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Sharapovo, sorting center: where is it, description, functions

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Sharapovo, sorting center: where is it, description, functions
Sharapovo, sorting center: where is it, description, functions

Relatively recently, the post office played an important role in the life of every person. The only possibility of communication between cities was a sent letter or telegram. Moreover, to keep abreast of events, people subscribed to newspapers. With the development of cellular communications and the Internet, for a short period it seemed that the mail was completely outdated. But there were parcels and registered letters. And here the development of online stores has opened a new page in the history of mail.

Today, most people prefer to shop online. Parcels are delivered by Russian Post. All of them pass through a special distribution center. For international mail, there is a sorting center in Sharapovo. Where is it, we will talk with you today.

Russian Post

Russian Post

Each region has a branch that is responsible for the delivery of correspondence in their area. All branches are divided into 10 macro-regions, each of which has one common center, where all parcels arrive for further distribution. Moscow has twobranches, which are combined into one macro-region.

But that's not all. The Vnukovo logistics center is located on the territory of the region, which processes shipments not only within the country, but also international parcels.

parcel distribution

What's going on here

Repeat again where it is: the sorting center in Sharapovo is located near Podolsk. Life is in full swing here around the clock: huge cars are flashing red lights, conveyors are buzzing. As a result, all parcels and letters are distributed and sent to post offices in six regions of Russia.

The person sending the letter may not even know where it is. The sorting center in Sharapovo operates as follows. Let's say a person sent a letter to Vladivostok. It will first go to the Podolsk ASC, then to the regional branch.

Let's look inside

Residents of the area know exactly where it is. The sorting center in Sharapovo is a place of work for many. Here, 350 people per shift, and a total of 1,650 people are employed. It sorts ordinary and registered letters, as well as parcels. After that, they are sent to the district post offices, where they are received by the final recipients.

For you, everything ends with the fact that you put the letter in the mailbox. But the work of the postal service is just beginning. It arrives at the distribution center, receives a shipping date, and the mail bins go to the district sorting center.

automated mail processing


Most of the shipments in the processing center are corporate correspondence. This number also includes notifications from government agencies, for example, fines from the traffic police. But the functional tasks do not end there, parcels and parcels are also processed here.

Where is the sorting center in Sharapovo, you can see on the map above. The sorting speed here is maximum - only 21 hours. So much time passes between the entry and exit of correspondence. About 3 million letters and parcels pass through the center every day. In the spring, the influx increases greatly, as government agencies send out holiday notices. December is not far behind - the season of congratulations.

new mail tasks

Modernization of work

The sorting center in Sharapovo was upgraded two years ago. First of all, the task was to simplify and speed up the processing of correspondence. This was done thanks to automation and competent logistics:

  • Now all parcels are sorted using special equipment. Today, on every letter or parcel, you can see the imprint “Left the sorting center in Sharapovo”, the date and time. Previously, parcels could not leave the territory of the center for several days. In order for these changes to start working, a large-scale reorganization and optimization of all business processes was carried out.
  • The second point is the logistics. Routes were revised and unnecessary points were removed. For example, a person in Omsk sent a letter to an addressee in his city. It goes tosorting center in Moscow, and then returned back. Local shipments are now processed within the city.
sorting center in Sharapovo

Departments that are subordinate to

Address of sorting center in Sharapovo: 102975, Moscow, Sharapovo. That's all the data. In fact, the address is not registered anywhere, all clarifications on this issue are reduced to the wording “near the village of Sharapovo”. Apparently, it is simply impossible not to notice this object here. On the other hand, since this does not prevent letters and parcels from getting here and leaving without hindrance, it means that it is really easy. Subordinate to the object is:

  • international mail exchange site;
  • several workshops.

How sorting works

A person starts work, or rather, an operator. Its task is to scan the barcode first. At the same time, information about the type of mail received appears in a special program. The data is uploaded to the official website. Now the client, who knows the identifier code, can find out where his parcel is.

Exemplary order reigns here, which allows you to avoid mistakes. All containers are distributed among the workshops: letter mail, parcels and express shipments. To date, the last workshop is only partially automated. The use of manual scanning continues. According to the employees themselves, this is due to the fact that some items have a non-standard form.

Sort regular mail

Here also partially savedmanual labor. Operators stack them in boxes in such a way that they lie "face" to each other. After that, the scanner reads the addresses and distributes the letters to the desired cells. It happens very quickly. Approximately 12 letters pass in one second. If the address is written with errors, then it will be returned to the operators. They manually drive in the index from the images of letters. Working here requires good experience and fast response.

What happens to packages

They are distributed to several stream lines:

  • Boxes and parcels that are sent abroad.
  • Large, heavy and oversized cargo.
  • Ordinary parcels.

As they follow the belt, parcels automatically fall into the compartments that correspond to the post office of the city or region to which they are to be delivered.

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