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Tomato "pineapple": variety description, characteristics, reviews

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Tomato "pineapple": variety description, characteristics, reviews
Tomato "pineapple": variety description, characteristics, reviews

Tomato "pineapple" appeared on the beds relatively recently, but has already managed to earn the recognition of gardeners due to its taste, undemanding care, increased resistance to major diseases not only of tomatoes, but also of nightshade crops in general. "Pineapple" bears fruit longer than other varieties, is able to grow in agricultural conditions of different climatic regions. Today we propose to talk about the pros and cons of the variety, its yield, care features. In addition to the characteristics of the pineapple tomato, you will find reviews about it and photos of the fruit.

Variety characteristics

Domestic gardeners value tomatoes of this variety for their high resistance to diseases that affect plants belonging to the nightshade family, for its long fruiting. The variety belongs to indeterminate - tall. For the entire growing season, the height of one plant can reach two meters. That is why summer residents recommend growing plants in two, and preferably in three stems. The first inflorescences of tomato "pineapple" appear near the 8th-9th leaves. On each brush, about 5-6 largefruits.

tomato variety pineapple

Tomato "pineapple": fruit description

Tomatoes of this variety are quite large, the average weight limits range from 150 to 250 grams. However, with proper care and timely fertilization, some gardeners managed to grow real giants weighing 900 grams. The variety got its name due to the appearance of the fruit: the peel and pulp of tomatoes have a rich shade, relief ribbing is noted on vegetables, and a corresponding pattern can be seen on the section of a mature tomato.

Today there are several varieties of this variety:

  • yellow;
  • black;
  • "steak";
  • Hawaiian;
  • Taiwanese;
  • BIO.

The main difference lies in the color of the fruit. So, the black "pineapple" (pictured below) has a brown skin with light greenish spots, dense green flesh. But the "pineapple" "beefsteak" has a bright orange flesh, which changes to yellowish from the center to the edges. Tomato "pineapple", according to gardeners, contains a large amount of sugar: vegetables are very sweet in taste, fruit and citrus notes are present in their aroma. Summer residents note: the closer the end of the season, the brighter and richer the taste of tomatoes.

tomato black pineapple

Pulp of "pineapple" is dense, contains a small number of seed chambers. It is best to eat fresh tomatoes of this variety. Many gardeners grow tomatoes for sale, because the "pineapple" does not crack, itcan be transported over long distances without loss of commercial quality. Speaking about harvesting tomatoes of this variety for the winter, gardeners note: it is best to make juice with pulp and homemade tomato paste. Suitable tomato "pineapple" for ketchup and adjika. But whole-fruited preservation of such tomatoes is a rarity, because for tomatoes of this size you will need jars with a very wide neck.

Disadvantages of the variety

Basically, all the minuses of the variety are due to indeterminacy. The main drawback is the impossibility of growing "pineapple" in the open field in those regions where the summer is short and cloudy. In mid-latitudes or northern regions, it is not recommended to grow "pineapple" in the beds; these tomatoes are best suited for greenhouses. The disadvantages include the long development of the vegetative part, the impossibility of whole-fruit conservation, the need to tie bushes. Gardeners also note that the fruits ripen a little later than other varieties.

greenhouse tomatoes

Variety Benefits

All the disadvantages of the pineapple tomato can be forgiven thanks to the benefits it has. These include the following:

  • multiply and surprisingly high yield;
  • easy molding;
  • opportunity to grow tomatoes not only in the greenhouse, but also in the open field in the southern regions;
  • long fruiting period, which allows you to harvest tomatoes until September.
  • tall stature, which is combined with a small diameter of the bushes.

It cannot be said thatthanks to the strong skin, the tomato is well stored, has an increased keeping quality, does not crack, and retains an excellent presentation for a long time. The advantages include an unusual type of tomatoes.


tomato pineapple reviews

Working on the creation of a variety of tomatoes for greenhouses and open ground "pineapple", breeders tried to develop a variety that will begin to bear fruit no later than 4 months after sowing the seeds in the soil. About 40 brushes grow on each bush of this amazingly beautiful hybrid, each of which has 5-6 fruits. It turns out that with an average weight of 150 grams, one bush is capable of producing at least 30 kilograms of fleshy and fragrant tomatoes over the entire fruiting period.

It is best to form a tomato in three stems, dive on the fourteenth leaf. Such an artificial stoppage of growth will allow to achieve the highest yield, improve the taste and commercial qualities of tomatoes.

tomato pineapple characteristics

Growing and care

Gardeners recommend starting seed preparation in March-April. First of all, they must be disinfected: this will require a weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. In this composition, the seeds should be kept for at least 12 hours. After that, they should be treated with a growth stimulator and soaked on gauze or cotton. It is important to ensure that the fabric does not dry out.

After that, you can plant the seeds in a container with a pre-prepared substrate. The best soil is a combination of wood ash,garden soil, washed river sand and peat. Before sowing planting material, the soil should also be disinfected: experienced gardeners advise calcining it in the oven at a temperature that does not exceed 100 degrees, or spilling it with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Grooves should be made in containers with soil, the depth of which should not be more than a centimeter. Seeds should be laid in them, sprinkled with soil, moistened. Immediately after this, mini-greenhouses must be covered with film or glass. Before germination, it is necessary to maintain the temperature at the level of + 25 … + 27 ° С. When the first shoots appear, it is recommended to lower the temperature by 7 degrees, and move the container to a well-lit place.

tomato pineapple description and photo

As soon as the last spring frosts pass and stable warm weather sets in, you can plant the "pineapple" in a permanent place. On one square meter should not be placed more than two or three plants. It is best if zucchini, carrots or cucumbers have grown on the soil before. But any nightshade, including sweet peppers or potatoes, are undesirable as predecessors. It is necessary to plant tomatoes in pre-prepared holes, in which you first need to apply a small amount of fertilizer. Immediately after transplanting seedlings to a permanent place, the soil should be moistened and mulched. Water the pineapple tomato once a week. In a timely manner, it is necessary to carry out such procedures as loosening, pinching, tying and fertilizing. It is best to use fertilizer three times per season:two weeks after planting seedlings in the ground, during the flowering of bushes and during the formation of fruits.


tomato pineapple description

Speaking about this variety of tomato, gardeners note: the yield will be higher if you feed not only adult bushes, but also seedlings. For this, complex fertilizer for seedlings of tomatoes and peppers is suitable. The variety is quite unpretentious, it does not require any special care. The only feature is the need to tie the bushes. Otherwise, they will either break or lie on the ground, which will lead to rotting of the fruit. The most convenient way, gardeners say, is to use tapestries.

Tomatoes are not afraid of the main diseases of the nightshade family, pest attacks. Summer residents recommend planting the "pineapple" variety on their site for those who either consume tomatoes in large quantities or sell them. The fact is that the yield of the variety is very high: it will not be possible to preserve them, and there are too many of them for homemade salads and tomato paste.

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