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All about the Moneybux website: reviews, features, how it works
All about the Moneybux website: reviews, features, how it works

Many are concerned about the question of whether it is possible to make money on the Internet. After all, it is so convenient to receive money while working at home, without reference to the office schedule, many hours of traffic jams and the whims of the boss. This article will focus on the Moneybux project. Reviews about it, user characteristics, as well as other useful information will be considered as detailed as possible.

The history of the Moneybux project

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At the end of 2012, a powerful advertising campaign began on the Runet in forums and blogs to promote a project that allows you to earn money while sitting at home at your computer. The platform was called Moneybux and had the address moneybox.com. The creators of the platform positioned it as a reliable project where you can earn good money. To do this, it was only necessary to read letters, watch videos, register on other sites. All this was supposed to provide a stable daily income. And the majority believed, because many, especially novice usersInternet, no networking experience; newcomers willingly follow the lead of the administrators of such business projects. In addition, the level of payment for simple actions has attracted many fans of quick and easy money.

What happened next? How the Moneybux website works: registration

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As a rule, increased attention is focused on the main page of the site, so the developers have designed it as unobtrusive as possible and inspiring users' trust. The first step is registration, after which the beginner should have access to tasks. But not everything is so simple: immediately after completing the first step (registration itself), a window appeared asking you to activate your account and pass an anti-spam check. To do this, it was necessary to send an SMS message with a code to a specific number. At the same time, the cost of a text message ranged from 200 to 250 rubles (depending on the operator). It is noteworthy that the managers of the Moneybux website simply “forgot” to post information about the cost of this service. It often happened that the received code did not work, and the newcomer was asked to send SMS again.

How was it proposed to earn money for project users?

Those who managed to register were redirected to the earnings search page, where they were offered to undergo training and start receiving money for seemingly simple actions. So, the option "Get paid for the survey" assumed the payment of remuneration for the opinions expressed. For each completed questionnaire, the site user was guaranteed a payment of 200 rubles.The most colorful column - "Festive Boom" - actually promised a "holiday all year round". Various promotions were regularly covered here, where a reward of $ 25 was promised for each attracted client. One way or another, all sections strongly motivated visitors to the site, as they promised good money for completing easy tasks.

Payout of funds in the Moneybux project


Managers of the Moneybux project, reviews of which are given below, reported that the site works with various payment systems: Yandex-Money, Qiwi, etc. But only the WebMoney ruble wallet was available in the personal account. The site also had a “Services Agreement” that governed the relationship between the user and the site. For example, according to the rules, the project provided both paid and free services, while their cost and type could be changed without notifying the performers. The site had the right not to pay out funds if they were received as payment for services, and the price of a daily content subscription was 20 rubles. True, this was reported at the very bottom in small print. The lack of feedback and technical support, the usual and necessary features of any serious website, was alarming.

Opinions about the Moneybux project: positive and negative reviews

Judging by the numerous opinions expressed on the Internet, this resource has invested a lot of money in its advertising. Many assume that the positive and sometimes enthusiastic opinions about the site were "paid for" by him.administration. One way or another, the Moneybux project, reviews of which are often diametrically opposed, has its adherents and opponents. Here is what those who managed to make money on the site say:

  • Some confirm that the project really helped to get easy remote work;
  • the site had a user-friendly interface and clear navigation, which made it easy for even a beginner to register;
  • it was always possible to get advice from other users;
  • some were interested in becoming a member of the project.
moneybux site reviews

At the same time, there is an army of ardent opponents of the Moneybux project: reviews of the site by disgruntled users urge others not to send SMS messages. It is worth reading the opinions with a minus sign in more detail:

  • Eventually, everyone came to the conclusion that the site is a kind of fraud.
  • Most people were simply charged money from their phone, even when they resent SMS messages, they did not receive the correct confirmation code.
  • All demands for a refund were in vain. Users simply had nowhere to write their complaints and claims. As mentioned above, there was no feedback.

The project is currently closed. The domain name Moneybux.com no longer exists. But there is information on the network that the developers of this fraud scheme simply registered a new project, deceiving newcomers who come to the network for easy money. Now you know about the Moneybux project. Reviews aboutsite is very ambiguous. Therefore, be extremely careful: sensibly assess your own capabilities and remember that free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

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