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Closet keeper: job responsibilities, functions performed and working conditions
Closet keeper: job responsibilities, functions performed and working conditions

The duties of a cloakroom attendant are a specific prescription for activity that structures all the actions of a particular person. They are necessary in order for the work to be done correctly, so that a person knows his authority and responds to them. These principles change every year. This article provides all instructions as of 2019.

General information

General information about working as a cloakroom attendant

First of all, the duties of a cloakroom attendant at school are based on the fact that he gets acquainted with all the regulations without fail after taking him to work. A person may not have much experience and special education, but he must be guided by the instructions.

Many requirements can change over a short period of time, so it's important to review new and up-to-date information regularly.

The duties of a cloakroom attendant include the conclusion that a person of this professionbelongs to the category of workers. He must have knowledge in this area and documents confirming this. Information significant for the employee includes the rules for receiving and storing personal belongings of each person. The cloakroom attendant must be able to work with the documents that are needed in case of loss of the token. Also, compliance with the daily routine of this institution is included in the mandatory knowledge.

If a cloakroom attendant works not at a school or university, but at an enterprise, then he is primarily obliged to comply with labor protection rules, sanitary regulations, and fire safety. If necessary, the employee notifies the entire institution with a signal about the incident.

The presence of an understanding that the cloakroom attendant needs to comply with certain requirements of the authorities for all his activities are a prerequisite for work. Otherwise, the career will not work out.

Against what background are the duties of a cloakroom attendant formed?

In addition to the stated requirements in work, a person is guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the regulations of the enterprise or organization, orders from the management, that is, the director of the school or the general director of the enterprise. Of course, he must have information from the job description of the cloakroom attendant, which was provided to him against receipt.

Duty and subordination

Submission on the part of an employee to a representative of an institution who is more highly qualified, is a manager or director - this is an important part of the activity. This is a prerequisite for job responsibilities.cloakroom attendant of an educational institution. In case of disrespectful attitude, non-compliance with this norm, the employee may be fired.

If the cloakroom attendant is absent for the indicated reasons, then he can be replaced by another person. All decisions are made by the head of the organization, as a result of which another employee acquires all the duties and rights of the person he replaces at the moment. He is also responsible for his actions, that is, the substitute must know all the full information that was provided to the cloakroom attendant who temporarily left his position.

Special duties. List

Special Duties

The duties of a cloakroom attendant in a polyclinic correspond to the general labor regulations for all persons involved in such activities:

  1. Accept coats, hats, shoes or other items from employees, visitors or management.
  2. Give out a token when accepting clothes, which indicates the place where personal items are stored.
  3. Return the matching numbered clothing to the person presenting the token.
  4. If people with disabilities or elderly people donate clothes to the cloakroom, the worker helps them undress or dress.
  5. If the clothes were soiled due to the fault of the cloakroom attendant, then he must clean them of dirt.
  6. Store clothes or personal items, do not leave them unattended.
  7. The room designated as a dressing room must be kept clean in accordance with all sanitary standards.Maintaining this purity is a must.

General duties. What is this?

General Responsibilities

There are also general duties of a cloakroom attendant, which need no less attention:

  • permanent accounting of all the Internal Labor Regulations of the organization, as well as other acts of a regulatory nature (safety, sanitary conditions, fire safety, labor protection and others);
  • impeccable observance of orders by other employees who act as commanding staff over the cloakroom employee;
  • maintaining cleanliness before handing over and accepting a shift: all items and equipment must have a neat appearance, and must also be disinfected; it is necessary to keep the equipment in the same form in which it was when accepting the shift;
  • ability to maintain all related documentation.

Rights of the cloakroom attendant

Rights of the cloakroom attendant

The main responsibilities have already been covered, so we need to talk about rights.

The cloakroom attendant can optionally provide suggestions to superiors that will help improve the quality of work. The main rule is compliance with all regulations of this organization.

Also, the employee can provide information that someone from the company has violated the imposed duties or discipline.

Viewing all prescribed rights is a valid action on the part of the cloakroom attendant.

Responsibility of the cloakroom attendant

Responsibility for inappropriate behavior

These include:

  1. If the work performed does not meet the job responsibilities that were provided for by the current edition, then this will be considered a direct violation and will promise dismissal.
  2. If a person has committed some acts that go against the current legislation of the Russian Federation. It is important that the action is perfectly within the specified limits, otherwise there will not be enough jurisdiction to detain the offender.
  3. In the event that damage was caused to an organization or officials.

Fulfillment of all duties is a step forward to a brilliant career. If all requirements are not met, then the cloakroom attendant will be punished in accordance with the extent of his violation. He may be fired or placed in custody.

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