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Central Market in Rostov-on-Don - you can buy everything

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Central Market in Rostov-on-Don - you can buy everything
Central Market in Rostov-on-Don - you can buy everything

The Central or Andreevsky market is very famous in Rostov-on-Don. Leninsky - this is the name of the area in which it is located. There are many informal names for this popular place: Old Bazaar, Starbaza. On its territory you can find cheeses of all European varieties, almost any spices, fruits and sweets.

What is famous for?

Always occupied the middle of the city of Rostov-on-Don Central market. It is surrounded by streets: Semashko, Stanislavsky, Turgenevskaya, Budennovsky Avenue. Its formation dates back to 1949, goods from abroad began to pass through this territory.

Rostov Central Market on Don

When you come to Rostov-on-Don, the Central Market is a must-see. Here they can offer fresh products brought directly from Turkey, nuts, vegetables, dried sweets. The appearance of the market has changed many times. The last time it was restored after the Great Patriotic War. Until now, it has been preserved in this form. Only a few pavilions have been completely renovated.

Currently, in the city of Rostov-on-Don, the Central market is closedjoint-stock company, it underwent a thorough reconstruction, capital structures were added. Added many indoor pavilions, improved customer comfort.

Assortment shown

On the shelves you can find products for the most sophisticated gourmet. Restaurants and cafes buy the freshest fish and meat here. Fruits are on sale all year round, frost is not a hindrance.

Rostov-on-Don central market address

When they want to buy homemade ready meals (lard, pickles, smoked meats), they immediately remember the Central Market of Rostov-on-Don. Its address: st. Budennovsky prospect 12. Friendly sellers of oriental appearance are always glad to buyers. Everyone will receive friendly service, regardless of we alth, gender and nationality.

Trading in the Central Market at a high level. This was due to the favorable location of the city. It's not for nothing that Rostov-on-Don is also called the "gateway to the Caucasus".

The central market of Rostov-on-Don has always been a busy place even during World War II. Products were delivered by sea from Turkey, Odessa and other ports. He also survived a ransomware attack in the difficult 90s. Private trade is now carried out with renewed vigor, the assortment has become more diverse.

What's new?

Among the new pavilions, recent buildings can be distinguished: a fish covered department, a module with vegetables and fruits, the rest of the counters were covered with awnings and placed inside heated rooms. Two-story buildings are planned to be equipped with escalators, elevators,bathrooms, canteens. There are many products from local private farms for visitors to choose from.

Rostov-on-Don market

You can find fresh milk, eggs, sour cream, cheeses of any kind prepared by private traders. It is not a problem to choose handmade household utensils. All kinds of rich products attract with unique shapes.

On weekends and holidays, people put out rare things, books for sale. Sometimes there are sellers of unique collections of coins and stamps. You can even buy a gramophone if you walk around the market more often.

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