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How to rent a house in Bali?
How to rent a house in Bali?

Bali is one of the Indonesian islands, part of the Malay Archipelago. It is located between Asia and Australia. Today you can relax on the island on your own at an affordable price, if you think through everything in advance. Accommodation in Bali, as in any other place, is a fundamental factor for a good rest. It is quite possible to shoot it yourself on this distant island, if you make some effort.

How to get there

The first thing a tourist who decides to go to Bali on their own thinks about is how to get there from Moscow. You can get to the island using the services of airlines. Most flights are operated with transfers. Depending on the air carrier and route, the travel time is from 15 to 40 hours. Stops can be in Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore.

rent cheap accommodation in Bali


Issuing a visa will not be a problem. It is issued at the airport at the border control and is valid for up to 30 days. To obtain a visa you will need:

  • International passport.
  • Paid receipt for$35.
  • Migration card.
  • Reservation with the address of future residence.

If a tourist plans to stay in Bali for a longer time, he can extend his visa (up to 30 days). To do this, you need to contact the immigration service a week before its expiration date.


From the airport to the hotel can be reached in the following ways:

  • By bus.
  • Minibuses.
  • With the help of a rented car or bike.
  • by taxi.

Obviously, the bus is the cheapest, but you don't have to count on extra stops (if you suddenly need them). Taxi is the most expensive. When deciding to use a local minibus, you need to consider that there is no fixed cost. Therefore, the driver needs to lay out the amount that he requests. A very popular option is to rent a car or scooter. To do this, the tourist must have the appropriate international driving license.

Long term accommodation in Bali

Housing Options

Having de alt with organizational issues, it's time to find and rent accommodation in Bali. I must say that anyone can find here a suitable option for their pocket: both budget and more expensive. These include the following:

  • Hostels.
  • Rooms.
  • Guest houses.
  • Bungalow.
  • Hotels.
  • Villas.

The closer to the place of residence the beach, the more expensive housing in Bali. Besides,the cost is affected by the presence of a swimming pool, air conditioning, a beautiful view from the window. You can live on the island for a month both for 200-250 dollars (if you choose a room away from the beach), and for 4500-5000 dollars (if you stay in a five-star hotel on the first line or rent a villa). Note that the currency of Bali is the Indonesian rupiah, but the cost of housing for tourists is indicated in US dollars.

Many travelers prefer to stay on the island not for one or two weeks, but for a longer period - from several months to a year. In this case, accommodation in Bali will cost less (per month) than for tourists who rent it for a short time.


One of the most budget places to stay, which suits those who like to travel without much comfort, is a hostel. It's easy to make new international friends to have fun and keep traveling together.

However, personal space will have to be abandoned. You also need to consider that a partial dependence on other guests will be created. For example, if most of them want noisy entertainment, then they will hardly be able to sleep during this period.

rent a house in Bali for a month

Guest house

This is another cheap accommodation in Bali that is in the middle between a hostel and a hotel. In fact, the guest house is someone's home, which was converted into a small hotel. Therefore, mostly the owners live in a separate house nearby. Guest houses are very common in Bali. Here also,just like in a hostel, it's easy to make new friends. In addition, there is a private space with a bathroom and toilet. Hospitable hosts, as a rule, help residents to resolve any issues.

However, some tourists note an undesirable dependence on neighbors. Despite a separate room, some tenants may turn out to be lovers of a relaxing holiday, while others may be merry fellows. Also, cleaning sometimes raises questions, in which things are put in the most unpredictable places.


There are hotels on the island for everyone: for those who have a rest with the whole family, and for those who like to spend time actively. In the latter case, parties are periodically held at the hotel. Therefore, it is very important to decide on the format of the holiday.

rent a house in Bali

In this case, vacationers will be provided with comfort and personal space to the fullest. It is also a more familiar format for Europeans. Here tourists are under protection, rooms are serviced, reception works.

Of course, compared to previous options, accommodation in Bali in a hotel will cost about twice as much. But many make a choice in the direction of such comfort, refusing to experiment.


This is another popular and inexpensive option for long term rentals in Bali. Bungalow is a picturesque house with a corner of nature around. Each of them is equipped with a minimum set of everything you need. Usually, on the territory where the bungalows are located, there is a restaurant or dining room, there is a barbecue area and Wi-Fi. Hereyou can rent a bike, motorcycle or vehicle.


Not every island has such a variety of villas as Bali. There are a lot of options for offers (including the price range).

cheap accommodation in bali

Villa is suitable for those who wish to retire and fully enjoy their personal space. Those who wish can spend a whole vacation here without worrying that someone will disturb their peace. You can also organize a luxurious holiday and not worry that someone will get in the way.

Villa is often chosen for a long stay in Bali. Then the rent will be cheaper, but significantly higher than when choosing other options.

Housing options

There are different ways to find suitable accommodation in Bali for the long term. The main ones include the following.

  1. Through social networks.
  2. Inspection on site upon arrival.
  3. Airbnb, Booking, Agoda services.
accommodation in Bali for a month

Search for housing through social networks

It is best to choose accommodation in advance. If you have time, it is worth adding to all existing groups on social networks and posting a request for what kind of housing is required. It is advisable to describe it in detail, including the area, price, number of residents and amenities.

Be prepared to receive a lot of negative responses saying that nothing good can be found at the price indicated. You should not pay attention to such messages, since they are mainly written by agents interested into rent affordable housing in Bali as profitably as possible and get your commission. There is a chance that, in addition to agents, the request will be seen by the owner of the house or a Russian tourist vacationing in Bali. Perhaps he will provide the information you are looking for.

In rental groups among landlords, you can often meet Russians. Therefore, the opportunity to negotiate an acceptable cost with them increases.

There are also rental groups based on island areas, such as Ubud Rentals, Bali Prorerty Rentals, Bali Long Term Villa Rentals and so on. At the same time, it is worth giving preference to those options where there are a lot of photos, and be wary if there are only 2-3 photos. In this case, there is a risk that housing may turn out to be much worse in reality than in the photo. Thanks to the groups, there is a chance to rent a house in Bali cheaply. The option is good because local residents themselves give a lot of ads on these sites. In order not to be disappointed in the rest, before renting it is necessary to make an appointment to clarify all the details in detail.

Search for housing on the spot

Another way is to find accommodation after arriving on the island. A reasonable option is to check into an inexpensive hotel for a few days and go in search of a suitable shelter. Usually there are a lot of free houses in Bali. This method is good because before you rent a house in Bali for a long time, you can clearly see it, get to know the owner and bargain.

To do this, you can simply go into the courtyards and ask if the house or room is for rent. The Balinese are friendly people. If theydo not rent housing themselves, they can advise neighbors or friends. The more you communicate, the more likely you are to find a suitable housing option. The easiest way to do this is to rent a bike in advance. Then the search can be crowned with success in the first 2-3 hours. When renting inexpensive housing, it is customary to conclude contracts on the island only when renting for more than a year. If you plan to live here for several months or less, then you can get a receipt from the owner for receiving money. It is always ready to provide.

This method is very interesting. Its disadvantage lies in the fact that tourists do not carefully choose the hotel they rent for the first time on the island. But in vain. Often they overpay a lot because of this. In addition, for inexperienced tourists, there is a high risk of overpaying for housing rented for a long time.

cheap accommodation in bali

Search for accommodation using special services

There are special services for finding a house, villa or other accommodation in Bali. The main ones are:

  • AirBnb.
  • Booking.
  • Agoda.

"Booking" is considered the most famous service. Here are options for both expensive villas and the most budget hostels. The information platform "Agoda" is also popular, where offers of different levels are also found.

AirBnb usually offers luxury villas for a short period of time. However, if you wish, you can rent a house in Bali for a month or longer for an adequate price. The advantage of the servicediscount when booking.

There is another information platform called "Trivago". Here you can find the cheapest accommodation option in the hotel of the desired category.

The nuances of living in Bali

The cultural center of the island, beloved by many, is the city of Ubud. It recommends paying attention to the Penestanan and Sayan areas. The most touristic areas are Uluwatu, Canggu, Nusa Dua. It will be cheaper to rent in Kuta (although the beach there is not the cleanest).

It also happens that housing in Bali for a month may be free. Or rather, not quite so. You can agree, for example, to look after a dog or give English lessons. True, in this case you should be very careful, as there is a risk that the tourist will be accused of something illegal, or other people will turn out to be the owners of the house.

When choosing any type of accommodation in Bali, one should not forget that ants, geckos or rats can become your rightful neighbors. If you can protect yourself from ants with a special chalk, from rats - with mousetraps, then you can only escape from geckos with a mandatory net over the bed.


As can be seen from the material of the article, on the island you can find housing for any budget. Bali is a tourist destination. Therefore, everything is provided for travelers to feel good. In addition, you can and should bargain on the island. An important feature of a holiday in Bali is that you will not be asked to leave a deposit here. This is a nice little thing, as it speaks of trust incoming.

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