20,200 rubles. Their deputies can count on the same increase. The largest allowance in the amount of 29,000 rubles is provided for heads and deputy heads of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

How are things in regions with smaller populations

If the city has less than 2.5 million citizens, then in this case, the salary supplements will be slightly different. The minimum increase in the amount of 16,000 rubles is received by investigators, detectives and experts. If the rank is higher, then in this case the policeman can count on 17,000 rubles. The maximum allowance is provided for the heads of territorial bodies, but in this case it will be 31,200 rubles.

National currency

Based on this, it is difficult to name the exact salary of the police in Moscow. For each employee, it is calculated individually.

Indexing features

To date, the government annually considers new salary options for police officers. As a rule, indexation directly depends on how quickly inflation develops. For example, in 2017, only certain employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received a promotion. Police officers received the same salary in 2018.

However, just recently a long-awaited increase in revenue was decided. It is worth noting that the police expect a promotion. The planned indexing maymake up 5%. And if we take into account the state budget, which has almost doubled by 2020, then there is every reason to believe that these percentages may be higher. But it all depends on inflation indicators.

Extra Benefits

If we talk about the salary of police officers in Moscow, then you should pay attention to guarantees, as well as social protection and other bonuses provided for employees. First of all, a pleasant increase in salary can be called a free annual life and he alth insurance for a police officer. Insurance payments are made at the expense of the state.

Police at work

If an employee of this structure has dependent relatives, then in this case they also receive additional payments. If his loved one dies or is seriously injured, then payments or free medical care are provided.

In addition, police officers receive free medicines and dental services, including prosthetics. In addition, the police have a vacation that is 10 days longer than the standard one. At the same time, an employee can go on a free voucher to a sanatorium or resort and take the whole family with him. You don't have to pay for them either. In addition, police officers can receive free housing or financial assistance to buy their own apartment.

In closing

Given that benefits are paid for by the state, we can say that the salary of a police officer in the capital is not the smallest. Of course, people who risk their lives should count onfor a higher salary. Most likely, this will definitely happen in the future, as the country is gradually recovering from a difficult economic situation.

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