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Profession penguin flipper, job description

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Profession penguin flipper, job description
Profession penguin flipper, job description

Do you know what is the rarest profession in the world? Penguin flipper. She was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. At first glance, this may seem like an April Fool's joke. However, such work does exist. In addition, she pays well. Its alternative name is penguin lifter.

The rarest profession is a penguin flipper

Job Description

The profession of penguin flipper is extreme and responsible. It has been established that these somewhat clumsy animals, having fallen on their backs, cannot rise on their own due to the short neck and clumsy body. If the bird is not helped, it may die in harsh conditions.

The question arises why birds fall. I wonder how they survive in the wild without the help of flippers? In its usual habitat, a penguin falling on its back is extremely rare. However, birds that live close to airfields, such as in Antarctica, react to the sound of airplanes and helicopters taking off. Following the sourcesound, they lift their heads and lose their balance. Without outside help, birds are completely helpless, so they can become easy prey for predators. It is in such situations that the profession of a penguin flipper is needed.

The most unusual professions in the world

Required Skills

Penguin lifters live near their workplace, that is, in Antarctica, New Zealand, southern Australia (it turns out that these birds also live there), Peru and the Galapagos Islands. To master the craft, you need to be able to endure frosts and love animals, as well as drive a snowmobile. In addition, the penguin flipper profession provides for the following skills:

  • Knowledge of zoology and aspects of the existence of different species.
  • Understanding expedition processes.
  • Knowledge of the natural features of the region of employment.
  • Having increased attention and love for doing the same job.

Also, candidates for penguin lifters must be in good he alth, excellent hearing and vision, not be afraid of stressful situations, not be allergic.

How much does a penguin flipper make

How much does a penguin flipper make

In Antarctica and Antarctica there are international polar stations of different countries. Some of them are located in areas with record low temperatures. The profession of a penguin flipper is paid quite high:

  • In Russia, at Mirny or Vostok stations, you can earn up to140 thousand rubles per month. But to be hired, you need to pass a medical examination.
  • In the US, the selection is based on the results of the competition. Only people who pass the test with a 90% result are accepted for work. The contract is concluded for a year, with the possibility of extension. An American specialist earns about $6,500 a month.
  • English polar explorers are a privileged caste, respected by fellow citizens. At Halley VI, a penguin flipper can earn $6,000. If at the same time combine several positions, a bonus is due.
  • German specialists have a salary of up to 3800 euros per month.
  • Flippers at the Chinese station "Changcheng", which means "Great Wall", receive 4350 dollars a month. They are en titled to a preferential pension.
  • The Japanese have a salary of 3800 dollars. Their high- altitude station has excellent infrastructure.
  • Penguin specialists at the Australian station earn $4,500 a month. Delivery of goods to that distant land takes place every six months, the rest of the time flights are carried out only for internal needs.
  • Founded in 1994, the Chilean station specializes in meteorology. The penguin lifter's salary is $3,100 per month.

Dog food taster, web gardener and others

There are a lot of the most unusual professions in the world. If you don't want to pick up clumsy but curious penguins, you can pick up something from the list below:

  • Animal food taster. To youyou will not only have to try different foods, but also describe their taste characteristics.
  • Palm nut specialist. In this case, you do not need to eat or try them on the tooth. The specialist's duty is to protect passers-by from the heavy fruits growing on palm trees along the roads in the southern regions. You will have to climb palm trees and cut dangerous clusters in a timely manner.
Bride and two bridesmaids
  • Bridesmaid. It turns out that there is such a wonderful profession. The worker should be able to endure all the whims of the bride with a smile, help her prepare for the ceremony, but remain in the shadows.
  • Lego Sculptor - to create human-sized objects from the constructor, strictly following the terms of reference. This job is suitable for creative individuals with increased stress tolerance.
  • You can get a job at the poultry house to determine the sex of the chickens. It is believed that the diet of young hens and cockerels should be different.
  • Web gardener - a specialist who cleans the global web from outdated links.

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