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Tomato "great warrior": description, characteristics, reviews

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Tomato "great warrior": description, characteristics, reviews
Tomato "great warrior": description, characteristics, reviews

The great warrior tomato variety was bred about ten years ago. During this period, it has become popular and in demand among lovers of large-fruited tomatoes. Its excellent taste qualities will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of this vegetable crop.

Tomato "Great Warrior" photo

Variety quality

Tomato "great warrior" is a variety bred by Siberian breeders for greenhouses and open ground. Bushes are indeterminate, up to two meters high. The plant is powerful, with well-developed foliage. So that the plant does not break under its own weight, it needs to provide support - tie it to the trellis. The first garter is carried out under the first flower brush. Next, garters are carried out under each inflorescence. This method helps to keep the fruit on the bush.

Up to seven large fruits weighing about 300 grams each are formed in each brush. The total load on the plant is up to two kilograms. The “great warrior” tomato has the first fruits larger than the subsequent ones.

To get an even harvest, remove some of the last ovaries.

Tomatoes "Great Warrior" characteristic

Features of fruits

According to its characteristics, the tomato "great warrior" belongs to varieties of medium ripening. From the moment of emergence of seedlings to the collection of the first tomatoes, about 120 days pass. The yield is high, up to ten or more kilograms of large tomatoes are harvested from each bush.

The shape of the tomato is slightly flattened. A characteristic feature is the weakly grown ribbing. Unripe fruits have a green spot at the stem. As it ripens, it disappears, acquiring a rich raspberry color, and in unripe ones - pink.

The “great warrior” tomato is characterized by dense pink flesh. Because of this feature, the variety is classified as fleshy.


The variety is intended for fresh consumption and for processing. It is recommended to use it for cuts, salads. The fruits are suitable for making sauces, pastes. According to reviews, the "great warrior" tomato is ideal for whole-fruit canning. During heat treatment, the skin does not crack.

The taste of tomatoes is balanced, sweet and sour, the aroma is strong, tomato. The first fruits are usually harvested in late June or early July. Fruiting is long, until late autumn.

In some regions of the country, part of the crop is harvested unripe. With this method of collection, sugar content is reduced, the fruits become more acidic.

tomato seedling

Cultivation of variety

To get a "great warrior" tomato, as in the photo, you must observe the timing of sowing seedlings. For each region they are individual and depend not onlyon the climate, but also on the growing conditions of plants. If it is planned to plant seedlings in a greenhouse, then sowing is carried out earlier than when planting in open ground. In the latter case, they are guided by the local climate. When calculating the sowing date, it is taken into account that at the time of planting, the seedlings should be 55-60 days old. At the stage of formation of two true leaves, seedlings swoop down in separate containers.

1-2 weeks before the planned planting of plants in a permanent place, they must be hardened off. To do this, boxes with tomatoes are taken out into the open air for an hour, gradually increasing the residence time. Further care consists of regular watering, weeding, loosening, tying, pinching, pest and disease prevention.

Indeterminate bushes are formed into two stems, tied to a support at each flower brush. During formation, it is necessary to remove all stepchildren. Lateral shoots break out at a distance of 1-1.5 cm from the main stem to prevent overload and thickening of the bush.

To get a good harvest, three top dressings are carried out during the growing season. The first watering with fertilizers is carried out a couple of weeks after planting the seedlings. The second top dressing is carried out when there are 1-2 flower brushes on the bush. The last watering with fertilizers is carried out after the first harvest.

Tomato "Great Warrior" reviews

Opinions of gardeners

The variety "great warrior" quickly found its fans. Vegetable growers respond positively to the variety. It has a high and good yield, large fruits with excellent taste. Due to their thick skinstored for a long time without loss of presentation. Tomatoes are ideal for fresh salads, sauces and whole canning.

According to reviews, the height of plants is different for everyone, for some it reaches 1.5 m, and for someone - more than two meters. The grade is steady against cracking. As gardeners say, the "great warrior" manifests itself as stated by the manufacturer.

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