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Job description of the sales floor controller: duties, job description and requirements

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Job description of the sales floor controller: duties, job description and requirements
Job description of the sales floor controller: duties, job description and requirements

There are hundreds of different professions, and the sales floor controller is one of them. This profession can hardly be called prestigious. They don’t dream about it, starting from the school bench. But it is one of the basic ones. The work of its representatives is not so noticeable and obvious, but it is beneficial for society. Let's learn more about the job responsibilities of a sales floor controller and other features of this profession.

shop clerk job responsibilities

Description of work

The main essence of this activity is hidden in its name. In fact, the priority duty of a specialist is to exercise control, as a result of which material safety must be ensured, and the tasks set must be completed. The representatives of this position are given a serious responsibility.

The main duties of the controllertrading floor involves the supervision of customers and goods, as well as employees of the enterprise. This allows you to prevent violations, and if they are detected, take appropriate measures.

The controller of the trading floor keeps order in the territory entrusted to him. At the same time, surveillance can be carried out not only in person, but also thanks to recordings received from installed video cameras.

Responsibilities of a store clerk


The vacancy of the controller is present at many enterprises, which suggests that the profession is in demand. This means that a specialist applying for the above position will not be left without a job. Especially if he is sociable and knows how to find a common language with superiors, colleagues and customers.

The controller of the trading floor is definitely not one of the rare professions, which eliminates the difficulty of finding a job. You can always apply to several companies to increase your own chances of getting the job you want. There is an active demand for representatives of this profession in the labor market. However, it would be useful for a potential candidate to know the rights and obligations of the sales floor controller, which will give him some advantages over other applicants.


rights and obligations of the controller of the trading floor

Any profession has its own criteria set for potential applicants. The vacancy discussed in the article is no exception to this rule.

Responsibilitiesthe controller of the trading floor, as a rule, is performed by men. However, no one is surprised by the fact that employers often prefer to hire women for these vacancies.

The profession does not impose high requirements on the level of education. For a potential applicant, a document of secondary specialized education is sufficient.

As for age, preference is given to candidates who have reached the age of twenty-one. However, the duties of the controller of the trading floor are assigned, as a rule, to even older people. On average, this vacancy is filled by men and women between the ages of thirty and forty.

Prospective employee must be in good he alth and attentive.

Experience in a similar position will be an advantage for employment. However, this is an optional criterion for those who aspire to fulfill the duties of a floor controller.


After a successful interview, a newly minted employee should familiarize himself with the device of the trading floor entrusted to him, the working hours of the enterprise, etc. In some cases, you need to know the features of access control. It would also be useful to know the features of a personal inspection, behavior in the event of an offense and other nuances that a specialist may have while performing the duties of a sales floor controller in a store.

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Often a specialist has to use intercoms in his work.It is advisable to familiarize yourself with their features, as well as learn the rules for receiving goods arriving in the entrusted territory.

The controller of the trading floor usually reports to the head of the trading floor, while he does not have his own subordinates.


The main job responsibilities of the controller of the trading floor in the store are to prevent the theft of the employer's valuables. It is this specialist who should monitor the safety of the objects located at the enterprise. This applies not only to goods, but also to equipment.

sales floor controller duties job description

What else is on the list of duties:

  • Visual control of visitors and employees on the trading floor. This requirement is intended to prevent theft of goods.
  • If necessary, contact law enforcement officers.
  • Monitoring the work of nearby cash desks and cashiers. In the presence of intruders, this will allow the controller to respond in a timely manner to the situation that has arisen.
  • In emergency cases, the controller can detain the offender without causing physical harm.
  • Monitoring employees and preventing goods from being taken out of the checkout area if the relevant documents are not issued.
  • Monitoring the behavior of visitors and preventing those who are intoxicated or dirty clothes from entering the trading floor. This is necessary so that no one interferes with other visitors and does not spoil the goods.
  • Control of the collection, that is, the withdrawal of funds from the cash desk.
  • Polite communication with customers.

Now you know what duties the sales floor controller job description includes.


Most employees want to have career prospects. If you are one of the ambitious people, the vacancy of the controller of the trading floor is not the best choice. The situation on the labor market is such that employers, as a rule, do not offer any prospects for such employees. An increase in wages is possible with the qualitative performance of duties and an increase in the rank, but this issue should be discussed with the management. It is possible that it is not interested in retaining staff and will hire a new employee rather than raise the salary level for the current specialist.

rights and obligations of the controller

Personal qualities

Fulfilling the duties of a sales floor controller may be easier if the potential candidate has a set of personal characteristics that match this job.

  1. Carefulness. The specialist needs to constantly monitor not only the customers, but also the employees of the trading floor. After all, theft is possible on both sides. You need to be constantly on the lookout.
  2. Responsibility. A controller who does not possess this quality is unlikely to be able to cope with the duties assigned to him. It is not surprising if the employer suffers material damage in the event of theft arising fromnegligent attitude to their own work on the part of the controller.

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