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Tomato Peter the Great: photo and description, characteristics of the variety, yield, reviews
Tomato Peter the Great: photo and description, characteristics of the variety, yield, reviews

Many summer residents want to harvest the first crop of tomatoes in their area as early as possible. To do this, you need to choose early or mid-early varieties. One of these is the tomato variety Peter the Great. We suggest talking about its advantages and disadvantages, features of care and productivity right now.

Variety characteristics

The variety belongs to the category of indeterminate, it is an F1 hybrid, the first generation. Speaking about the characteristics of the Peter the Great tomato, it should be noted that it belongs to the middle early ones: from the moment the first shoots appear to the harvest, about 105-110 days will pass. In central Russia, it is recommended to grow it in greenhouses, but in the southern regions it is possible to grow it in open ground. The yield of tomatoes of this variety is high, vegetables are suitable both for fresh consumption and for processing. The bushes are tall, so they need a garter to the trellis.

Description of the bush

Peter the great tomato reviews

Peter the Great tomato stalks are quite strong, they are slightly pubescent, slightly leafy.The long leaves are dark green. On each brush there are simple flowers - about 8 pieces. After the pollination process has passed, about 6-8 ovaries can form on the brushes.


The fruit is a pepper-shaped tomato with a sharp spout. The color of the tomatoes is raspberry or deep red. In reviews of the Peter the Great tomato, gardeners note: the variety is quite productive, about 10 kilograms of fragrant fruits can be harvested from one square meter.

Vegetable growers also say that Peter the Great is best suited for canning. Due to the elastic skin and dense pulp, vegetables do not crack under the influence of high temperatures. The variety is suitable for cooking vegetable salads with butter. In addition, it can be used to prepare adjika, ketchup, tomato juices with pulp and dressings for second courses.

characteristics of tomato peter the great

It is also worth noting that tomatoes of the Petr Veliky tomato variety (in the photo above you can see them in a section) are stored for quite a long time, they can be transported over long distances. Cracks and dents do not form on tomatoes. A strong skin keeps the integrity of the fruit for a long time, and therefore they will not flow or rot.

Tomato Peter the Great: a description of the preparation of seeds and soil

Let's say right away: only seeds that can be purchased at a specialized store are suitable for growing tomato seedlings of this variety. The thing is that Peter the Great belongs to the category of hybrids of the first level. This means that the personally collected seedthe material will not allow to save all species qualities. The fruits will be small, of a different shape. In addition, the plant can get sick and be affected by viruses and bacteria.

Before sowing seeds in pre-prepared containers, they should be disinfected and kept in a growth stimulator. For disinfection, a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate is suitable. The seeds need to be immersed in it for 7-12 hours. Immediately after this, the seeds can be held in a growth stimulator - so that the shoot is early and friendly. In containers or containers intended for incubation of Peter the Great tomatoes, there should be small holes. They are needed in order to get out excess water. The soil can be purchased at the store, or you can make it yourself. To do this, you must definitely take garden soil, which is roasted in the oven at a temperature of no more than 100 degrees. This allows you to rid the soil of viruses and parasites. You can not do without fine-grained sand, which provides soil looseness for tomatoes. Manure, preferably rotted, is suitable as a fertilizer. And so that the soil does not stray into hard lumps, small sawdust of fruit trees can be added to it. True, when planting tomatoes in a permanent place, sawdust will need to be removed, because when decomposed, they are able to absorb the nitrogen necessary for the growth and development of tomato bushes.

peter the great tomato photo

Seedling care

In the prepared containers, you must first pour the drainage, and then the prepared soil. Seeds that must first be washed from stimulants are laid out ona flat surface of the soil, sprinkled with a layer of soil no more than a centimeter. Using a spray gun, the ground needs to be moistened, and then cover the containers with film or glass.

During the daytime, the temperature inside the container should not be below +25°C. At night, it can drop to +18 degrees. If the seedlings have enough lighting and heat, the first shoots will appear on the 5-6th day. At the same time, you can remove the shelter. When the seedlings form a second true pair of leaves, it can be swooped down. This is for disposable cups. Two months later, the seedlings are completely ready for transplanting to a permanent place. It is advisable to harden it before this: every day you need to take the seedlings out into the open air, on the first day the plants will have enough five minutes, gradually this time needs to be increased.

peter the great tomato description

Transplanting to a greenhouse or garden bed

In order to plant Peter the Great tomatoes in a permanent place, it is necessary to mark the paths and rows for future plantings. Experienced gardeners say: there should not be more than three plants per square meter if you plan to leave two stems. When forming bushes in one stem per square meter, 4 bushes can be placed. Strong supports must be installed next to the prepared holes, the soil must be moistened - and only after that plant tomatoes.

Tomato care

tomato variety Peter the Great

Tomato Peter the Great is unpretentious and undemanding to care. Even beginners can cope with caring for a plantvegetable growers. The first thing to do is to provide the plant with sufficient lighting. Of course, it is necessary to remove weeds, so that they appear less often and in smaller quantities, after each watering, the soil under the bushes must be mulched. Any small insects that attack the bushes should be destroyed in time, gardeners recommend and fertilize the Peter the Great tomato. Please note: all fertilizers must be applied only to moist soil.

Irrigation features

In order for the root system of the plant to be he althy, you can water the bushes with warm water only. But the cold liquid can even destroy the ends of the rhizome, which will lead to the death of tomatoes. Do not pour water on the ovaries and leaves.

Disease prevention

Quite often, gardeners are faced with such a disease of tomatoes as gray rot. To avoid such a problem, it is recommended to plant the bushes not too densely. Mechanical damage to seedlings is unacceptable. Any infected tomatoes covered with short gray fluff should be removed in a timely manner. Tomatoes can also be affected by a black leg. When this disease appears, the root part of the bushes turns black and dries up. The main reasons why tomatoes get sick with a black leg, experienced experts include thickening of the bushes and excessive waterlogging of the soil. The following measures are suitable as prevention:

  • timely ventilation of the greenhouse;
  • moderate watering;
  • use of proven planting material;
  • sterile primer.
tomato peter the great f1

Fusariosis may appear at any stage of plant development. With this lesion, the lower part of the leaves turns yellow and fades, and dark contours of the vessels can be seen on the cut of the stem. If such a lesion develops, the tomatoes cannot be cured. In order not to have to destroy tomato bushes, you must first dig and disinfect the soil, use he althy planting material and control the acidity of the soil. Experts say that at a pH level of 6.5-7, the development of harmful fungus is significantly slowed down.


The first feeding of Peter the Great tomatoes should be done 10 days after planting seedlings in a permanent place. For this, mullein infusion is suitable. The concentrated solution must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 10. One bucket of such fertilizer is enough for 10-15 bushes. The second top dressing should be carried out during the flowering of tomatoes, the third - during the formation of fruits. Complex fertilizers for tomatoes are suitable. In August, it will not be superfluous to spray the bushes with a solution of boric acid. For one bucket of water you will need 2-3 grams.

tomato variety Peter the Great f1

Reviews of vegetable growers

In reviews of the Peter the Great tomato (in the photo diagram above you can see an excellent method of watering), gardeners say: the fruits of the variety are ideal for processing, and if there is a surplus, they can be successfully sold. The bush is best formed into two stems, and extra stepchildren should be removed in time. In this case, the harvest will be more abundant. Some gardeners say thattomatoes are too dense, and therefore not very good in salads. But for the preparation of blanks, they are ideal: pepper tomatoes retain an excellent appearance and please with excellent taste.

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